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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tourism Australia by Colin Burnett

Hey mate, I"m back.......
Lets talk about Tourism Australia today...
Tourism Australia is thriving at the moment.
One of the biggest decisions as a tourist though is how you will travel or get around. There are so many things to do in Queensland. It is also a large state and you'll need some form of transport if you want to see everything.
If you're backpacking... A large chunk of tourism Australia is the option of backpacking. If you're backpacking, it probably means you're on a tight budget. There are a number of ways you can get around on a budget, including utilising one of the low cost air carriers like Tiger Airways(fares from under AU$30 around the state). Just be prepared for delays and no-frills service as they are a budget part of tourism Australia.
Alternatively, you could try and journey on one of the long-haul bus services (check out the Greyhound Australia bus service), and if your journey is overnight, you'll save a night's accommodation money, too. One of the other popular ways to move if you're travelling through Queensland is to self-drive.
Many travellers check local noticeboards at backpacker's resorts for cars going cheap and then drive it until it doesn't go anymore! Another option is to hire a vehicle. The Wicked Vans are very popular as they not only include a mode of transport but also have cooking facilities and a bed inside so you're food and accommodation are taken care of, too! With their graffiti slogans on the outside, they're a trendy way to get around around Queensland, although a little basic for some people's taste.
If you want more comfort...
If you're beyond backpacking and require a little more comfort, there are plenty of ways for you for cruise around Queensland, too. With about twenty airports in the state (including three international ones in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns), you'll have your pick of carriers to get you between cities, and this option wins easily if you want convenience. Try Qantas and Virgin Blue for a more 'civilised' service between cities.
Once you arrive at your destination, you can get a taxi or sometimes a courtesy bus to your accommodation venue. If you're keen to self-drive, you can hire a car for less than AU$60 a day and then choose accommodation when you get to each location (or book online on wotif.com.au before you get there).
Alternatively, you could hire a Britz van (similar to a Wicked van but catering to a more mature market). With some vans coming complete with a bathroom and shower, as well as a bed and cooking facilities, it's pure camping luxury!
Another good option is Queensland rail travel. There are a number of train services, including the Sunlander which goes along the coast from Brisbane to Cairns and the Spirit of the Outback which goes between Brisbane and Longreach. Visit Queensland Rail to view other options and see if a rail journey might be for you.
Whether you're prepared to rough it or you want a little bit of luxury, there's no shortage of options as a part of tourism Australia and Queensland. All you have to do now is come here because there are so many things to do in Queensland.
See you tomorrow!!
Colin Burnett
I'm the Aussie Apprentice and I'm hanging around some of the coolest dudes online right now! I'm a recovering Farm Boy ( if you want further info, just ask!) and I know my purpose in life...Let's get on with it!!
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