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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Attractions by Archana Gupta

Pachmarhi a popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh is the sole hill station of the state located at an altitude of 3500 ft above sea level. Pachmarhi is known for its streams, waterfalls and cave paintings along with other interesting sites that make for great exploration. A few of Pachmarhi's popular tourists' attractions are as follows.
Firstly, Priyadarshini also known as Forsyth Point after its founder, it is a vantage point that marks the place from where Pachmarhi was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857.
Secondly,Jamuna Prapat or Bee Fall is a spectacular fall in the stream which is also the source of drinking water for Pachmarhi residents. A popular attraction of this place is the bathing pools located above the fall.

Thirdly,Handi Khoh it is an extraordinary ravine of Pachmarhi's that has a 300 feet high precipice and radically steep sides.
Fourthly, Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pool is a beautiful picnic spot for families with small children, as the pool out here is quote shallow thus completely safe for kids to enjoy themselves.
Rajat Prapat also known as Silver Fall and Big fall is an adventurous fall with rocks and boulders adding to the risk factor, a ten minute walk from Apsara Vihar to the top of Rajat Prapat is tests the nerves of many people.

Mahadeo regarded as a holy site the Mahadeo hill is home to an idol of Lord Shiva and a Shivlinga. Towards the East side of the hill there is an excellent cave shelter with beautiful cave paintings.
Chhota Mahadeo another holy spot of the region is a narrow point in the valley with rocks suspended over a stream and a spring from where water pours down.
Jata Shankar is a sacred cave located under a mass of loose boulders wherein the Jambu Dwip stream has its source. The rocky formation of this cave resembles the matted locks of Lord Shiva, owing to which the place is known as Jata Shankar.

Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura range, offering breathtaking view of the surrounding ranges. It is a popular spot among tourists for viewing the magical sunsets.
Pandav Caves originally a Buddhist caves it is believed that these caves offered sanctuary to the Pandava brothers, legend also holds that the name of the region is derived from these caves. The caves are a protected monument and make for an interesting visit.
Besides the above mentioned Pachmarhi attaractions there are a number of other attractions that are both mystical and awe inspiring. So book a holiday to this region and enjoy your days exploring the various attractions of Pachmarhi.

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Why is Uganda a Perfect Honeymoon Destination ? by Travel256

Marriage is an adventure-begin yours by taking a typical Uganda safari honeymoon in this beautiful country of Uganda-celebrating your marriage in the wilderness of Uganda-wake up on the shores of the river Nile-the sound of rushing and roaring water all around you. A quiet Breakfast or Dinner in the wilderness, view a variety of game from the comfort of your lodge or on the boat cruise, go to sleep to the exotic sounds of the African Wild from the sounds of a distant roaring lion to the munching sounds of hippos. There is nothing like the morning mist over Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with its mountain gorillas, paddling on the mystical Lake Bunyonyi, or standing on top of Mount Sabinyo and seeing the vast Ugandan Countryside, surrounded by Afro Montane vegetation as giant heathers and Lobelias.

Uganda is accredited with an oracular charm and undying mysticism, nonpareil to anywhere else. It offers the honeymooners an aesthetic treat, offering them opportunity to come close to some unexplored and untainted parts of nature. From high mountains to deep valleys, and lush green forests to clear crystal beaches, Uganda has almost every aspect of nature. With year-round reasonable climate and amenities of today, Uganda is one of the favorite tourist destinations.
An African Honeymoon in Uganda, is exciting, at the same time it is tranquil, simply an exotic adventure like no other Where else in the world can you sleep in the African Bush surrounded by wildlife such as Elephants, Lions and Leopards and the next night on sandy beach Island on Lake Victoria - only in Uganda do you find such opportunities.

Apart from the god-gifted beauty that Uganda possess, a honeymoon Safari in Uganda weaves a lovely tapestry mixed with adventure, romance, relaxation. There are the sunset dinners, the sunrise coffees and breakfasts, horseback riding safaris, cultural tours, private river and lake cruises, the strolls along places such as Lake Bunion or the River Nile - to name just a few reasons why you should take a a honeymoon safari in Uganda
In last couple of decades, Uganda has seen a tremendous growth for its tourism industry. This is why new lodging facilities have been established all over Uganda. During your Uganda honeymoon safari, you can have a number of accommodations from pricey resorts to affordable hotels, which offer quality stay at reasonable prices. You can choose to suit your requirements and pocket size. It's always advised to book in advance
in advance while planning for honeymoon in Uganda. However, the best thing to begin with your honeymoon planning is find a Uganda honeymoon package through a reputed agent such as we at Travel256 a tour and travel company that arranges safaris packages, hotel bookings, car hire services and airport pickups all at a discount.

Uganda has several historical landmarks including churches, monuments and temples, which are pertaining to its great history. It hosts a number of traditional events too; visit to them can make you feel that you're a part of this culturally enriched state.

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