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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your Winter Vacation: Start Planning Now! by Art Gib

After living in Phoenix, Arizona, for nineteen years, I am definitely over summertime. I actually cannot wait for the return of the snow; my spouse and I are even looking forward to a winter vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Most people associate winter getaways with skiing and snowboarding, so if you aren't terribly athletic or coordinated (like I'm not), a snowy vacation might not sound very appealing. But trust me when I say there is more to such a retreat than winter sports.

You and your spouse can have the ultimate escape of adventure, closeness, and romance in chilly conditions if you just listen up for a few tips.

First, consider staying somewhere relatively close to home. After all, when it's snowing, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic or become tense from dangerous road conditions. Even if you fly to your destination, you will still have to be concerned with renting a car and driving in winter conditions in an unfamiliar area. Yikes!

If that isn't a viable option, then be sure to continually check weather reports and make sure your vehicle has been adequately equipped with snow tires and a sturdy set of chains.

Once you have reached your destination, be sure to maintain a good balance between play and relaxation. Staying in a lodge or a bed and breakfast will really give that warm, cozy feel of a home-away-from-home. Many lodges that are specifically geared toward winter getaways feature fireplaces that create the perfect atmosphere for snuggling and getting closer together.

Snowmobiling is the prime way to get outdoors and into the snow without having to be athletic or risk life and limb like you might with skiing or other winter sports. Many Rocky Mountain resorts even offer Utah snowmobile rentals, guided snowmobile tours of beautiful mountain areas, and allow you to customize how long you want to spend outdoors--anywhere from an hour or two to the entire day!

Sledding and tubing are also ways to enjoy the bountiful snow covering the surrounding hills. Be sure to bundle up and take a thermos of hot chocolate and maybe even a picnic so that hunger won't interrupt your escapades.

After a day spent out in the cold, you can come back to the lodge and get a massage, as many winter lodges double as resorts with full day spas.

Do plenty of research online. Many lodges have all kinds of winter packages that include one or several of the above activities at a discounted rate. Don't hesitate--planning a winter vacation will give you and your spouse something to look forward to during this last stretch of summer heat!

About the Author

Daniels Summit Lodge (http://www.danielssummitlodge.com/) is a Utah snowmobile tours. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

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