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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cyprus The Island Of Beauty And Contrast. by Nick Nikolis

voteCyprus is well known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who, according to legend, was born there.
This shimmering island on the edge of the Mediterranean has drawn adventurers to its shores for centuries, from Alexander the Great to the Byzantines and most recently, vacationers who fall in love with the island and its warm, welcoming people.

Although a small country, Cyprus has an almost overwhelming cultural heritage. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to over 9 000 years of civilization and history.

Cyprus stands at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe and this exotic mix is well-reflected in Cyprus' cultural history.

An island of spectacular beauty, a living mosaic of cultures, cuisine and undiscovered riches, Cyprus is a romantic place with something for everyone.

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome from this fascinating land, with its wonderful beaches and clear blue seas.

Sunny Mediterranean beaches enclosed by rugged cliffs, cool cedar forests, scented orange groves and gentle meadows blanketed in wildflowers, charming villages, ruins of ancient civilizations and distinctive local cultures: there are whole worlds to discover in this eminently accessible island, where the service is extraordinary and the people are as warm as the Mediterranean sun.

As the sun sets and nightlife begins, you will find everything, from traditional taverns to lively bars and clubs. Take time to discover the breathtaking Troodos Mountains and the raw beauty of Akamas peninsula, or explore some of the island's rich history, from pre-historic tombs to Crusader castles.

Cyprus can really please everyone: couples, families and groups can choose between lively resorts and quieter settings with plenty of space to relax.

Cyprus is the third-largest island and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, attracting over 2.4 million tourists per year.

Discover a country where East meets west, fashionable spas sit side-by-side with village kafeneia and heavenly beaches are backed by rugged mountains.

Cypriot life revolves around family. Beyond that, in Nicosia, (The capital of the Island) it is very materialistic. In the villages, life has a more fundamental quality, still family focused but more associated with culture and what is readily available e.g. good food, time, tradition.

The climate is temperate and Mediterranean with dry summers and variably rainy winters. Summer temperatures range from warm at higher elevations in the Troodos mountains to hot in the lowlands. Winter temperatures are mild at lower elevations, where snow rarely occurs, but are significantly colder in the mountains with sufficient snow for seasonal ski facilities. Dust storms are frequent throughout the year.

Cyprus weather means that you can enjoy Cyprus in the winter as well as the summer. For the traveller that does not care about spending their holiday swimming, then Cyprus is a great winter holiday island. The official winter holiday period is from the middle of November till the middle of March but to be honest these months are normally warm with very few days bringing cold or miserable winter weather. Even if it rains, the sun is likely to come out at some point; very few days are grey and dismal, maybe 2-3 during the whole year.

The traditional folk music of Cyprus has many common elements with Greek mainland and island folk music, including dances like the sousta, syrtos, zeibekikos, tatsia, and the kartsilamas. The instruments commonly associated with Cyprus folk music are the lute ("laouto"), violin ("fkiolin"), accordion and the Cyprus flute ("pithkiavlin"). There is also a form of musical poetry known as "chattista", which is often performed at traditional feasts and celebrations. Composers associated with traditional music in Cyprus include Marios Tokas, Solon Michaelides, Savvas Salides, and Doros Georgiades. Pop music in Cyprus is generally influenced by the Greek pop music "Laika" scene, with several artists such as Anna Vissi and Evridiki earning widespread popularity. Cypriot rock and "entechno" rock music is often associated with artists such as Michalis Hatzigiannis and Alkinoos Ioannidis.

Rich in history yet equipped with modern amenities, relaxing but also effortless full of surprises, Cyprus is irresistible to everyone. As it has been for nine thousand years...

Even if you’ve been here before, there’s always a new world to discover. Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience waits for you under the sun every day. Where Championship Golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails lie around luxurious hotels. Enjoy the island’s beauty once more.

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