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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bohol Hotels: Another Pride of the Province by Jose Maria Abada

Bohol hotels are among one of the prides of the province of Bohol. This island province in the Visayas is located southeast from Cebu across Bohol Strait and southwest from Leyte separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel.

In this province lies one of the major tourist attractions found in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills. This has become the provincial seal of Bohol. The grass growing on more than 1200 consistently cone-shaped hills turns brown making them appear like a molded chocolate.

The second smallest creatures in the world are endemic to the place. The Philippine Tarsier is more famous for its local name Maumag. This shy nocturnal creature follows a hidden life. They are active at night and asleep during the day. They have a sanctuary to live in Bohol and it became an attraction among tourists since then.

Bohol is also blessed with wonderful beaches that also become major attractions in the province. Along with the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and some historical landmarks, there are so much that await tourists to explore in the island of Bohol. Some very ancient churches are located in the island and there are other impressive falls and historical landmarks as well.

An island located in southwest of Tagbilaran City, Panglao is known for its dive sites and are regularly regarded as one of the top ten diving spots in the world. There are islets surrounding the island that are ideal for bathing. The islets of Gak-ang and Pontod are just two of the famous.

Bohol Hotels at its Best

When talking about a vacation, a place to stay is normally an issue which every traveler need to address. There are several Bohol hotels that the province takes pride of in giving priceless quality accommodation to tourists from all over the world.

Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa is a five star hotel found in Baclayon. Amenities such as air conditioning, television set, in room safe, bathtub, shower, free access to the internet, and other things are provided in each room. Other facilities such as smoking room, poolside bar, concierge, restaurant, room service, salon, and even coffee shop are also available in the resort. Guests may enjoy some sports and other recreational activities. Massage, kiddie pool, jacuzzi, fitness gym, steam room, spa, an outdoor pool and garden are also provided.

For the guests to enjoy pristine beaches in Panglao Island, Flushing Meadows Hotel is just right for them. The hotel has 51 rooms provided with balconies and verandas for a perfect garden and sea views. The hotel makes it a point that its guests will truly be busy with all the possible activities they will truly enjoy. The hotel has facilities such as a tennis court as big as the size of an international one, a fishing area for the children, and the unending water sports activities and diving spots that are just an arm stretched away. If guests would want to pamper themselves, the hotel also provides comforting massage, be it in an opulent room of down by the pool. Bohol hotels indeed are additional asset that makes the province even prouder today.

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Jose Maria Abada writes travel articles for Philippine Travel Guide. You can find helpful information about Bohol hotels and Bohol Beaches on this website.

Visit Cebu, Philippines by Jose Maria Abada

Cebu, Philippines consists of 167 surrounding islands. This long and constricting island is situated to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands and to the east of Negros. Mactan, Bantayan, Malapascua, Olango and Camotes islands are just few of the 167 islands surrounding the province. The province mainly has coastlines, limestone highlands, shore plains, prevailing hills, and chain of mountains crossing the northern and southern parts of the island.

The ancient metropolis in the country, Cebu City, is the province's capital. Along with four abutting cities are Danao City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and Talisay City and they form part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area.

Cebu is one of the most highly developed provinces in the country with its capital city as the main hub of education, trade, commerce, and industry in both central and southern parts of the Visayas.

The Province's Cultural and Historical Heritage

With an approximately 3.5 million dwellers, it is not unusual to hear its inhabitants speak in different languages. Although Cebuano is considered as its official language, Cebu dwellers are familiar with other languages in the country that include Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray and the like. Some of its dwellers are fluent in speaking Spanish especially the mestizo dwellers of the province. Chinese is a common language of the people in the Chinese community while English is considered as the universal language and is used as a medium of teaching in schools and universities and in media, commerce, and government as well.

Majority of people in Cebu are Catholics. This simply shows in the people's devotions to Santo Nino de Cebu, the Holy Child Jesus as their patron saint. Apart from the Catholicism and existence of Roman Catholic Archdiocese in the place, it also has other churches such as the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, San Carlos Church, Santo Rosario Parish Church, and Sacred Heart Church. There are also non-Catholic churches, mosques, temples and other worship place found in the island.

Cebu has historical landmarks that will definitely bring its guests hundreds of years back and tell the stories behind it. It has the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino which is a 16th century church found in the very heart of the city. The location of this church is the exact place where a sculpture portraying Jesus as a black Holy Child was made.

Other than that, the province also has the Cebu International Convention Center, the Cebu Provincial Capitol, Fort San Pedro, Lapu Lapu Shrine, the Magellan's Cross, Magellan Shrine, Marcelo Fernan Bridge and the famous Taoist Temple.

The Best In Cebu

Every province in the Philippines has its own celebration and merry making. Cebu is popular for its Sinulog Festival, a religious feast celebrated every third Sunday of January. This is in honor of the Senor Santo Nino de Cebu that commemorates the arrival of the Portuguese explorer in the person of Ferdinand Magellan in the Philippines.

A number of festivals are also celebrated in the province. They have the Mantawi Festival held in Mandaue City, Paskuhan, Kadaugan sa Mactan, Virgin of the Rule Fiesta, Kabanhawan Festival and a whole lot more. Each festival has its own reasons for celebration and behind those reasons are the histories that brought about everything in Cebu, Philippines into its existence.

About the Author

Jose Maria Abada is a writer for Philippine Travel Guide. You can find helpful information about Cebu Philippines and Cebu Beach Resorts on this website.

Time to discover Cebu by Jose Maria Abada

The provincial government of Cebu lists five major reasons why the province is Number One. First reason is that the weather in the province is generally cooperative. The weather in the province is good for business since typhoons are not regular occurrences here and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. It is also added that the province is not located in the earthquake belt and there is no known active volcano in the area, and also the province has an international airport that is large enough to meet the needs of its people and the many businesses in the area. Second reason relates to the kind of public administrators in the province.

According to the LGU, the province' administrators are known to be development-oriented and these public administrators steer the province to economic growth and development. Reason three relates to the presence of economic zones in the province. The province of Cebu plays host to nine economic zones. Reason four relates to its fiscal management. According to the provincial government, the province is known for its good fiscal management and the province is one of the leading lights when it comes to assets and cash in bank. And lastly, the province ranks first because of the unity present in the province. These are the listed reasons why Cebu, according to the provincial government as the leading province in the country.

Cebu boasts a rich history But this is not only the things that make the province unique. The province of Cebu has a long history as well, and this is considered as one of the oldest provinces in the country. In fact, the history of the province goes way beyond 400 years ago and this started when the island was made as a province when the colonization of the Spaniards was just starting. And even before the arrival of the Spaniards, the province of Cebu was already active in its trade with neighboring provinces and islands. The island was in fact known as the center of trade in Southern Philippines as it dealt with the traders from many countries like China, Malaysia, Japan, India, Burma and other parts of the continent. And even before the arrival of the Spaniards, Cebu has already established its social structure. The province has roughly 3 million people and the language used is Cebuano. English is widely used too mostly in business transactions and this language is also understood by majority of the population. The province is known for many interesting travel destinations. Here is a listing of some of the famous destinations in the province: * Argao. The main attraction of the town includes the public stone buildings that date back centuries ago and one of its main attractions is the Rococo-Baroque church of the St. Michael Archangel. There is also a man-made Riverstone Castle and this was built entirely from stones. * Badian. Badian is known for its white sand beaches and a must visit for travelers. * Bantayan Island. This is also known for its clear blue waters and its fine white beaches. This is the place to be for travelers and tourists during Holy Week. * Camotes Group of Islands. * Carcar City. There are a number of good-looking and well-preserved ancestral homes in the city. This is also considered as a 'Little Marikina' thanks to its growing shoe industry. * Malapascua Island. The shores in the island are comparable that to those seen in Boracay Islands. * Sumilon Island * Moalboal. This island is host the orchid farm and considered as the largest orchid farm in Southeast Asia. * Medellin * Aloguinsan * Dalaguete. Another prime destination in the province of Cebu known for its white sand beaches and lengthy coastlines.

And of course, a visit to the province will not be complete without checking out Cebu City, one of the biggest and advanced cities in the country. The city of Cebu is best known for its 'Sinulog Festival'- considered as the province's biggest fiesta. The festival is known for its street dancing, face painting and street parties and concerts. But at the center of the celebration is the carved image of the Holy Child Jesus.

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Jose Maria Abada is a lover and a promoter of Philippine provinces and sights. He writes about Cebu Philippines and Boracay Philippines. Jose is passionate about what Cebu and Boracay can offer its guests and tourists. Interested to learn more please visit the Philippine Travel Guide site.

Discount Hotel at Quebec City by David Urmann

Of all the provinces in Canada, Quebec is the most popular that most people drop by here because it is located in the central part of the country. A trivial fact about it is that the locals here mostly speak French. This is the largest province and second largest in administrative division in Canada. This means that Quebec has a booming economy. They still offer affordable prices for their accommodations despite of this fact. These prices are great for weekend getaways and holiday vacations.

Quebec also offers lots of Discount room options. These discount room options are found in some of the hotels of Quebec. Here are some of them.

The Hotel Le Voyageur This hotel in Quebec is known for its very competitive rates. They hold promos most of the time such that guests could avail of rooms at discounted prices. It is rated three stars and is found just two miles from the city. It is also just 10 miles away from the International Airport of Jean Lesage. It lies along Sainte Anne Boulevard and near the Park of Montmorency Falls. You could easily ask for it downtown. You could get here in less than five minutes via the highway. It is good to stay here if you wish to be the old city of Quebec, and wish to further explore the outskirts.

This is a newly renovated room with 60 double rooms and 4 suites. The suites that they have are very comfortable and are fireproof. These suites can accommodate up to 8 persons each. They have function rooms where you could hold your special events like wedding receptions, meetings and debut parties. Meeting facilities are also available. You can just make arrangements with them anytime and they will gladly take care of the planning.

All rooms come with a bathroom, mini bar, alarm clock and radio. They impose a no smoking policy for a healthier environment.

The in-house bar is a good place to lounge at night. It is great for parties and they serve cocktails. Even a whole day of activity like party can be done here. They also have a restaurant that caters you a heart warming breakfast. If you do not want such breakfast you can choose your own menu from this restaurant.

The Days Inn Quebec West This hotel smartly removed all the frills to give guests only everything they really need and therefore be able to offer very cheap accommodations. It is recommended to the budgeted travelers. They offer shuttle services. Other complimentary deals are breakfast with coffee and dessert (fruits and donuts).

The Days Inn also provides a venue for your business gatherings. Amenities are complete like an audiovisual equipment and free internet access. All their rooms are non smoking. They have a total of 52 rooms. The hotel is sure that they can provide your business and leisure needs with their rooms.

Other room amenities and facilities are a crib, rollway bed, alarm clock radio, cable television, and large meeting places. There are also recreational activities offered. You could tour the amusement park. They have a bowling center, group exercises, golf course, a museum, and excellent dining options. You could also go shopping nearby, visit the theater or go sailing.

It provides an in-house dining option courtesy of the famous Restaurant Dejeuner. It serves the best cuisines like Continental and American. The wonderful ambiance adds up to your pleasurable dining experience with them.

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Making Your Vacation a Luxury by Art Gib

Hotels are usually the lodging of choice for most people's vacations, but let's face it: there's only so many pillow mints and $20 soups from room service that one person can stomach. More and more, people are turning to vacation rentals to spice up their getaways. Particularly, luxury vacation rentals have become increasingly popular, letting you live in your dream home while enjoying your favorite vacation hot spots. Here are a few reasons to strongly consider a vacation rental and some things to keep in mind as you shop for a house to stay in.

One of the many benefits of a luxury vacation rental is that each home is unique, and you can choose from a vast selection to find the type that fits you and your family--whether it is a beachfront location, a scenic luxury cabin, or a downtown, high-rise condo. No matter your tastes, there is much less risk in finding a comfortable, relaxing location when you look for a luxury vacation rental rather than just any home someone is willing to open up for a week or two.

To help ensure your luxury rental is perfectly suited and ready for your visit, it is prudent to consider turning to a luxury vacation rental service. Not only do they have a ready supply of available homes, but they also supply a middleman to help handle any issues that might arise between the tenants and the owners. Likewise, luxury vacation rental services generally offer some of the amenities you're used to in high-class hotels that you won't find at other rentals: concierge services, house cleaning, bathroom supplies, and even grocery shopping and stocking to make your meals that much easier to take care of.

When searching for a quality vacation rental, you'll also want to make sure you're fully aware of any reservations, deposits, or general rules that are important to know. For instance, you should probably find out whether a luxury rental allows pets or not and if an extra deposit is necessary should you bring one along. Getting that cleared up early on can save many headaches and problems that might arise later. And double-check to make sure if kitchen supplies, like silverware and cooking appliances, will be available. While most luxury vacation rental services ensure that these items are always taken care of, you want to be fully aware of what the home will be like when you arrive.

Above all else, make your vacation unique and memorable by picking the perfect luxury vacation rental for you and your family. Enjoying the comforts of home in a lavish location has never made relaxing...well, more relaxing!

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Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals (http://www.sbluxuryrentals.com/) is proud to offer a variety of high-end vacation rentals Santa Barbara with excellent amenities. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

Your Winter Vacation: Start Planning Now! by Art Gib

After living in Phoenix, Arizona, for nineteen years, I am definitely over summertime. I actually cannot wait for the return of the snow; my spouse and I are even looking forward to a winter vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Most people associate winter getaways with skiing and snowboarding, so if you aren't terribly athletic or coordinated (like I'm not), a snowy vacation might not sound very appealing. But trust me when I say there is more to such a retreat than winter sports.

You and your spouse can have the ultimate escape of adventure, closeness, and romance in chilly conditions if you just listen up for a few tips.

First, consider staying somewhere relatively close to home. After all, when it's snowing, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic or become tense from dangerous road conditions. Even if you fly to your destination, you will still have to be concerned with renting a car and driving in winter conditions in an unfamiliar area. Yikes!

If that isn't a viable option, then be sure to continually check weather reports and make sure your vehicle has been adequately equipped with snow tires and a sturdy set of chains.

Once you have reached your destination, be sure to maintain a good balance between play and relaxation. Staying in a lodge or a bed and breakfast will really give that warm, cozy feel of a home-away-from-home. Many lodges that are specifically geared toward winter getaways feature fireplaces that create the perfect atmosphere for snuggling and getting closer together.

Snowmobiling is the prime way to get outdoors and into the snow without having to be athletic or risk life and limb like you might with skiing or other winter sports. Many Rocky Mountain resorts even offer Utah snowmobile rentals, guided snowmobile tours of beautiful mountain areas, and allow you to customize how long you want to spend outdoors--anywhere from an hour or two to the entire day!

Sledding and tubing are also ways to enjoy the bountiful snow covering the surrounding hills. Be sure to bundle up and take a thermos of hot chocolate and maybe even a picnic so that hunger won't interrupt your escapades.

After a day spent out in the cold, you can come back to the lodge and get a massage, as many winter lodges double as resorts with full day spas.

Do plenty of research online. Many lodges have all kinds of winter packages that include one or several of the above activities at a discounted rate. Don't hesitate--planning a winter vacation will give you and your spouse something to look forward to during this last stretch of summer heat!

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Daniels Summit Lodge (http://www.danielssummitlodge.com/) is a Utah snowmobile tours. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

RV, Camper Van & Motor Home Rentals - A Holiday Rental Home on Wheels by Garry Williamson Peter Mcmahon

Interested in a holiday to New Zealand? Want to see as much as practical without having to organize accommodation at every stop over? How about renting an RV? - Otherwise known as a recreational auto, camper van or motor home. A one way rental cargo van permits you to keep all your travel belongings in one area, removing the trouble of continually packing your bags every couple of days to just need to empty again at the following stop.
With a camper van or motor home it is only critical to empty your bags at the beginning of your trip, setup your bedding, stock your kitchen and cupboards ( dependent naturally on the type of rental vehicle you hire and the facilities included ) then set off on the road taking your holiday home with you. This style of traveling is ideal for those people who do not like having to follow a predetermined itinerary but have the liberty to cruise at their own easy going pace. New Zealand offers self drive vacationer's impressive scenery, ever changing landscapes, excellent road driving conditions and a good selection of stop over options. If you are trying to save cash while traveling there are several urban and agricultural areas where you can park for free and stay the night , however , you should usually contemplate how safe the location is and look for no-camping signs which proscribe you from parking your RV rental. Alternatively, motor home and camper van campground parks are enthusiastically available across New Zealand ; many offer a selection of facilities including electric, water and sewer services, full kitchen / lavatory facilities and a safe environment.
Explore parts of New Zealand that many miss when staying in motel or hotel rooms. Reap the benefits of having the ability to stop and have lunch along one of the many coastal roads, find local visitor attractions to go to as you drive past them and staying as long or as short as you need in any specific city / area.

if you are assured about driving an RV rental and enjoy independent and unrestricted travel, then this is an ideal holiday option for you. one way rental cargo van

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Hersheys Hotel in Pennsylvania by David Urmann

There are many branches of Hersheys Hotels all over Pennsylvania. Milton S. Hershey is the main man who made these strings of establishments possible. He was a person who had dreamed to live a life in a perfect town. This is the same reason why he had created Hersheys hotels and resorts all over Pennsylvania. This is a perfect destination that offers not just a great amenities but also great food and recreational activities. Milton S. Hershey has created a chocolate world in Pennsylvania.

Hershey Days Inn is located in the West Chocolate Avenue. This is the closest branch to the Hershey Park. The Hershey Park Shuttle Bus is the newest amenity offered here. This is a bus that will tour you all over the park. This is free of charge during park hours. The establishment is a pet friendly hotel. The building has four floors.

The Rodeway Inn & Suites is a hotel located in Areba Ave. Pennsylvania. It is located in a quiet residential setting. They offer discount tickets for the Hershey Park but it is only from May to September. This particular branch prohibits smoking in its premises. This hotel offers continental breakfast to their visitors.

The Travelodge Hershey is located at the Chocolate Avenue Pennsylvania. This is one hotel near the major attractions of Pennsylvania. It promotes a sweet community to their visitors. The rooms can accommodate up to 4 persons. Pets are not allowed inside. There is an indoor pool for visitors to relax. They have simple but modern amenities.

Econo Lodge Hershey is located at the Lucy Ave Pennsylvania. It does not have an onsite restaurant by there are lots of dining options nearby. Pet accommodation are allowed but with a certain rate. They have newly renovated guestrooms. Their walkway railings were also renovated.

There are many more Hershey hotels in Pennsylvania. All these hotels have the same modern amenities for business and leisure travelers.

During holiday seasons, the Hersheys hotels have lots of holiday packages to offer their guests. These packages are good for all occasions. It could be for the whole family, for lovers or for group of friends. These are good deals that give discounted rates at bulk.

There are also lots of dining places and events you will find. These dining places offer not just great food but sweet treats also that live up to its name. There are extravagant chocolates desserts, silky chocolates martinis and chocolate chip pancakes for all the sweet tooth. There are also dishes that have chocolate ingredients and it will surely melt in your mouth. Their famous dining places are Circular Dining room, Fountain Cafe, Iberian Lounge and Cocoa Beanery. They also have lodges like the Bears Den, the Forebay, Hersheys Grill, Ripples and many more.

The Hershey place in Pennsylvania also has great area attractions around. The famous ones are entertainment shows held regularly in their theater. There is also the Hershey Museum that showcases the legacy of all the innovators, philanthropists and even businessmen.

Visit the Hershey Gardens for botanical gems. Other attractions are the Hershey Troyller Works and Antique Auto Museum. There are also lots of shopping places nearby. You can never run out of activities when you are in Pennsylvania. Enjoy your trip here and try booking your stay in one of the Hersheys hotels for you to enjoy the sweetness and nice ambience that they offer.

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Best Resort Hotels in the World by David Urmann

Vacation trips are not just about the destinations and places of interest to see. At the end of the day you will have to worry about your accommodations. You want to get a good nights sleep and be ready for another tour the following day. And so we also make sure we are booked in the best hotel we can afford that will give us comfortable amenities.

The Beaver Creek Lodge is a luxurious hotel resort situated in the center of the Beaver Creek Village and at the foot of the Beaver Creek Mountain. It is situated about 120 miles away from Denver City and 130 miles away from the Denver International Airport. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from the Eagle County Regional Airport.

This luxurious accommodation features about 72 guest suites and lodge condominiums, heated outdoor swimming pool as well as a hot tub, complimentary Beaver Creek resort shuttle, spa service and a fitness center. The 72 well-appointed suites include either king or queen beddings with spacious and separate dining and living rooms. Each guestroom features luxury beddings with down comforters, pillows and fur throws, unique artwork and a mountain chic decoration comprised of studded leather headboards. Additional features include a 27 inch flat screen television, hairdryer, speakerphone, slippers, robes and high speed wireless Internet access.

Arizona Inn is also a wonderful luxury Tucson resort-hotel spread over 14 tranquil acres of lawn, flowers, fountains and gardens in the center of Mid-Town Tucson Arizona. This wonderful lodging is a 30 minute drive from the Old Tucson studios, 25 minutes drive from the Sabino Canyon and 10 minutes drive from the Reid Tucson Studios.

This Inn features about 95 individually decorated suites and rooms, a business center with a complimentary printer, high speed Internet access, large library and swimming pool. All guestrooms have refrigerators, large writing desks, coffee makers and DVD players, 27 inch colored television with cable as well as voice mails, blow dryers, high speed internet access and iron with ironing boards.

Grand Velas All Suites and Spa Resort is a resort-hotel as well as a member of leading hotels in the world. This resort-hotel is situated close to Downtown Puerto Vallarta and to 7 golf courses. This suites and spa resort facility features dry and laundry cleaning, a beauty parlor, a business center and a boutique as well as baby sitting services, spa treatment and services, certified scuba diving lessons car rentals, an art and ceramic workshop.

It also features 267 luxurious suites, imperial Spa Suites, presidential Suites, Ambassador Grand Imperial Suites, Parlor Suites and Master Suites. All suites feature a private terrace with fabulous oceanfront views, bathroom with a step-in shower and Jacuzzi, one king or two queen size beds, flat screen televisions, fully stocked mini bars and individual climate controls, dual line telephones, DVDs, CDs as well as MP3 players, coffee makers and high speed Internet access.

Hotel Le Crystal is situated close to the Bell Center and Underground Montreal. This fabulous resort-hotel is only a few kilometers away from the Old Montreal and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as 7 kilometers away from the Olympic Stadium and Montreal Biodome. It features conference centers, urban spas, saunas, state-of-the-art gym equipment life fitness centers, along with spacious reception rooms and indoor saltwater swimming pool.

It has about 131 well-appointed luxurious suites with silk pillow and silk-allergenic duvets. All suites feature daily newspapers, 27 to 32 inch LCD televisions, fully stocked mini bars and hairdryers as well as Molton Brown toiletries, multi-line phones with voice mail and high speed Internet access.

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Touring and Staying at Kaziranga National Park by David H. Urmann

Kaziranga is a national park in India. It is the home of various animal species. There are lots of hotels around this area, which offers the best scenic view of the forests.

All about Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park is located within the districts of Nagaon and Golaghat in India's Assam state. It is considered as a World Heritage Site. In addition, this park is the habitat of about 2/3 of the earth's one-horned rhinoceroses. The park also takes pride of its numerous tiger species among the world's most protected areas. Furthermore, the Kaziranga National Park was declared as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2006. It is also the home of large procreation populations of wild water buffalo, swamp deer and elephants.

Birdlife International made this area as one of the most important for the conservation of bird or avifaunal species. The national park is situated along the edge of the biodiversity hotspot in Eastern Himalayas. This park merges high species visibility and diversity.

The park consists of a vast stretch of marshland and high elephant grass as well as dense and moist tropical broadleaf forests crisscrossed by 4 main rivers like the Brahmaputra River. It also includes a wide variety of bodies of water. Several songs, documentaries and books have selected this area as its main setting and theme. It was established in the year 1905. This national park had recently celebrated its centennial anniversary last 2005.

Hotels Within and Near the Kaziranga National Park

Wild Grass Lodge This hotel is situated at the Joint Director of Tourism building within the Kaziranga National Park in Golaghat. It also lies close to the national park's wildlife sanctuary. The average room rate of this hotel per night is approximately 1,500 Rupees. In addition, this lodge is located within 40 acres of land.

It also uses a rural and traditional Assamese architecture. The hotel has large windows, thatched roofs, verandas and a pond as well as a Dirring River that flows through it. It features a wooden macchan with an overlooking view of the outdoor swimming pool.

The resort's Rang Ghar is composed of a big hall that was built by using the traditional Ahom architecture wherein the Assamese cultural programs are help for the guests. This hall is also made as a conference hall for business travelers. Resort activities include elephant rides, tribal village visits, tea gardens and trekking as well as jeep safaris.

The best months to visit this hotel and national park are on November up to April. The guests have the freedom to choose whether to stay in Swiss tents or in double rooms. The hotel has a total of 18 double rooms and 2 of these are jungle lodges and 3 tents.

All the guestrooms have private bathrooms with hot and cold water. Meanwhile, the tented camps have common tiled showers and bathrooms plus hot and cold water. The hotel serves 3 meals everyday and coffee or tea is available upon request.

Cottage Hrishikesh This hotel is located near the Kaziranga National Park within the Golghat District in Asam, India. Room rates range from 800 to 1,500 Rupees per night. It also offers a free continental breakfast. Meals and other facilities vary upon the room and package you choose.

Kaziranga Resort This resort is located along NH-37, Phulaguri in Kaziranga, Asam 785109 India. Room rates cost around 1,100 Rupees up to 1,500 Rupees per night.

Bagori Rest House This rest house is located near the Kaziranga National Park. Standard room rate is not more than 500 Rupees.

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Cruising From New England To Canada by Arthur Fessenden

A very popular cruise is the New England/Canada starting in New York or Boston. The cruise continues through the territories of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and eventually cruising down the St Lawrence river and ending up in Quebec City or Montreal. This North American holiday is low airfare and light on jet lag going northbound or southbound. When taking this cruise in the fall enjoy the beautiful colorful foliage during this historical cruise.

From the historical aspect of this cruise you would see the history of the American Revolution and the history of the French Canadian provinces. As you are passing through these territories you stop at the various ports of call where tours are scheduled.

Quebec City is my personal favorite as this multi leveled international city brings the charm of the French people to life right here in our own back yard. French culture and food and the architectural layout of the city makes you feel like you are really in France. A great walking and shopping city, makes for a memorable holiday.

French is spoken in Quebec and Montreal but I have never encountered any resistance to English and the people are courteous and hospitable. World class restaurants are abundant and the Canadian dollar is roughly equivalent of the US dollar which makes the money conversion easy to do.

The most photographed hotel in the world is the Chateau Frontenac. Many dignitaries around the world have stayed in this castle like hotel overlooking the St Lawrence river.

To get maximum benefit from this cruise allow 7-14 days. To increase your enjoyment spend extra days in New York (pre or post cruise) and select from the world class plays on Broadway.

About the Author

My name is Arthur Fessenden and I am a travel expert specializing in 6 star cruises. I have traveled the world extensively and visited all 50 states of the United States of America. My ability to listen and then match you with a trip of a lifetime is the pleasure I get in helping you. For more information about cruising, visit me at: http://www.artofcruising.com and http://www.cruisingsavvy.com