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Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting around Manila: Metro Rail by Lek Boonlert

No matter which of the many Manila hotels you use for the duration of your stay, the rail systems throughout the city are one of the most efficient ways to get to and from sections of Manila. It is commonly known as the MRT, and it is important to understand that no matter where your discount Manila hotel is located, the MRT is separate from the LRT, which is a linked system but not part of the metro rail itself. The MRT is considered one of the most integral parts of the rail transportation infrastructure for Manila, ferrying travellers from Manila hotels to destinations throughout the city, as well as providing transportation needs for the many locals who live here. Its original purpose was to help relieve congestion on one of the main thoroughfares in Manila, the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, and these days travellers and locals alike use a combination of the MRT with buses and otherwise to get to and from their destinations. If you happen to stay in a discount Manila hotel near the boulevard, the MRT is going to be the easiest way of getting around.

Every discount Manila hotel in the city has access to some form of public transportation, and even if you are staying on the fringes of the town and do not have direct access to the MRT, you can still get there using the LRT which links to it. In short, no matter where you need to go in Manila you will have some form of rail transportation available. The Manila Metro Rail Transit System, popularly known as the MRT, Metrostar Express or Metrostar,is part of the metropolitan rail system in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines, the Strong Republic Transit System . MRT has been only partially successful in decongesting EDSA, and congestion is further aggravated by the rising number of motor vehicles.

Lek Boonlert is an editor and content reviewer at DirectRooms and is responsible for all Manila Hotels content.

Various transport options available for Bus from Chennai by Shridhar

Chennai, the beautiful and active capital of the state Tamil Nadu, is one of the most in demand metro of the country, as well as famous for having major ports. The city is well known for its easy accessibility from all over India, with thousands of flights and trains functioning daily, together with efficient bus services that connects it to the rest of the state. Air travel is highly popular, with frequent airlines providing budget and discounted tickets to all major domestic and international destinations. Chennai is also considered as an important hub of the Indian Railways, with trains connecting across the country, and online reservations and enquiries systems has made it highly convenient in feeding the importunate demand for rail tickets. Bus tickets from Chennai are also eagerly available through online bus bookings on various state transport and private bus operators website.

Chennai is well known for its world class bus transport system. The frequency of buses is quite high for all of its routes making it easily connective to all surrounding cities. Are you new to Chennai and are trying to find out bus route and timings for MTC Chennai? Are you finding it hard to figure out which bus to take and when? Are you looking for details on Chennai bus routes?

You will get answers to all of your questions here:

For locations connected by direct bus routes:

MTC Chennai (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) now provides detailed bus route information on their website.

Once you're on the above website, click Routes and Select Route-wise Info. Enter your Origin and Destination localities in Chennai. Presently this site does not offer route information when there is no direct bus route between 2 areas. In addition this also provides information for various Bus fares. This site does not recommend timing/frequency information.

For locations NOT connected by direct bus routes:

If your source and destination are not connected by a direct bus, it will be better to gaze for routes at rab.

State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) functions long distance bus services in Tamilnadu, and offers interstate bus services to Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. SETC has in its fleet about 900. State express transport headquarter is situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu. SETC announces special buses during the festival season to Velankanni, Palani, Guruvayur, Rameshwaram, Tirupati and Sabarimala. SETC also provides ticket reservation to its passengers, from Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Nagarcoil, Bangalore, Tirupati, and Nagapattinam; this helps the passengers to reach their required destinations without much hassle. Consult with local bus travellers to find bus timings at any particular bus stop. You have the facility to pay fares by cash or buy passes at an MTC Bus Depot.

Bus Types available from Chennai are:

Sleeper Seater, Non AC Seater, AC, Volvo AC, AC Sleeper, Sleeper, AC Sleeper Seater
You can avail the services of any of above listed kind of buses. Buses from Chennai can be booked online and offline both. There is no difference in the prices. Online Bus Tickets from Chennai can be done at at ELINEBUS Online bus tickets. Bus tickets can be booked to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Ahemedabad, Cochin, Trivandrum and several other cities in the country.

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I am associate editor at bus tickets from Chennai providing setc online booking and ksrtc online booking, the online state owned bus corporations.

Summer Vacation Destinations by Owen Jones

It is lovely to just get away from it all with your partner. Even if you have children and you love them to bits, it is still good to get away and be alone together again. It is so easily done to grow apart a little when a couple has careers and children and other responsibilities.

It is at times like these that you ought to start investigating summer vacation destinations. Unless you feel like skiing, of course, which some people do obviously. However, the great majority of people like to go to some warm or warm and beautiful. Somewhere romantic.

When you begin thinking about your perfect romantic summer vacation destinations, you ought to first sit down together and discuss what you would both like to do on your holiday as the outcome will or can really affect your choice of destination.

You also have to think about how much privacy you would like and how much noise you can endure. Do you want to mix with young, boisterous people or older, usually quieter types?

If you are looking for sea, sand and sun, then the Bahamas should be on your list. There is a lot to do all day in the Bahamas or you can spend all day doing nothing. The night life is first-class too.

The Bahamas has been developed into a paradise for pleasure seekers and the prices can be high, but it is a vacation that you will never forget. Look out for specialist resorts or hotels that cater to your interests - a lot are themed.

The Virgin Islands are very romantic too and the US Virgin Islands are exceptionally easy for American citizens to get into since they use US dollars and US passports. Nothing could be simpler, you can even take your dog there. There are three main islands, each with its own idiosyncratic flavour.

St. Croix is probably the least populated and the most romantic, but you can read up on that on the Internet. On the islands, which are not far apart, you will be able to find any type of holiday you like.

The Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania is another very popular resort because of the wide variety of things that you can discover to do there. The Poconos are famous for all year round amenities. You can ski several different routes in winter and swim in the lakes in the summer.

The Fall is a special time of the year in the Poconos, world-renowned for the colours in the woods and the forests. It can be a very serene place to be, if that is what you are looking for, but it is also home to NASCAR motorsports, if you want some action.

These are just a couple of ideas, of course, there are so many to choose from without even touching on leaving the USA. Europe is fantastic and you are unlikely to bump into any friends from back home over there. Try London or Paris in the summer or Spain, Italy or Greece in the winter.

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Five of South America's Most Amazing Natural Wonders by Jacob Martus

South America is one of the most unique and adventurous places to travel in the world. The unique wildlife and varied terrain make for some of the most exciting vacations available anywhere. From the Perito Moreno Glacier of Bolivia to the inspiring summit of the Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, it's easy to see why so many people make the journey to South America.

Today, we are going to look at five natural wonders that every human being should see at least once in their life. These places are inspiring, exciting and will leave you with a lasting memory.

Igauzu Falls

One of the largest waterfalls in the world, Igauzu Falls is four times wider than Niagara and outputs nearly as much water. For a unique insight into just how amazing these falls are, when Eleanor Roosevelt first witnessed them her reply was, "Poor Niagara". The falls are located in both Brazil and Argentina and the land surrounding them is protected by both governments. This has gone a long way to help preserve this wonderful set of waterfalls.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in Argentina Patagonia, the Perito Moreno glacier is one of the most sought after destinations in South America. Take a boat tour to the face of the glacier where you can get a true sense of its immense size. Or for more adventurous travelers, go trekking on top of the glacier! At the end of a guided hike on the glacier, you may even get an ice cold glass of whiskey served with the very ice you stand on.

Angel Falls

Flowing over the edge of Auyantepui mountain in Venezuela you will find the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. The water falls over 3000 feet, so high in fact that much of the water evaporates before it reaches the ground. Visiting the falls is an adventure in itself which will require you to travel by river to the base of the falls. You could also purchase a fly-by from a local pilot, but clouds often hinder views of the falls so it is not recommended.

Amazon River

Named The River Sea by some, The Amazon river is the largest river system in the world. At some points the river exceeds 100 miles across. Over a third of all the species on Earth live in the rainforest encompassing the Amazon river, and this fact alone drives many people to visit here. Witnessing the unique wildlife that call the Amazon home is an ambition of many travelers and for good reason. You may encounter such odd animals as the Amazon River Dolphin or Black Caiman. With its sorted terrain and immense size, it's easy to see why the Amazon river made this list.

Mount Aconcagua

Considered the "Roof of the Americas", Mount Aconcagua is the tallest mountain outside of Asia, rising an incredible 22,841 feet. Located on the border of Chile and Argentina and inside the notorious Andes mountain range, Aconcagua is a extremely popular destination for adventure seekers. Climbing the mountain is a must for any avid mountain climber because of its status on the list of seven summits (tallest mountain on each continent). If you're truly looking for an adventure off the beaten path, you may consider attempting the climb yourself.

South America is full of natural wonders, so many in fact that it's hard to see them all in one trip. It is easily one of the most unique continents on Earth, right in line with Africa and Asia in terms of its awe-inspiring sights.

Jacob Martus publishes an adventure travel blog called The Adventure Traveler. He enjoys helping others experience the most unique and exciting vacations. For more information check out this related article: Backpacking South America.

Weddings and Honeymoons in Hawaii by Derek Steneslow

Hawaii is without any doubt one of the most naturally beautiful and romantic holiday destinations in the world. Its no wonder that honeymoons in Hawaii are so popular as the perfect setting in which to embark upon wedded bliss. Dreamy beaches, tropical rain forest, picturesque sunsets ñ Hawaii offers couples the ideal backdrop for a unique wedding and an unforgettable honeymoon.

Hawaii offers a variety of wedding venues. You can get married barefoot on the beach, in a chapel adjacent to the ocean, inside lush tropical gardens, in a traditional church in Honolulu or flying high in a helicopter. A special experience is an authentic Hawaiian wedding according to the rites of the native population. The ceremony can be accompanied by traditional songs and be conducted by a Hawaiian priest. The Bride and Groom have the option to wear traditional Hawaiian robes and a conch player initiates the ceremony with the traditional calling of the Pu. You'll find an impressive list of venues and resources on the island for weddings and honeymoons in Hawaii, and expert wedding planners will attend to your every need. No effort is spared to make sure your special day turns out exactly as you imagined and that your honeymoon goes smoothly.

Once you have had your special day, the Islands of Aloha also offer you the perfect setting to start a wonderful life together. Honeymoons in Hawaii allow you to relax, unwind and start your married life in one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Accommodation ranges from 5 star luxury resorts to private boutique B&Bs and cater to everyones needs.

With 120 miles of coastline, Maui boasts over 30 miles of beautiful beaches for you to relax and unwind on honeymoons in Hawaii. On these world famous shores you will find white, black and red sand beaches, renowned surfing spots as well as some of the best beaches in the world to swim, snorkel and sunbathe.

Kilauea, the active volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on The Big Island has been erupting for more than 25 years, its lava creating a plume of steam as it spills into the Pacific Ocean. Encircling the crater of Kilauea Volcano is a 50 mile drive, which descends to the coast where visitors can view active lava flows plunging into the sea ñ a once in a lifetime experience for those desiring something exciting on honeymoons in Hawaii.

Oahu was the home of the Hawaiian monarchy, the birthplace of modern and big-wave surfing, and, as the site of Pear Harbor, the tipping point in the United Statesí involvement in World War II. Explore the historic places of Oahu, the perfect option for those looking for more than just sun, sand and surf during their honeymoons in Hawaii.

Share unforgettable views along the Napali Coast, within Waimea Canyon and on the cliffs of the Kilauea Lighthouse whilst spending your honeymoon on Kauai. Take a mid-morning drive to Opaekaa Falls or witness other incredible sights like the 80-foot Wailua Falls and the Spouting Horn blowhole at sunset.

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Top Travel Adventure Destinations by Tia Jones

While many of us consider vacations as a time to relax, maybe enjoy some fine food and drinks and see some of the places that we had only previously read about, others look for a little more when planning a trip. Some of us want to get out and enjoy the outdoors or maybe the wilderness and spice up our vacation with a little bit of adventure that you can't find in your own backyard. Realizing this, we thought we'd take a look at some of the top travel destinations for those that are looking for excitement on their next (adventure) vacation!


Home of some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere on the planet, trips to Maui for adventure seekers often revolve around some of the gorgeous terrain that make up the mountainous regions of the island. Hiking through some of the primeval jungles of Maui can be awe-inspiring and can be the highlight of any trip to Hawaii. Outside of that, adventure-seekers will also be interested in the surfing that a Hawaii vacation has to offer that brings in people from all over the world.

Channel Islands

Located just off the coast of California, a trip to Santa Barbara or Los Angeles trip is not complete until you get to visit Channel Islands. This chain of five islands is perfect for anyone looking for a paddling adventure and can be highlighted by sea caves, which dot the shore. Take an expert with you if you can and be sure to bring plenty of water and let someone know where you are when you're paddling around these magnificent islands.

Niagara Falls

This might a little outdated, but Niagara tours used to include a barrel and a whole lot of water. Now however, Niagara Falls tours are more likely to include a trip to this beautiful locale where you can see these raging waters up close and take in stories of adventures of the past.

The Galapagos Islands

The nice thing about a trip to The Galapagos Islands is that not only is this a great place to enjoy an adventurous vacation, but it can also be romantic. Try snorkeling off the coast and enjoy the wildlife and aquatic life that resides just under the crisp ocean layer on a honeymoon or just go with some friends and enjoy the trip.

The Grand Canyon

Not that this needs much explanation, but trips to the Grand Canyon often include a helicopter ride over this giant chasm that's 18 miles wide, 277 miles long and 6,000 feet deep. After your helicopter ride, check out various places that'll allow other adventure, such as hiking or mule rides down into the canyon.


Likely our coldest mention, Alaska vacations often include cruises. However, our more adventurous travelers might be willing to hop in a small vessel to do a little exploring of their own. While this might not be much of an adventure, it sure brings you up close to parts of the world you probably haven't seen before and hopping in a small boat on an Alaska tour might be one of the more adventurous things you'll end up doing.

Articles by Tia Jones, a freelance writer who contributes for affordable travel tours for tours4fun.com.For more information about how Tours4fun can help you plan a trip to your next travel destination visit www.tours4fun.com

Kerala Backwater Tours- Most Popular Backwaters of Kerala by Amit kothiyal

If you are looking forward touring to Southern India, then it's always better to go for Kerala Backwater tour program. There can be no comparison to Kerala Backwater tour as it provides you opportunity to view the accumulation of sea water at the beach. The best and the key highlight of Kerala backwater tour is it serves as one of the 1001 best attractions of the world, and even takes you to a mesmerizing voyage to virgin green countryside.

While enjoying your Kerala backwater tour, you can enjoy some of splendid scenes like shoals of ducks that pass by or even the rippling sound of water waves of backwater. Today backwater in Kerala plays the most vital role in the industry of tourism of Kerala and even features some of the most popular destinations. This season, if you are planning for family holiday or even romantic honeymoon, opting Kerala backwater tours won't be wrong idea at all as it provides opportunity to feel the magic of the mystical backwaters of Kerala. The destinations mentioned below are some of the most popular destinations that you must explore during your Kerala backwater tour:

Alappuzha - Alappuzha is one of the exotic backwater tourist destinations of India's southern state Kerala. Interlocked by a number of canals and bridges, this small tourist paradise is famous for its Nehru Trophy boat race held every year. Imposing buildings of a colonial past along with beautiful landscape, temples and churches are some of the major attractions that you can enjoy while cruising through its backwater. Popular for its boat races along with a region called Kuttanad, the backwaters of Alappuzha reasonably bask in the warmth of ample tourist attention every year.

Trivandrum- Trivandrum is yet another place that you would love to tour. The intricate lagoons and the dense tropical vegetation lined along the rivers are few features that you would love. In fact, the widespread backwaters of Trivandrum provide the picturesque view of soothing greenery. However, the major attractions of Trivandrum backwaters are Kanakakkunnu Palace, Padmanabhaswamy temple and Sanghumugham beach.

Kottayam -Best known as the land of three Ls - Lakes, Latex and Letters, this backwater destination is another place that too provides opportunity viewing various beautiful sceneries. The renowned Vembanad Lake constitutes Kottayam's magnificent backwaters, a famous tourist attraction. Nevertheless, this beautiful city also has a number of tourist attractions besides the serene backwaters such as St. Mary's Church, St. Joseph's Monastery and Ettumanoor Shiva temple. Your tour to Kottayam is just not finish, unless you visit this spots.

Kumarakom - This tourist heaven is more like a cluster of little islands and situated on the banks of the famous Vembanad Lake. Cruising in the backwater of Kumarakom is all together different experience as it offers visitors different sort of leisure options. Multi-hued birds and luscious freshwater fishes along with blooming flowers are few different faces of nature that you would enjoy. In fact, this destination allures tourists from all over the world every year because of the migration of different exotic birds.

Cochin - Counted among the finest natural harbors in the world, enjoying your tour to backwater of Cochin provides you opportunity enjoying the breathtaking view to its lush green lawns sloping down to the water's edge. The backwaters is generally extended from east and south of the harbor and contain numerous tiny islands formed naturally over a long time by alluvial deposits from the rivers that empty into them. However, the key attractions that you must explore are Dutch Palace, Chottanikkara temple, Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls, and the ancient Roman Catholic Church of Edapalli Perunnal.

Kozhikode- This place is an important and scenic town in North Kerala. The bustling Kozhikode backwaters promise you enchanting holiday experiences. Here you can sail along the Kallai River and Canoli canal on your Kozhikode backwaters tour and enjoy a romance filled holiday surrounded by a soothing green cloud. In fact, you can also sail through the Kadalundi bird sanctuary situated on an island on the Kozhikode backwaters. Apart from all these, some of the other major attractions that you can also explore are Pazhassirajah Museum, Art Gallery and Kappad Beach.

Today all across Kerala the merging of clear water of rivers and salted sea water has given birth to backwaters. Enjoying Kerala backwater tour opportunity to get up close with the local life residing on the shores and get familiar with different delectable flavors of Kerala.

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Best Places to Visit on Your Europe Trip by Tom Marsh

Are you planning for a Europe trip recently? Europe is a continent with a diverse culture, where you can visit museums, art galleries, beautiful beaches; snow white mountain range, historic monuments and much more. Due to these characteristics Europe is now one of the most popular destinations where people love to visit and spend their holidays.

Although there are unlimited tourist attractions in Europe where you can visit, but some of them are simply unmissable while on a tour of Europe. Here is a list of those places which you must visit while on a tour of Europe.


Stonehenge is situated in south-western region of England near Salisbury. It is a ring of prehistoric stones placed with such an artistic style that you will be amazed that how such stones were carved with such a perfection. These stones are around 4000 years old. Previously these stones were covered by dense woodland. You may have seen these stones in many Hollywood movies as well.

Roman Colosseum

Rome, the capital of Italy is a place of many historic monuments from Roman Empire. Roman Colosseum is one such creativity of ancient times that is still the best in architecture. Once used for brutal tournaments this is now the biggest tourist attraction in Rome.

Italian Coast

Italian coast must not be missed while on a tour of Europe. Although there are many beaches but two best are Coast to the North which is around the group of fishing villages (Cinque Terre) and another one is Amalfi coast closer to Sorrento. Now you can decide which one to visit as the first one is famous for pretty harbours and second one is known for beautiful coast roads.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France needs no introduction. Known as the icon of Paris this is one of the most beautiful buildings which is equally amazing by virtue of architecture. Originally built as a temporary structure, it is now as much a permanent feature of Paris as the Arc de Triomphe or the Champs Elysees.


If you are a lover of medieval history, than Dordogne is the place for you to visit while on a Europe tour. It was the frontier between English and French during middle ages. There are many castles along the border.

In addition to these Europe is also known as train network which connects many destinations in Europe. You can roam around in Europe with ease and at affordable prices.

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3 Best European Vacation Destinations by Tom Marsh

Europe is second largest continent and third most populous continent of world and comprises of 50 countries with different culture, weather and traditions. Almost every country in Europe has many beautiful places to spend vacation and hence the tourism sector in Europe is very well developed and flourished.

Surface area of Europe is around 10,180,000 Sq. Km which is equal to 2% of earth's surface. Europe is known as the birthplace of Western Culture. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, there are numerous places in Europe where you can spend your holidays with your family. Some of the key places are as below:


Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in world known for the high standard of their people. Iceland is also one of the safest places in world to visit due to very less crime rate. Iceland is also known for its glacier, waterfall and volcanoes. Recently a volcanic eruption caused high chaos in this area, but still it is a best place to visit.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is one of the most exotic tourist attractions in Europe. There are 6 counties in Northern Ireland which are Armagh, Antrim, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Down, and Londonderry. Each of these counties is filled with amazing beauty.


Belgium is the centre of economy, education and politics in Europe. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is home to several universities, finance companies and headquarters of Government organizations like NATO and European Union. This may seem to you like a serious city with not much scope for tourism, but this is not right. There are many good tourist attractions in Brussels and other states of Belgium. You can get hotels in Brussels at cheap rates than other nearby European city. Brussels is easily reachable from nearby cities like Paris and London by trains and flights.

Know more about Brussels tourism and Attractions in Brussels and plan your London to Brussels travel in Europe.

Best Destinations to Enjoy Your Summer Vacations by Tom Marsh

As summer season comes people around the world start to plan for their vacations along with their families. Summer season is known as the busiest season for tourism industry with unlimited offers and discount travel package available by tour operators to attract visitors. Everyone wants to go away from the hectic lifestyle of city to spend some quality and peaceful time with their family.

If you are also planning for your summer vacations then there are numerous opportunities that you can grab. There are many great summer destinations where you can relax in a peaceful and charming weather along with touring to best tourist attractions.


Amsterdam the capital of Netherland is one of the best tourist destinations of Europe. It will welcome you with its pleasing weather and amazing scenic beauty. Some of the tourist attractions to visit in Amsterdam are Royal Palace, the War Memorial, Nieuwek Kerk and many of the magnificent museums. Canal system of Amsterdam is also an amazing thing to see for foreigners. Museums like Museum of Resistance, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum are best for art lovers. You can also enjoy shopping in Amsterdam.


Miami in Florida is a beach destination being visited by lots of visitors per year. Water sports lovers can be seen here enjoying various exciting sports like boating, river rafting, and surfing. Miami promises a pleasant weather throughout the year and hence many tourists here are from United States itself. You can also see Metro Zoo and see many wildlife species like Komado Dragons, Lions, and Beers etc. Some other places of interest are Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Fairchild Botanic Garden, and Miami Carnival Centre etc.

Capri Island:

Capri Island in Italy is another place to spend your summer vacations. As seen in many of the Hollywood movies this is a beautiful island. Many natural and artificial creations like magnificent coastal areas, flower strewn mountain slopes, imperial villas and churches of medieval period add to the beauty of this island.

These are some of the amazing places to spend your summer holidays. You will never forget these memorable moments in your lifetime.

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