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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Travel the Amazon River in Luxury by Justine Richards

voteThe Amazon River, the second longest river in the world, flows through some of the most pristine environment in the world and is home to myriad native bird and animal species. Savvy travelers are aware that luxury travel is available for experiencing this unique ecosystem and creating unforgettable memories. Hear the word cruise and frequent travelers automatically picture an ocean-going vessel ready to carry thousands of passengers along the most scenic waters of the world. But those accustomed to luxury travel are well aware that some of the best cruises in the world are taken on mighty rivers like the Nile, the Danube, the Mississippi and, of course, the Amazon. The Amazon is the second longest river in the world and empties into the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Brazil. While other rivers feature cruises on smaller vessels, the Amazon is massive enough in width and depth to support some of today’s luxury cruise ships. A number of cruise lines with five-star reputations, like Crystal, Holland America, and Silversea to name a few, provide regular itineraries that include the Amazon River.
For travelers who are looking for eco-friendly ways to visit remote areas of the planet, what better way to leave a negligible footprint than to visit pristine rainforest areas by ship? Cruise passengers experience the jungle environment with minimal disruption to native habitat, while they enjoy all the first-class accommodations and amenities that the best cruise ships have to offer.

The major cruise lines that sail the Amazon River provide unique shore activities at several local stops. Travelers can enjoy a wide variety of jungle and wildlife tours either on foot or via motorized vehicles. These stops occur at remote native villages where the ambience of the spot is truly authentic, not just an artificial place recreated for tourist entertainment. The Amazon rainforest is one of the few remaining places in the world to experience nature in its original form. Add this destination to your travel itinerary if you wish to experience unspoiled rainforest before civilization creeps in.

For an even closer view of the Amazon River and its environs, consider taking a luxury class riverboat cruise where the Amazon is the only destination. Adventurous travelers can spend nearly two weeks aboard a luxury craft exploring the remote reaches of the exotic Amazon River amongst some 600 species of native birds plus all kinds of other wildlife. For those seeking eco-travel, these cruises offer unparalleled opportunities to visit the Patanal wetlands, the largest wetland in the world and home to the Caiman Ecological Refuge.

For the most remote Amazon adventure, consider a luxury riverboat cruise that originates in Peru and sails the upper Amazon. Visualize a small ship that pampers just 12 passengers with a crew of 14 to see to their every need. This cruise includes the services of naturalists who are available to locate and interpret the unique ecosystem of the upper Amazon. Naturalists guide travelers on personal tours in small boats into the remote Amazon estuaries and the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, a protected rainforest area established by the Peruvian government in 1982 with over 5 million acres.

It is important to remember that cruising on the Amazon River takes travelers to a remote and undeveloped area of the world. What are considered luxury standards on the Amazon do not necessarily compare to luxury standards of major cruise lines or five-star resorts. It’s important to use the services of a qualified and experienced travel consultant to insure that you do business with a reputable travel company in the area. Five-star luxury travel is readily available in Brazil for those who know where to find it. Of course, Rio de Janeiro, the departure point for some river cruises, is one of the top luxury travel destinations in the world, renowned for first-class shopping, dining, accommodations, culture and nightlife.

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Justine has been a journalist for 20 years and is a contributor to Just The Planet, the online luxury travel magazine for independent travellers.

Medical Tourism: When On A Tummy Tuck Holiday �" Relax by Ihab

voteLos Angeles with its golden beaches and sultry weather is beautiful in the summer. Having a plastic surgery procedure like a tummy tuck in Orange County during this time of the year in this part of the world could just turn out to be the most relaxing time-out you may have had in a long, long time.

A tummy tuck Beverly Hills surgical procedure combined with a relaxing vacation does paint a picturesque dream. The Plastic Surgery Institute of California can help you with arrangements for a tummy tuck procedure that will allow you to enjoy a vacation that is comfortable as well as rejuvenating. As a medical tourist, you can rest easy because the health care in sunny California is excellent making it one of the best destinations for a tummy tuck procedure Orange County.

Cosmetic surgery may be offered in exotic settings in Thailand, India, South Africa, and closer home, in Colombia, at one-tenth the price in the United States and Western Europe. But what the medical tourist has to remember are the possible risks that such countries can pose to personal health and healing.

The ASPS points out a necessary reminder that in case of an injury or an issue of malpractice, an American cannot appeal to U.S. health and safety laws as they generally do not extend overseas. A person having a major elective surgery like a tummy tuck Los Angeles can do well without these problems.

With the wide range of plastic surgery services our advanced surgical institute provides, you don’t need to head to distant shores to look and feel your best. California is where you need to be.

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This article is by Ihab Kharma, who is a freelance writer. He is well read on cosmetic surgery. If you want to know more about plastic surgery, read regular updates on http://abdominoplastybeverlyhills.blogspot.com/

The Mexican Riviera - A Luxury Destination by Justine Richards

The Mexican Riviera - A Luxury Destination by Justine Richards

voteFor the eco-tourist seeking both nature and luxury, the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific coast of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez provides unique and spectacular opportunities for an unforgettable vacation adventure. Experience this part of the world by sea on a luxury cruise from California or get up close and personal to this fantastic landscape at a luxury resort.
Do you long for all the pleasures of an exotic South Seas vacation at a luxury resort but don't have the time or energy for hours of flying time to the remote areas of the Pacific? Look no further than the unspoiled waters and coastline of western Mexico known as the Mexican Riviera. The Mexican Riviera is already a popular destination for cruise ships belonging to many of the cruise lines known for luxury travel. These luxury three to seven day cruises set out year round from the west coast of the U.S. and visit Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, plus the quaint ports of Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coastline.

While cruises to the Pacific coast of Mexico are one way to explore this lovely part of the world and soak up Pacific ambiance, savvy travelers are aware that the Mexican Riviera is quickly becoming one of world's newest luxury travel destinations, as developers discover the scenic splendor of Mexico's sandy beaches and ideal climate. Five-star resorts provide all the amenities a seasoned traveler desires and visitors can select from a variety of accommodations, from private oceanside villas and condos to eco-friendly resorts, whose architecture blends seamlessly into the landscape, leaving only a small footprint.

Upscale resorts along the Mexican Riviera offer sporting opportunities like tennis and private 18-hole golf courses, water-centered activities like dolphin watching, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling in tropical waters. For landlubbers, exploring via ATV or participating in an eco-tour of the surrounding landscape may be available as well. Naturally, these upscale resorts offer gourmet dining and other excellent services from fully-trained staff.

But there's even more in the way of scenery and luxury available in the furthest regions of western Mexico. The Baja California peninsula (translated as Lower California) extends some 775 miles from the U.S. and Mexican border below California. The Pacific Ocean forms the west coast of the peninsula while the saltwater Sea of Cortez, alternately called the Gulf of California, separates the peninsula from mainland Mexico. The extensive shoreline of the Sea of Cortez is home to upscale resorts that offer tropical vacations with the possibility of one-of-a-kind nature experiences.

Endangered blue whales and gray whales winter in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez. Instead of whale-watching in the cold Atlantic waters off of New England or on an Alaskan cruise, visitors have the unique opportunity to view whales with volcanic mountains and desert scenery as a backdrop. This can be an ultimate thrill for any vacationing nature enthusiast!

Appealing to ardent conservationists, the Sea of Cortez is home to 800 marine species that are protected by the Bay of Loreto National Marine Park, 2,065 square kilometers in size. In 2005, this park was included in the list of protected World Heritage sites. Kayaking is one the best and most exciting ways to experience the wonders of this diverse marine environment and, of course, diving opportunities abound in the warm, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Don't confuse the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific coast with the Mayan Riviera on the Atlantic coast, which also offers luxury vacation opportunities. There will be no confusion as to your desired Mexican Riviera destination if you confer with a travel consultant that specializes in luxury travel.

About the Author
Justine has been a journalist for 20 years and is a contributor to Just The Planet, the online luxury travel magazine for independent travellers.

Thailand Destination, Heaven on Earth! by Thanakit K

voteCopyright (c) 2008 Thanakit K
Thailand lays in the Southeast of Asia. Its natural geography subdivides it into four portions consisting of mountains and forests in the north, rice fields in the central plains, arid farmland in the northeast, and the tropical beaches and islands of the southern peninsula. It is divided into seventy-six provinces which are further divided into districts, sub-districts and villages which are ruled by the king as Thailand is a monarchy. It is ruled by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej; who is the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty. He has reigned for over half a century, making him the longest reigning Thai monarch.

There are approximately sixty-two million citizens of Thailand, with approximately seven million living in the capital city, Bangkok. The national language is Thai and often hard to understand to outsiders. English is a popular second language commercially and spoken in many shops, hotels, and restaurants with Thai/English street signs being seen nationwide. Other European languages are often spoken as well, which makes it easy to communicate with the locals. The local culture is influenced by the surrounding countries which have helped make up the traditions of Thai and provide ethnic diversity.

There are many internationally recognized placed in Thailand, such as the bridge over the River Kwai, built by Allied prisoners during WWII. There is also Buddha Mountain, a cliff face inlaid with gold into a carving of Buddha, which is the largest image of Buddha in the world. The islands are the location of novels as well as filming locations for movies. There is also the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge which stretches into Laos. Thailand is surrounded by Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Well recognized but not as well known by name are the dozens of pristine beaches, islands and other sparkling, exotic locales. Phuket is said to have one of the best places to watch sunsets at Phromthep Cape and is Thailand's largest island. Pattaya is one of the most famous beach destinations in Thailand with a rich diversity and active night life. Phi Phi was the location of the movie "The Beach" and is included in a group of islands that make up the province of Krabi.

While visiting the beautiful locations in Thailand you will undoubtedly be welcomed by the people who are gracious hosts, as well as excellent dining which takes advantage of the ability to raise produce year round on much of Thailand. Fresh ingredients are always available in most areas and the local cuisine benefits from such abundance. Shopping is also wonderful in many of the cities, with a busy night life as well. As much of the country is coastline with beautiful tropical beaches there is no end of swimming, boating, snorkeling and even scuba diving that can be done to enjoy the waterscapes. Hiking, backpacking, and exploring can be done throughout the many wildlife preserves throughout the forest regions as well as around the many archeological ruins. There is no lack of things to do in Thailand as there can be with many tourist locations.

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Find Your Dream House in the Caribbean by Groshan Fabiola

voteAre you considering an investment in a piece of real estate property in an exotic, paradise-like place? If so, you should definitely consider Caribbean real estate. Whatever your reasons for investment in Caribbean real estate, or Karibikimmobilien may be, there is nothing but huge benefits that derive from this decision. If you are interested in Caribbean real estate (Karibikimmobilien) for a permanent residence, you can rest assured that you have picked a wonderful area, with spectacular landscape, ideal climate, relatively low cost of living and very friendly people. If you are looking to invest in Caribbean real estate (Karibikimmobilien) for business purposes, once again you have made an excellent choice. The value of real estate in the area is on the rise, and the tourism to the Caribbean is flourishing. There is no reason why your investment shouldn't be a profitable one. Or, if you are looking for a holiday or vacation home, the Caribbean real estate market has a lot to offer. The real estate segment is booming in many regions of the Caribbean, providing the potential investor with a myriad of choices.
When it comes to investing in Caribbean real estate (Karibikimmobilien), you are presented with many options, in terms of both location and type of property. We are talking about a wide range of islands, as well as many kinds of real estate properties, such as houses, apartments, villas, condos, or pieces of land. As you can imagine, prices vary widely, depending location, type of construction, proximity to places of interest or facilities. It is safe to say that there is at least one piece of Caribbean real estate, or Karibikimmobilien for everyone, and properties in the region are worth investing in for a number of reasons. Development and profitability are just some of the main reasons. Simple villages in the Caribbean are being turned into popular tourist destinations as we speak. One of these soon to be very popular resorts is Las Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic.

Not too long ago, Las Terrenas was nothing more than just a numb village in the Dominican Republic. However, its perfect location and breath taking landscape have attracted the attention of many tourists. And with the increasing number of tourists, there came a growth in the investments in real estate Las Terrenas (Immobilien Las Terrenas). Houses, villas and apartments are being built everywhere you look, and some people go as far as saying that Las Terrenas will soon be as popular a destination as Monte Carlo is now in Europe. Real estate in Las Terrenas (Immobilien Las Terrenas) is booming, and according to real estate analysts, the present time is a very good moment to invest in real estate Las Terrenas, or Immobilien Las Terrenas.

Whatever you reasons may be for wanting to invest in real estate in Las Terrenas (Immobilien Las Terrenas) or anywhere else in the Caribbean, you can rest assured that you have made an excellent choice provided you perform a diligent search prior to investing in a particular piece of property. If you are looking for a residential property, be it permanent or just for the holidays, the climate and the landscape make Caribbean real estate a very good choice. If you are interested in investment properties, you should know that real estate prices go up with at least ten percent each year, which makes Caribbean real estate (Karibikimmobilien) a very sound investment.

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There Really Free Travel On The Internet? by Manbeer Singh

voteIf you go to Google and enter the term "Free Travel" you would find 2,200,000 Entries. If you check All-the Web, you find 3,990,000 Entries. You find a similar number on any search engine. Obviously these are highly competitive search terms. It is likely that with this many entries under these terms that the bids for such keywords are pretty high for Pay Per Click Advertisers.
After researching these Search Terms for you, I have found a number of offers and much information. This report is the culmination of many, many hours of online research and I am certain you will enjoy learning what is really offered under these terms.

Some entries returned are clearly advertisements for some sort of Informational Products. E-Books that were written to "educate" the consumer on how to travel for free. These include products that will give you the consumer insider information on how to save money on travel. Or how to travel for free.

Here is the real deal. Some offers are contingent upon booking accommodations or a cruise. Such as these:

"Free Airfare". Due to the volume buying power of a major travel consolidator in the US and Canada, it is now possible for a limited time to receive Free Roundtrip Airfare for 2 valued at up to $1600.00 from this little known source.

This Free Airfare is actually good for anytime within the next five years. This offer is contingent upon booking your hotel with a specific licensed Travel Agency; however, if you are planning a trip to nearly any International Airport destination and are going to be staying in a hotel of any type during your trip, you will essentially be paying only for your Hotel Room with this offer.

The way it works basically is that you purchase up front a Reservation Package. Purchase your Reservation Package here,

Once you have the Reservation Forms, you fill in your desired budget and destination and send it to the Travel Agent. The Agent Books the Accommodations for you and sends you an airline ticket along with a Confirmation for your hotel stay. It's that easy.

If you are planning a cruise then you can also receive "Free Airfare" by booking on the Paul Gauguin Cruise ship. This ship cruises Tahiti and associated ports.

Another "Free Airfare" offer exists with a Cruise in the Hawaii. More details here.

"Free Travel" Strategies: Here is five ways you can travel for free. Not everyone will be able to take advantage of these secrets, but if you can, you can expect to enjoy many years of free travel.

How to "Fly for Free" by giving up your seat Believe it or not, although people rarely like to be bumped from their regularly scheduled flights, it can actually lead to free or greatly reduced flights.

Here are some ideas assembled by a long time traveler. I would not personally be able to do all of these; however, some of these ideas do seem feasible.

If you know a group of people who have been talking about going somewhere together or if you want to assemble a group to visit some exotic or tourist destination these agencies will pay your way for booking through them.

If you are a Teacher you could actually be paid for leading a Travel Group.

If you have writing skills and enjoy writing about destinations, this may be your ticket for free travel.

As you can see there are a few legitimate opportunities online for Free travel. But the time it takes to sift through all the advertisements and listings to find them was substantial. It is my sincere hope that you will take advantage of these offers and opportunities and begin to enjoy the benefits of Free Travel.

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Port Douglas Hotels: Experience a world of glamour and comfort by Manjeet Dagar

voteDo you want keep yourself tuned with the rhythm of nature? Then, do visit the picturesque town of Port Douglas in Queensland in Australia. The exotic town of Port Douglas which dwells in Far North Queensland of Australia is a great place to spend your vacation. Ideally situated on a plain, surrounded by the lush landscapes and majestic mountains, Port Douglas is just 60 km from Hobart. Getting an accommodation in Port Douglas is not at all difficult, as this place has a large number of hotels.
Port Douglas is considered as one of the major tourist destinations in Australia. To cater to the huge inflow of tourists every year there are a number of hotels in this city. The location of hotels in Port Douglas is highly commendable as it depicts a unique country lifestyle with excellent accommodation. The accommodation in Port Douglas is known for their opulence and grandeur. When you come to this city, you will find both luxurious and cheap accommodations. These hotels can further be classified into five star, four star, three star and two star. You can choose to stay in any of these above mentioned category hotels depending upon your budget.

Speaking of the luxury hotels in Port Douglas, we can say that these hotels are simply great. The luxury hotels at Port Douglas offer a wide range of top-class amenities and services that are sure to mesmerize you. The luxury hotels in Port Douglas are a complete package of world class amenities and luxuries that enables travelers to spend their vacations in a comfortable way. These hotels are known for its efficient and sincere staff and friendly atmosphere. Surrounded by beautiful sceneries, the Port Douglas hotels offer all the possible services and facilities that you can expect from this category. The rooms of the luxury hotels are spacious and offer a fabulous view of the environment. The various facilities and amenities and services that you can find include cable television, swimming pools, room services, fitness center and spas, well stocked mini bars, hair dryers, en-suites, laundry services and others.

If you are interested in spending less money and at the same time wish to experience comfort, then you can book a room in the Port Douglas budget hotels. The staff of the budget hotels in Port Douglas is well trained and quite efficient. They take all the necessary steps to make each of their guests feel totally comfortable and relaxed during their stay. These cheap hotels have elegant guestrooms with modern amenities like telephone, satellite television, attached bathroom and others. Other facilities that you can find in this category hotel are parking, laundry, luggage storage, currency exchange, concierge facilities.

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For more online information on Port Douglas Hotels, please log on to AsiaRooms.

A Complete India Travel Guide Launched by Lucas Lin

voteYour waiting finally more. A complete guide of voyage, www.travelgoindia.com which concentrates completely on India was launched. The days of the scratch approximately for information on India before you embark in excursion of this beautiful country passed. Learn more about the beauty of this ground enchanter of this Web site exhaustively instructive www.travelgoindia.com. This guide of voyage has some useful tools which enable him to go well to a better friend of the traveler .
Are you ready to pack your bag but not very sure about your destination? In TravelGoIndia.com you will finish by knowing some places of tourists, which the existence you never realized. No wonder, this is the guide of the voyage from India by far best only you will find in the Internet. The rich person in information, this exclusively guide central of voyage from India are surely intended to become better stake of the tourist .

TravelGoIndia.com is conceived to provide to travellers enough of information on the voyage so that it becomes easier than they make decisions. The Web site enables you to hold hotels in more than 150 Indian cities. You also have the choice to reserve a hotel of luxury or a hotel of budget. The advantage was added that this complete guide of voyage from India A is its capacity to reserve the associates crossing in real time of hotels and gives the instantaneous service of confirmation. It has more than 500 hotels of all the categories as a whole of India in its data base. You can, therefore, rather sure being to obtain a room of hotel anywhere in the country.

This extremely instructive guide on Indian tourism will help you to project you to travel without obtaining sand between your toes. The tourists who like to remain in addition to beaten way will find this Web site to be loved to them. There are abundance of the exotic packages of excursion like excursions of safari, excursions of golf, holidays of beach and excursions of adventure. If you want Re-live the history, you will have the abundance of information on the historical places like Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Appreciate the life in the metropolitan cities of palpitation like Mumbai. Objectives of Web site to provide you all the resources of voyage which you can need. Here that you will find the destinations of popular tourists as well as of the less known paradises on ground.

Knowledge is power. Your excursion can be sure and delicious if you have all information on the place where you wish to go. In TravelGoIndia.com, you will have more than enough of information on attractions of tourists. The small things often make the great difference. TravelGoIndia.com has an eye for the detail. Here that you will obtain to the direction of the hot points tourists of various points of passage like the airport, the station and even the stop bus. You will finish by also almost knowing the hotels which attraction. TravelGoIndia.com has the capacity to hold a flight or a car too.

This complete guide of voyage from India is the only one of its kind. It has more information than a typical Search Engine of voyage. At the same time it enables you to hold hotels, flights, cars and packages on line. These whole things combine together to make with www.travelgoindia.com a single guide of voyage directed parInde.

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Ecotourism Challenging Traditional Luxury Reservation Industry by Peter Wilson

voteWhile the term "ecotourism" is tossed around quite loosely in the travel and tourism industry, the roots of the word and the concept are not so widely known. According to most records, a man named Hector Ceballos-Lascurain came up with the word to help define the concept of environmentally sensitive travel.
In the concept, nature is the focus of travel that takes individuals and groups to often-remote locations. These destinations have long been off the regular routes of most recreational tourism. In the past, when a tourist made a reservation at a traditional mass tourism stop, there was little or no thought given to the natural resources involved or the environment that was impacted.

But with ecotourism the destinations are generally undisturbed by the activities of human beings. The natural resources and the unique local culture are the primary focus of the trip, along with education that will help the traveler understand the location and its characteristics more fully. In slightly more than two decades, the idea of ecotourism, first labelled by Ceballos-Lascurain, has become a significant sector in the tourist industry. In the process, the fragility of nature has become more widely understood and travelers are more likely to view and appreciate a destination with out exploiting its treasures.

A portion of the world's population will continue to seek out the finest of accommodations and another sector will search for the best prices on excursions that have only enjoyment as a goal. But a growing number of people want something more, though not in the way of treasures or thrills. These ecotourism enthusiasts want to travel to places of natural beauty, but want their visit to have a minimum impact on the environment. These travelers do not care to bring back samples of natural treasures.

As more people take part in this new way, the general public will become more aware of the environment and the need for protecting it. This can be a positive thing, if the ecotourism is planned well and managed very well. Local populations can benefit financially from managed growth of ecotourism, but may suffer if the projects are not put together carefully.

What does ecotourism mean now, more than two decades after the idea entered the public consciousness? In the simplest terms, it means being enlightened about the need to protect natural resources and delicate cultures. Beyond this, it means taking this knowledge along when traveling, putting into action the ideas and beliefs that ecotourism teaches.

Travelers can get plenty of experience with local cultures and with the natural habitat that surrounds an ecotourism destination. But in the process these tourists can also help promote responsible tourism by interacting with local populations in a respectful manner, and when leaving the location, taking only memories and photographs.

As ecotourism grows, it will become even more important that human beings have little or no impact on nature. Travelers heading to remote and often exotic places will bring back stories of wonderful experiences. This positive marketing, by word of mouth, will increase the number of tourists wanting to try ecotourism. Countries will recognize the economic potential of this industry and will begin developing projects that highlight natural resources and interesting cultural activities.

Indeed, much of this growth is already taking place. Ecotourism is, by many counts, the fastest growing sector of the tourism market. Increasing numbers of tourists are choosing this alternative to traditional mass tourism and recreational tourism.

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Holiday in Tunisia �" The Epitome of Adventure & Pleasure by Jain

voteHave you ever considered going to North Africa for one of your family holidays. This time you can gift your family a trip to one of the Mediterranean countries. How about going for a family holiday in Tunisia? You can be amongst early visitors to this virgin territory, blessed with beautiful and stunning beaches, exotic coastlines, marvelous landscapes, extensive deserts and amazing rare species of flora and fauna.

Your holiday to Tunisia is going to be one of the most fantastic lifetime experiences. Tunisia has plethora of activities and attractions which will mesmerize and keep you engaged with numerous exciting adventures throughout your stay.

Tunisia beautiful coastlines offer lots of opportunity for diving and surfing. For water sport lovers, this is the ultimate place to let your adrenaline run high. If you love mystery and loves to unfold them, the Sahara desert is the ideal place. You can ride on camels on the stunning sand dunes of the Sahara. The enchanting oasis in the middle of the desert will give you the much needed rest after an adventurous day where you can relax as you sit around the oasis. On the northern side of Tunisia, you can do trekking and explore its diverse landscape. When you are in Tunisia, you can do bird watching in its National Parks. The Pink Flamingos in the Lac Ichkeul National Park is a must see. Many of you may not be aware that the famous Star Wars had been filmed in the incredible landscape of Tunisia. Apart from its outdoor activities and adventure, the country has more to offer. Tunisia also boasts of a vibrant nightlife which is just not restricted only to discotheques. Tunisia comes to life at night and becomes livelier in its bars, clubs and casinos in important tourist destinations such as Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Djerba, but most of the nightlife is limited to hotels only. This part of Africa has some astonishing and wonderful markets popularly known as medinas or souks. You can take home some of its beautiful jewellery, crafts and clothes at best prices if you know how to put your bargaining skills to practice.

However, to make your holiday to Tunisia an exclusive one, take the pain and spend some time on Internet to search for ‘All Inclusive Family Holidays’ packages provided by many travel agents online and book your holiday according to your schedule and budget. If you hit the jackpot with the ‘All Inclusive Family Holidays’ packages, you need not worry about your travel, your stay, your food and your sight seeing. Your every need will be taken care of, to make your holiday a terrific one.

So be there in Tunisia for a remarkable holiday and experience the climate and the world of Mediterranean!!

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The Author is a contributing writer to the website http://www.sunnytunisia.com which provides Tunisia hotels accommodation and travel guide to Tunisia.

Tuscany beach holidays destinations by Robert Gardentin

voteA globetrotters itinerary is never complete without a visit to Tuscany. Tuscany beach holidays are memorable for any sea lover. The clean beaches which are filled with golden sand and spectacular views, makes Tuscany coastal areas, a splendid vacation destination. Tuscany beach holidays are filled with fishing, water sports, sun bathing, etc.
Excellent marine and coastal facilities in Tuscany are other factors that attract visitors to the place. The archipelago of Tuscany offers picturesque views to the tourists, who are overwhelmed by its beauty. Tuscany is also a perfect destination for exploration, with its uneven terrains, exotic villages and ancient rocks.

The primary destination for many tourists in their Tuscany beach holidays is the beautiful coastline of Versilia. Versilia is famous for the sandy beaches and mountains that are the reasons for the pleasant weather, in the region. It is also popular for the unlimited fun it offers and the exciting night life of the area. The place became popular for being a much frequented spot of the artists like Lorenzo Viani, Galileo Chini, etc.

If Versilia is a prominent destination, in the Tuscany beach holidays of people, they get to visit many tourist spots, in the region. The elegantly built lounges and palaces in Viareggio; Pietrsanta, the sculptors destination; Camaiore, an opulent place with monuments and memories; the antique villas of the tiny villages, etc are few tourist spots that are situated in Versilia. Versilia in Tuscany is hailed as Apuan Riviera pearl. A well- developed and modernized network of rail roads and roads and the frequent bus and coach services, makes this place accessible to any outsider. Forte Dei Marmi is a fashionable resort in Versilia. This holiday home has attracted artists, poets, painters, writers and tourists with its pine forests and scenic view of beautiful beaches, since its establishment. Viareggio harbour in the Versilian coastline is yet another must see sight.

Tuscany beach holidays are the time to enjoy among the boundless beaches and sea. From dawn to dusk, tourists can enjoy the delights of the beach, during a holiday season, with a visit to Tuscany. Being with the endless beaches in Tuscany and unwinding one self can be a delightful experience.

Another highlight of Tuscany beach holidays is the excellent cuisine of the region. The Viareggian fish dishes and the traditional delectable Tuscan cuisine make the visits to Tuscany even more memorable. A traditionally prepared pizza or a mouth-watering spaghetti allo scoglio are must-taste items in any Tuscan menu. Tuscan wines like the Montecarlo white wine and the classic Chianti reds are much sought after drinks in Tuscany. The nightlife in Tuscany is another prominent attraction of the region. Tuscany beach holidays are incomplete without quiet strolls, along the promenade or visits to the thrilling Versilian discos. Hordes of people visit Versilia in July and August for the Puccini Festival. Located in the shade of the Apuan Alps, Versilia, is a sandy coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The luxuriant hills and pine woods of the region further embellish the beauty of Versilia, making it a nature lovers paradise. With all the facilities and captivating natural and man-made attractions, Versilia is an exciting place to visit, during Tuscany beach holidays!

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The Paradise Searchers were wandering... Till they found it .. Right here... by Samantha Armstrong

voteDiscover India
Your search for the dream place is over because you have stepped on the land of unending charm of ancient forts and palaces, beautiful lakes and seas, breathtaking forests and exotic cuisine.

India is a country of immeasurable lands, incessant water-bodies, mountains and so on. The country is a tourist's delight what with countless forts, palaces and historic ruins that tell a story left centuries back. Even the museums are full of living truths like fossils, relics, fragments from our ancient civilizations, etc.

The history institutions are full of archives that only further consolidate the facts of India being the treasure box of culture and heritage.

There are countless temples, shrines, pilgrim tours as well as adventure tours for the tourist. One must consult a map as well as a local travel buff as that will help you explore places that not many tourists or locals may be aware of.

There are several itineraries that one can plan for a charming and unforgettable experience of India.

There are several travel agents that can be consulted for a guided tour. There are many types of holiday packages and rentals including corporate travel, car and taxi rental, incentive group travel, personalized luxury travel, conference facilities, entertainment and cultural soirees, etc. So venture on a trip now and soak in the Indian experience.

Visit the places that echo of India's glorious past such as Agra, Rajasthan, Orissa, Gujarat, etc.

If you are of the devotional nature, then a short trip to the Mansarovar, Vaishnodevi and so on is a good idea.

A tour to Himachal Pradesh will be like being on seventh heaven. Destinations like Dehradun, Mussorie, Shimla, Nainital, Ajmer and so on just complete the paradise itinerary. These spots are captivating with their mesmerizing views.

The Khajuraho, Ajanta and Ellora in Aurangabad, the Meenakshi temple in Tamil Nadu and many more.

The Khajuraho and Ajanta-Ellora are considered to be one of the most unique gifts of India. These temple-caves narrate the story of a rich culture and heritage and legacy left behind by the Chandela Rajputs and Buddhists, respectively.

There are beach vacations, boathouse vacations, rejuvenating vacations, heritage tours, etc apart from the regular trekking and mountaineering tours. The travel industry has made some remarkable progress in eco tourism and more innovative and splendorous holiday packages have come up in recent times.

The south is not far. On the west coast, after hitting a bash on the glittering beaches of Goa, one can head for a more rejuvenation and meditative experience in the backwaters of Kerala. One can even visit Karnataka and the historical places and visit some royal ruins before entering the more urban ambience of Bangalore.

Enjoy holidaying in India and choose from the plethora of destinations to have a memorable trip that will keep you asking for more.

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LuxuryIndianTravel.com provides information on tour guides; major destinations of India, tour packages and many more travel relevant topics. So embark on a luxurious journey to discover India and have an imperial stay in India's heritage hotels. Travel by the grand Palace on Wheels and Deccan Odyssey and explore the real India.

Southern Sun Maputo: A Mozambiquen Gem by Bruce Chapman

voteThere is a distinctive Mediterranean feel about Maputo which is the capital of one of Africa's best loved holiday destinations, Mozambique.
Maputo, formerly known as Lourenço Marques, is Mozambique's largest city and its economy is centred around its bustling Indian Ocean harbour. Its vibrant day markets and an exotic nightlife typify the Mozambican experience.

These days, Maputo is a world away from the civil war that threw this prosperous African city in to chaos and poverty in the 70s and 80s. Today this city is one of Africa's true gems and a stay in Maputo is a fantastically colourful experience.

Southern Sun is proud to announce the rebranding of its Maputo hotel

As of 1 June 2008, Holiday Inn Maputo became the Southern Sun Maputo. 2007 marked the culmination of Southern Sun's brand evolution where the group invested significantly in the rebranding of its existing properties as well as the modernisation of nearly all of its hotels.

Southern Sun Maputo forms part of the Southern Sun Hotel & Resorts portfolio. "We are very aware of the opportunities for growth within the African continent and our brand presence is an integral part of a strategy aimed at structuring our growth outside of South Africa with Africa's leading hotel brand" comments Richard Weilers, Managing Director: Southern Sun Hotels Offshore. As a member of the Southern Sun Hotels Group, the rebranded Southern Sun Maputo will assume its position as a key hotel of the largest hotel group in Africa.

Not only have Southern Sun Hotels been popularly voted 'Africa's Best Brand', they also have 40 years experience in providing unrivalled hospitality to guests. Southern Sun Hotels are best known for their distinctly personalised hospitality, their contemporary style, unrivalled charm and the excellent calibre of cuisine on offer. Southern Sun is proud to provide a vibrant and new brand identity to one of Maputo's leading hotels.

Southern Sun Maputo

The luxurious Southern Sun Maputo beachfront hotel is situated on the Avenida da Marginal which affords visitors splendid Indian Ocean views. Conveniently located close to the Maputo International Airport as well as to a host of the capital's finest tourist attractions, the Southern Sun Maputo is a haven for business and leisure travellers alike.

Mozambique's Portuguese heritage is echoed throughout the well-appointed hotel and accommodation comes in the form of 2 luxurious suites, 6 executive suites and 158 guest rooms. There is also a room that is specially equipped for physically challenged guests.

When not luxuriating besides the sparkling pool or enjoying a workout at the hotel's fitness centre guests at the Southern Sun Maputo can explore the dynamic city to their heart's content.

One of Maputo's most renowned landmarks is the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceiao (Our Lady of Conception) which was the nucleus of the original settlement in 1876. Other top tourist attractions include the Central Railway Station, Botanical Gardens, Steel House and museums such as the Geology Museum, Coin Museum and Natural History Museum. Visitors to Maputo can hop on a ferry to Inhacca Island where they can view the maritime museum, historic lighthouse and have lunch at one of the renowned island restaurants. Others may wish to head south into the wetlands of the 236,000-hectare Peace-Parks Maputo Elephant Reserve where the rolling green hills meet the sea. Crocs, hippos, side-striped jackals, antelope and in excess of 200 elephants can be found here and the area is currently being restocked with an additional 500 animals.

Maputo truly is an enchanting city to explore.

After a long day of sightseeing culinary delights specially prepared by chefs who know just how to combine international and local flavours, will enchant even the most seasoned of palates. Offering a variety of accommodation options, value for money, professional expertise and guest care, the Southern Sun Maputo looks forward to warmly welcoming its valued guests for years to come.

About Southern Sun Hotels

Founded in 1969, Southern Sun Hotels has almost 40 years of experience in providing great hospitality to its local and international guests. Southern Sun's portfolio of hotels provide world-class accommodation across all markets, and offer the widest distribution of hotels in South Africa in major urban centres and key leisure destinations. They are designed to meet the needs of all guests, whether they are travelling for business or leisure.

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For more media information, please contact Bruce Chapman at Southern Sun Maputo on 258 21 495050 via the website http://www.southernsun.com.

Why buy Property in Tenerife? by Lester Emanuel

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands evolved several million years ago as a volcanic land mass not far from the African Coast. It is the third largest volcanic land on the planet and it boasts the highest mountain in the Spanish domain.

The island, often referred to as the island of eternal spring is a tropical paradise with one of the best temperate climates in the world. It was actually NASA that confirmed this using space observation technique. Temperatures in the low twenties are the norm at that time and even during the summer months the temperatures rarely exceed the high twenties.

The island has beautiful forests packed with exotic wildlife and unique plant life and the scenery is stunning. There are giant cliffs, rugged gorges, and huge mountains including Mount Teide, (3718 metres) which towers high above the most amazing volcanic landscape. Mount Teide was justifiably declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO during 2007. Sadly many tourists miss out on seeing the most breathtaking scenery because they do not venture far from the coastal resorts.

Tenerife welcomes over five million tourists every year from all over the world, about a third of which come from the UK, the remainder mostly from other parts of northern Europe and Scandinavia. Not surprisingly it is also a very popular tourist destination for the Spanish. The most popular months for visitors are January to March when the weather on the Island is probably the best in the world.

For the many tourists the range of activities is extremely diverse and caters for all ages. There are a number of theme parks and no shortage of things to do, for example, golf, diving, fishing, sailing, submarine safaris, swimming or simply lazing on the wonderful beaches. The new exotic Siam Park will be opening shortly where visitors will be able to undertake a thrilling range of water based activities in an oriental setting.

Despite being around for millions of years Tenerife has only evolved as a tourist destination during the past 40 years. The older ones among you may remember when along with the Spanish Costas it was a major jet set destination. In those days the focus was on budget holidays, mass tourism and like many other holiday places, the image of Tenerife inevitably suffered from the consequences of rapid tourist growth.

Much has been written about Tenerife in the past and there is a wealth of content, although some of it may be a little dated.

Tenerife is changing

In recent years, the Canary Islands Government have concentrated on elevating the image of Tenerife as a tourist destination. Tourist building development has been restricted to new 5* hotels since 2001 and rural tourism has also been encouraged in recent years.

Apart from major infrastructure improvements, the island has been made over with luscious tropical planting in the main resorts, and many new 5 star resort hotels have sprung up focussing on attracting tourism from the higher spending sectors.

Las Americas is not all what it used to be, the plan to attract affluent tourists appears to have be successful with an upsurge of classy shopping complexes with a plethora of designer retail outlets and upmarket restaurants flourishing everywhere. The emphasis seems to have been on excluding the traditional cheap bars and restaurants, the new breed of tourists are after all more discerning.

The new exclusive 5* Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort in Fanabe and the Deluxe 5* Abama Golf Resort, also near Adeje, are attracting well heeled tourists to Island who might otherwise have flown to other exotic destinations. These resorts are of the finest available anywhere in the world.

Tenerife may have managed to attract tourism from the elite spending sector but the clever part is, the enhanced image has increased tourism in all sectors. The new beach in Playa San Juan has just been completed and the older resorts like Los Cristianos have also been given a makeover, so that they are even more popular with the traditional beach holiday maker. The range of activity holidays available now is an added bonus the Island.

The number of low cost flights to the Island has increased dramatically and with just over 4 hours flying time from Northern Europe it has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans and Scandinavians.

Tenerife has the advantage of being an all year round holiday island and it offers perhaps the shortest flight to any winter destination offering almost guaranteed sun.

Who invests in Tenerife Property Market?

Current reports suggest there are close on a million inhabitants on the Island and that this has risen dramatically by more than 17% during the past five years. Property ownership has always been popular with the many residents.

There as many as 20,000 UK residents and around 40,000 properties owned by Brits. These figures are not exact and the latter is a conservative estimate based on a number of varied sources. There are also many property owners from other countries such as Holland, Belgium Germany, Italy, Norway and now Russia.

Many people who own property on the Island visit frequently especially the retired who mostly come to Tenerife to escape harsh winters in northern Europe; they are locally referred to as the swallows.

There is a huge rental market in Tenerife, many property owners let out their properties to the tourist market when they are not using them and Tenerife has always been a popular choice for buy to let investors because of the holiday market. There is also a good opportunity for long term letting, perhaps with the advantage of sustaining a little less wear and tear on the property.

Why invest in the Tenerife Property Market now?

Tenerife has been successfully re-invented as an affluent tourist destination and inevitably this has lead to an upsurge of high quality developments being constructed, especially around the lush new golf courses.

There are many off plan developments in Tenerife both in and around the major resorts but now also in less urbanised areas. Many of the older style properties are being refurbished which is a natural progression because there is so much emphasis on quality in the property market.

The resident population is increasing and there is little doubt that Tenerife will become even more popular with retirees, not only from the UK, but also from so many other countries. The numbers of tourists visiting the Island is also set to increase so undoubtedly Tenerife is safe bet for property investors.

Property buyers in Tenerife are not always British or Spanish. The current market has buyers from Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Belgium and now Russia since there are now direct flights.

A recent well known house price index publisher is showing an average annual price increase of 3.2% for the whole of Tenerife. The figures for 2007 show that prices of one and two bed units have increased whereas the price of larger units has actually fallen during the past twelve months, which overall is the reason for low growth.

In southern resorts, notably Los Cristianos, the reality is that prices have fallen to suit the market conditions and anyone who is keen to sell will probably accept a low offer, which is a new trend. The reason why this is happening is because of the less favourable exchange rates for the British investors.

Another reason for the poor property market at the moment is the over-supply of property, particularly in the main resorts in the south, which is leading to falling prices, and this is more obvious at the lower end of the market.

It is fair to say to say that the property market is suffering in Tenerife at the moment, especially with the lack of buyers from the UK, mostly due to the strong Euro exchange rate against the pound. Exchange rates are definitely affecting the property market in Tenerife, especially in the South which is most popular with British buyers.

On the flip side though, most sellers are British anyway and when they convert their Euros back to Pounds they are getting about 17% more than they would have done six months ago anyway, so in real terms they can afford to accept a lower offer. Some sellers are even accepting payment in Sterling to avoid the exchange rate problem, this way most of your money does not have to leave the UK.

In conclusion of all of these factors, we would say that there has never been a better time to invest in a property in the South of Tenerife. There are many bargains around and the sellers if they are British will more often than not try and compensate prospective buyers to assist with the exchange rate problem.

If you need help with raising funds, a variety of options are available. Many people can raise funds against equity which may have accrued on their UK property but we can offer assistance with Spanish Mortgages from a variety of different sources including Abbey (Santander Group) and Halifax Hispania.

As you will see we are offering generous incentives to buyers and we genuinely promise we will help you to pay less. We will also help you with a generous after sales service because we recognise that clients need support with rentals, furnishings, remedial works etc.

We have a larger range of properties available and we can steer you in the right direction. Why not visit our website: www.expediaproperty.eu

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Property Consultant living and working in Tenerife

Cyprus The Island Of Beauty And Contrast. by Nick Nikolis

voteCyprus is well known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who, according to legend, was born there.
This shimmering island on the edge of the Mediterranean has drawn adventurers to its shores for centuries, from Alexander the Great to the Byzantines and most recently, vacationers who fall in love with the island and its warm, welcoming people.

Although a small country, Cyprus has an almost overwhelming cultural heritage. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to over 9 000 years of civilization and history.

Cyprus stands at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe and this exotic mix is well-reflected in Cyprus' cultural history.

An island of spectacular beauty, a living mosaic of cultures, cuisine and undiscovered riches, Cyprus is a romantic place with something for everyone.

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome from this fascinating land, with its wonderful beaches and clear blue seas.

Sunny Mediterranean beaches enclosed by rugged cliffs, cool cedar forests, scented orange groves and gentle meadows blanketed in wildflowers, charming villages, ruins of ancient civilizations and distinctive local cultures: there are whole worlds to discover in this eminently accessible island, where the service is extraordinary and the people are as warm as the Mediterranean sun.

As the sun sets and nightlife begins, you will find everything, from traditional taverns to lively bars and clubs. Take time to discover the breathtaking Troodos Mountains and the raw beauty of Akamas peninsula, or explore some of the island's rich history, from pre-historic tombs to Crusader castles.

Cyprus can really please everyone: couples, families and groups can choose between lively resorts and quieter settings with plenty of space to relax.

Cyprus is the third-largest island and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, attracting over 2.4 million tourists per year.

Discover a country where East meets west, fashionable spas sit side-by-side with village kafeneia and heavenly beaches are backed by rugged mountains.

Cypriot life revolves around family. Beyond that, in Nicosia, (The capital of the Island) it is very materialistic. In the villages, life has a more fundamental quality, still family focused but more associated with culture and what is readily available e.g. good food, time, tradition.

The climate is temperate and Mediterranean with dry summers and variably rainy winters. Summer temperatures range from warm at higher elevations in the Troodos mountains to hot in the lowlands. Winter temperatures are mild at lower elevations, where snow rarely occurs, but are significantly colder in the mountains with sufficient snow for seasonal ski facilities. Dust storms are frequent throughout the year.

Cyprus weather means that you can enjoy Cyprus in the winter as well as the summer. For the traveller that does not care about spending their holiday swimming, then Cyprus is a great winter holiday island. The official winter holiday period is from the middle of November till the middle of March but to be honest these months are normally warm with very few days bringing cold or miserable winter weather. Even if it rains, the sun is likely to come out at some point; very few days are grey and dismal, maybe 2-3 during the whole year.

The traditional folk music of Cyprus has many common elements with Greek mainland and island folk music, including dances like the sousta, syrtos, zeibekikos, tatsia, and the kartsilamas. The instruments commonly associated with Cyprus folk music are the lute ("laouto"), violin ("fkiolin"), accordion and the Cyprus flute ("pithkiavlin"). There is also a form of musical poetry known as "chattista", which is often performed at traditional feasts and celebrations. Composers associated with traditional music in Cyprus include Marios Tokas, Solon Michaelides, Savvas Salides, and Doros Georgiades. Pop music in Cyprus is generally influenced by the Greek pop music "Laika" scene, with several artists such as Anna Vissi and Evridiki earning widespread popularity. Cypriot rock and "entechno" rock music is often associated with artists such as Michalis Hatzigiannis and Alkinoos Ioannidis.

Rich in history yet equipped with modern amenities, relaxing but also effortless full of surprises, Cyprus is irresistible to everyone. As it has been for nine thousand years...

Even if you’ve been here before, there’s always a new world to discover. Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience waits for you under the sun every day. Where Championship Golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails lie around luxurious hotels. Enjoy the island’s beauty once more.

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Nick Nikolis
It Manager Greece
Atlantica Hotels | Resorts
Cyprus Greece

Free Things to Do in Vegas: Music, Dancing, Shows and More by Jamie Jefferson

voteLas Vegas is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, and the retailers and casino owners know it! You'll often pay premium rates for entertainment, lodging and food just because everything Vegas is in high demand.
But if you think that a Las Vegas vacation is going to cost you an arm and a leg, you may be surprised to find out that there are many things you can do in the city that are completely free.

Downtown Las Vegas has plenty to offer in the way of free shows and historical sites. Fremont Street downtown has free shows such as daredevil acts, live concerts and other entertainment events.

The Hawaiian Island Performers perform on Las Vegas Boulevard everyday from 11 am to 10:30 pm at the top of each hour. They display traditional dancing, music and performances in the midst of Hawaiian themed shops. Best of all, watching the exotic acts doesn't cost a dime.

The Bellagio hotel has an exciting light and water show each weekday from 3 pm to midnight, and each weekend from noon to midnight. Enjoy the choreographed fountains and music with hundreds of other Vegas visitors.

The Bellagio isn't the only hotel that offers exciting free events. The MGM Grand Hotel and Flamingo Hotel both have wildlife exhibits that rival any zoo. The MGM features adult lions and cubs each day from 11 am to 10 pm. The Flamingo is home to a Wildlife Habitat that contains birds, turtles, fish and penguins. The penguin feedings at 8:30 am and 6 pm are always a popular sight to see.

The TI (formerly Treasure Island) hotel and the Rio Hotel both have live events that shouldn't be missed. The "Sirens of TI" is a live battle show between pirates and sultry sirens. Catch this show nightly at 7 pm, 8:30 pm, 10 pm and 11:30 pm.

The Rio Hotel is the home of the Masquerade Show in the Sky. It is a Mardi Gras parade and party complete with floats and beads. It's free to watch the show, and, for a small fee, you can wear a costume and ride along on the floats. You can catch the parade at 3 pm, 4pm, 5 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

Of course, all of the shows and showtimes listed above are subject to change, so make sure to look up the showtimes or simply check with your hotel concierge before you venture out each day, so you can schedule your other Vegas activities around them.

These events just scratch the surface of what Las Vegas has to offer for free. Whether you're into music, wildlife or just a fun party atmosphere, you can find it all in Vegas. Don't be afraid of exploring all that the city has to offer.

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Jamie Jefferson writes for Susies-Travel-Coupons.com, where you can find the latest weekly Expedia coupons and promotions as well as today's Las Vegas discounts.

Island Wedding Planning by william Jacks

voteWhat could be more beautiful than the sand and surf as the backdrop to your wedding? An island wedding is a way to do something different, and to visit an exotic locale. People choose to have an island wedding if they want to avoid a lot of the stress of organizing a formal wedding, or simply to plan a more intimate ceremony for their closest friends and family.

The Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii are all popular destinations for couples who want a beautiful setting for their ceremony and reception. There are numerous resorts in these areas that will take care of beach wedding planning details, so you won't be trying to book a caterer or florist from thousands of miles away. These resorts and hotels often offer package deals or discounts for wedding parties and guests, so look into ways you can trim your budget when you're shopping for a locale.

Before you commit to an island wedding, make sure that the ceremony will be considered legal in your home country. You'll also need to look into getting blood tests or special licenses, and plan your trip accordingly so you're not faced with an unpleasant surprise when you travel to your wedding destination.

Although most larger resorts can take care of most of your island wedding planning, know what you want and make sure that the wedding planner knows the style of ceremony you are looking for. Email photos of floral arrangements and decor rather than leaving it up to someone else. Try to incorporate local flavor into your wedding as much as possible: fresh flower leis for a Hawaiian wedding, or a well known traditional dish from the area.

Get confirmations from your island wedding planner before you send out invitations, so you won't be faced with having to send out changes to the venue or accommodations at the last minute. Allow your guests up to a year to prepare for travel arrangements, and don't be offended if close friends or family can't make it to your special day. Also, if the resort or hotel offers sightseeing tours or activities such as snorkeling or hula dance lessons, make arrangements for you and your guests to experience what the island has to offer during their stay. Do something special for guests by creating welcome baskets or beach wedding welcome bags filled with some fun items like personalized water bottles, sand dollar cookies, beach buckets, tourist guide, or other items they'll enjoy when they arrive.

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What could be more beautiful than the sand and surf as the backdrop to your wedding? An island wedding is a way to do something different, and to visit an exotic locale. People choose to have an island wedding if they want to avoid a lot of the stress of organizing a formal wedding, or simply to plan a more intimate ceremony for their closest friends and family.

Plan A Beautiful Oceanfront Wedding by william Jacks

voteWhat could be more beautiful than the sand and surf as the backdrop to your wedding? An island wedding is a way to do something different, and to visit an exotic locale. People choose to have an island wedding if they want to avoid a lot of the stress of organizing a formal wedding, or simply to plan a more intimate ceremony for their closest friends and family.

The Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii are all popular destinations for couples who want a beautiful setting for their ceremony and reception. There are numerous resorts in these areas that will take care of beach wedding planning details, so you won't be trying to book a caterer or florist from thousands of miles away. These resorts and hotels often offer package deals or discounts for wedding parties and guests, so look into ways you can trim your budget when you're shopping for a locale.

Before you commit to an island wedding, make sure that the ceremony will be considered legal in your home country. You'll also need to look into getting blood tests or special licenses, and plan your trip accordingly so you're not faced with an unpleasant surprise when you travel to your wedding destination.

Although most larger resorts can take care of most of your island wedding planning, know what you want and make sure that the wedding planner knows the style of ceremony you are looking for. Email photos of floral arrangements and decor rather than leaving it up to someone else. Try to incorporate local flavor into your wedding as much as possible: fresh flower leis for a Hawaiian wedding, or a well known traditional dish from the area.

Get confirmations from your island wedding planner before you send out invitations, so you won't be faced with having to send out changes to the venue or accommodations at the last minute. Allow your guests up to a year to prepare for travel arrangements, and don't be offended if close friends or family can't make it to your special day. Also, if the resort or hotel offers sightseeing tours or activities such as snorkeling or hula dance lessons, make arrangements for you and your guests to experience what the island has to offer during their stay. Do something special for guests by creating welcome baskets or beach wedding welcome bags filled with some fun items like personalized water bottles, sand dollar cookies, beach buckets, tourist guide, or other items they'll enjoy when they arrive.

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An oceanfront wedding can be a gorgeous setting for a ceremony and reception, whether you're getting married during the day or after the sun goes down. If you want to plan the perfect beach wedding, consider using some of these ideas for your special day: