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Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Places to Visit on Your Europe Trip by Tom Marsh

Are you planning for a Europe trip recently? Europe is a continent with a diverse culture, where you can visit museums, art galleries, beautiful beaches; snow white mountain range, historic monuments and much more. Due to these characteristics Europe is now one of the most popular destinations where people love to visit and spend their holidays.

Although there are unlimited tourist attractions in Europe where you can visit, but some of them are simply unmissable while on a tour of Europe. Here is a list of those places which you must visit while on a tour of Europe.


Stonehenge is situated in south-western region of England near Salisbury. It is a ring of prehistoric stones placed with such an artistic style that you will be amazed that how such stones were carved with such a perfection. These stones are around 4000 years old. Previously these stones were covered by dense woodland. You may have seen these stones in many Hollywood movies as well.

Roman Colosseum

Rome, the capital of Italy is a place of many historic monuments from Roman Empire. Roman Colosseum is one such creativity of ancient times that is still the best in architecture. Once used for brutal tournaments this is now the biggest tourist attraction in Rome.

Italian Coast

Italian coast must not be missed while on a tour of Europe. Although there are many beaches but two best are Coast to the North which is around the group of fishing villages (Cinque Terre) and another one is Amalfi coast closer to Sorrento. Now you can decide which one to visit as the first one is famous for pretty harbours and second one is known for beautiful coast roads.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France needs no introduction. Known as the icon of Paris this is one of the most beautiful buildings which is equally amazing by virtue of architecture. Originally built as a temporary structure, it is now as much a permanent feature of Paris as the Arc de Triomphe or the Champs Elysees.


If you are a lover of medieval history, than Dordogne is the place for you to visit while on a Europe tour. It was the frontier between English and French during middle ages. There are many castles along the border.

In addition to these Europe is also known as train network which connects many destinations in Europe. You can roam around in Europe with ease and at affordable prices.

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