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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iceland - The premier exotic tourist destination by Asberg Jonsson

Traveling has evolved over the years and tourists from all over the world are constantly looking at various different kinds of destinations to fulfill their vacationing desires. Exotic locations have become the most sought after tourist destinations with more and more tourists opting for places with an exotic and mystic charm. Of course when you speak of exotic, mystical or magical destinations, one of the foremost names that come to mind is the beautiful country of Iceland.

A North Atlantic Island which is the western most country of Europe - Iceland - offers tourists with an out of this world experience to make your trip whether for pleasure or business, one of the most memorable trips you will ever embark upon. Iceland is situated 800 kms from northwest of Scotland and 970 kms west of Norway and its northern coast is just below the Arctic Circle.

The Island country of Iceland is often referred to as the Land of Frost and Fire mainly due to the large glaciers right next to steaming hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. Iceland is known for the unique phenomenon of having sun light almost 24 hours a day in June and dark for almost the same period in December.

Iceland has one of the most picturesque capitals in the world. Reykjavik with a population of about 200,000 in and around its vicinity has the distinct characteristic of not only being an absolute modern city with all the amenities and activities that a great world city needs to have but also at the same time offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere, very rich in nature and virtually no pollution which not many of the other top cities in the world can boast of.

Reykjavik is surrounded by the breathtaking and grand Mt. Esja. Also one can check out the amazing blue waters of Faxafloi Bay. On a beautiful day the Snaefellsjokull glacier appears crystal-like on the western horizon, while mountainous moonscapes spread to the southeast.

You can also take a wonderful walk and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Tjornin Lake. Climb up Hallgrimskirkja Church tower for a panoramic view of the city. Visit the Pearl - an otherworldly creation with a viewing platform and a revolving restaurant on top of hot water storage tanks. Go for dolphin or whale viewing in the crystal clear waters surrounding the capital city.

One of the best things about Iceland is that unlike what the name suggests, Iceland has good weather most of the times. Most people have the misconception that Iceland is one of the coldest countries in the world with extreme cold weather. But the fact is because of the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys moderate temperature almost throughout the year. In fact the capital city of Reykjavik gets very little snowfall even during winters which makes it the most ideal vacationing spot.

Iceland is fast emerging as the tourist hotspot of the world. With its most beautiful glaciers, mountains, landscapes, amazing geysers and active volcanoes, calm and peaceful atmosphere, friendly and vibrant people, an excellent and most extra-ordinary capital city, Iceland has everything to offer you can think of for an amazing exotic tourist destination. So go ahead and do not waste any more time, book your vacation to Iceland immediately.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Discover Columbia’s EdVenture Children’s Museum by Mary Medlin

For hours of entertainment and fun hands-on learning experiences, families with children should visit EdVenture, the popular children's museum in Columbia, South Carolina. With 92,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces to discover, EdVenture is the largest children's museum in the South. Designed for kids age 12 and under, the museum has eight galleries with diverse exhibits to explore.

Eddie, the World's Largest Child is one of the museum's most unusual exhibits. Eddie is an incredible 40 feet tall sitting down. In this exhibit children will discover body structures including the heart, the brain, and the stomach. The related gallery, Body Works, provides an up close look at our body's systems and how they function. In the World of Work gallery children may explore what they want to do when they grow up. They may pretend to be firefighters, farmers, mechanics, builders, and store managers, among other occupations. They will discover how each job is important to the community in which they live. In the Mission Imagination gallery children may create art, music, or perhaps design a newspaper. The Aha Factory gives young visitors the opportunity to make and take home crafts related to the museum's special exhibits. The Great Outdoors exhibit teaches about the environment around us, and stresses the importance of conservation and recycling. My Backyard has a fun camping theme geared for children age 3 and younger.

The outdoor Critter Garden is currently the home of a special exhibit. Visitors will be able to view hundreds of beautiful butterflies in the Blooming Butterflies habitat. There is an additional cost of $3 per person to enter Blooming Butterflies, which will run through October. Two other special exhibits are currently being showcased at the museum. Children will learn about people and their customs in the exhibit Timbuktu: A Journey Through West Africa. For a variety of activities that encourage children to be physically active each day, visit Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action. EdVenture also schedules a number of fun programs on Saturdays throughout the year.

EdVenture is located in downtown Columbia at 211 Gervais Street, adjacent to the South Carolina State Museum. Hours are 9am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday and 1pm-5pm on Sunday. EdVenture is open on Mondays from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Admission is $9.50 for children and adults and $8.50 for seniors. Family Night, the 2nd Tuesday of each month, is a real value with $1 admission for all. Visitors may enjoy lunch at the Clubhouse Caf�© or purchase snacks and drinks at the Museum Store. Bring a child or grandchild to EdVenture and discover the fun that awaits them.

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The Beauty of Walking by Portia Bellum

Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair National Park is the landmark of Tasmania, Australia. It is one of the top attractions in the world. Many tourists come to Australia to explore the wild yet amazing natural beauty of Tasmanian wilderness and to spend the walking vacations. It is a quiet and pleasant spot for those who wish to experience peaceful holidays.

While visiting the Mountain, you will see many breathtaking sights and stunning views of natural landscape. Many tourists around the world come here for the walking experience in the serene wilderness. If you love nature, you can visit the Cradle Mountain and the surrounding areas. You will see spectacular landscapes, wildlife, greenery and amazing scenery. the Mountain, also known as isolated land, is a miraculous place with the legacy of wilderness. It provides wide range of options for accommodations to its visitors. You can find luxurious and well-designed lodges. You can also select the huts and beautiful cottages. During your stay in Cradle Mountain, you will find several guides that can help you find the best walking tracks and trekking areas. In order to explore the beautiful and picturesque the Mountain walking is the best solution.

However, it is best to select from one of the detailed walking tours in the Cradle Mountain. It will be beneficial for the health and compelling with immense beauty and natural assets. Rich with historical background, innate wildlife and rare vegetation, there is completely a new world that needs yet to be explored by the visitors. With the renowned Overland Track for the bushwalk that runs through the Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair National Park and crosses over one million hectares of the world heritage site there is magical and stunning experience waiting for you. You can be a part of the crowd to see the amazing flora and fauna of Tasmanian wilderness.

The tour begins from the Mountain and ends on brinks of splendid St. Clair Lake. From the last couple of years, the Overland track has become very popular and considered as the world's number one walking trek. In order to preserve the natural environment, the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service has joined hands with Tasmanian counterparts. They have taken steps to minimize the suspected threats to the walkers and particularly to the environment. The authorities are concerned for keeping the Tasmanian wilderness clean and emphasize upon the education of walkers and trekkers. They are promoting the idea of responsible tourism and want the tourists to take part in keeping the environment and Tasmania clean in future.

Famous walking treks are in the area of Dolerite cliffs. It is attracting the bushwalkers and trekkers like magnet from around the world. Cradle Mountain offers many challenging walking treks for experienced hikers and trekkers. From the highest peak of the Mountain to the Lake St. Clair National Park and from Mt. Ossa to the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park the tourists can find plethora of walking tours and trekking opportunities in the small yet beautiful island of Tasmania.

Portia is an Eco travel expert especially in Europe and Australia. She has traveled to many of the budget and ecofriendly locations around the world while writing extensively on trekking in tasmania during the course of her travels.