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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Manali and Shimla the Top Most Honeymoon Destinations in Entire India by Arvind Kumar

Himachal Pradesh is the most charming and tranquil destination is located in the North West of India. This beautiful destination is truly the most sought after tourist destination in the entire India which is visited among the intense number of visitors from all over the globe. Every sort of vacationers throughout the year visits this beautiful state for their delightful and memorable vacation. This state easily attracts intense number visitors every year and the honeymooners truly also gathers here in intense number throughout the year.

Manali and Shimla are the two major tourist destinations in this state of Himachal Pradesh. This two destination are truly iconic and worth to visit and explore on your vacation to Himachal Pradesh. The newly wed couples from all over the globe come to India for their celebration of honeymoon and truly the honeymoon in India is not worth until the couples visit this picturesque hill town of Manali and Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh.

Manali is the most picturesque hill town in Himachal Pradesh and truly is the most sought after tourist destination in India. The beautiful destinations is endowed by the mountain ranges, colorful orchards and the sapphire Rivers and streams easily entice and offers the couple wonderful honeymoon in this scenic atmosphere. There are various tourist spots in and around Manali which easily attracts the honeymooners from all over the globe. The exotic and the charming magnitude beauty of the hill town will make you fall in love with this hill town. Some of the major attractions in this beautiful place which are very worth to visit and explore on your Honeymoon in Manali are as such as:

Solang Valley
Solang Valley is a picturesque valley which is located just 10 km away from the Manali and truly these are very worth to visit and explore. This fascinating valley is located at an altitude of 8500 feet above the main sea level which truly lures the honeymooners for their fascinating honeymoon. The newly wed couples enjoy the bliss of nature along the picturesque bank of the River Beas. The couples also enjoy and celebrate peace amidst the gorgeous snow capped mountains and the lush green dense forests. Truly the ravishing beauty of the lush green valleys, vivid sky and the snow lining on the distant peaks can make the couples feel the pleasure of being in the heavens home.

Beside these there are abundant attractions and destinations which are worth to visit and explore in Manali with any Manali Honeymoon Package such as Rohtang Pass, Vashist Hot Water Spring, Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Banjar, Tibetean Monastries, Katrain, Jagatsukh and Arjun Gufa.
Not very far from Manali there lies the capital city of Himachal Pradesh Shimla which is truly very worth to visit and explore on your honeymoon vacation. Shimla is truly the paradise for the newlywed couples as they visit this beautiful destination throughout the entire year from all over the globe. Lovingly this beautiful hill town is identified as Queen of Hills and is picturesquely situated on the north western part of the Himalayan Mountains. Shimla is situated at an elevation of 2205 meters above the main sea level which is beautifully bounded by the green dense forest of pine and oaks, enormous beautiful snow clad mountains and sapphire rivers and streams. So as booking honeymoon in Manali with any Himachal Pradesh tour operator do not miss the opportunity to add Shimla honeymoon packages with it.

Arvind Kumar is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tours related topics. He has authored many books on Kullu Manali Honeymoon andShimla honeymoon packages.
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Amazing Tour of Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries of India by Ajay Kumar

Tropical diversity of India is one of the most lovable ways to explore the exotic beauty, richness of the surroundings and wildlife of the place. The diversity and surroundings of the place attracts thousands of adventure seekers every year. The flora and fauna of the entire place are very marvelous that grabs the attention of the tourists a lot. In India there are many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves are located in every nook so this is one of the reasons that tourists never get dishearten in exploring at the desired place. There are many national parks are situated in this country which are famous for their rare species and natural vegetation, some of them are as follows:

Jim Corbett National Park: This National Park is located in the foothills of Himalayas. The beautiful location of the park is so amazing that it compel tourists to mesmerize it. Here tourists enjoy by watching numbers of species of birds, animals, mammals etc. There are many activities are available at the place from which tourists can make their journey memorable, some of them are fish angling, Corbett safari, rock climbing etc. Through all these things people can gather lots of memories with loved ones.
Ranthambore National Park: Ranthambore is another place where tourists can see the wide variety of animals. This park is recognized as a national park in 1980. It is one of the largest national parks in northern region of India. Here tourists can see the diverse nature of the park along with the numbers of species. The park is famous for the numbers of tigers. At this place tourists get amazing atmosphere to challenge their spirits.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is set in the high range of Kerala. Here tourists love to come again and again as the picturesque beauty of the lake between the sanctuaries is widely known as the heart of the sanctuary. Apart from lake the beautiful ambiance of the place also wins the heart of the travelers. Tourists can see numbers of species here some of them are named as Mouse Deer, Dole or Indian Wild Dog, Gaur, Wild Pigs, Sambar, Barking Deer and very rarely, a Tiger.

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located at the southeast of river Manas. It is awarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This sanctuary is famous for tigers but tourists can also observe some other species at the place such as golden langur, hispid hare, pygmy hog, red pandas etc.
These wildlife sanctuaries in India welcome its tourists from all over the world and allow them to explore the rich fauna and flora, natural vegetation, exotic ambiance of the place and also get indulge in jungle activities. India wildlife tour packages offer tourists to take pleasure of different places and get more close to the nature. So tourists must plan their tour of wildlife sanctuaries at least one time in their life and have fun with loved ones.

Ajay kumar is an amateur writer primarily focusing on relocation and travel related topics. Currently He is rendering wildlife sanctuaries in India his services wildlife in India one of leading and most professional to Companies.

Excursions in Zaragoza Spain by Retkon Thomson

Zaragoza has very interesting things for people who choose to spend some time in it or those who are interested in exploring the region a little bit. There are places you will find most interesting especially because of the style of constructions found in them some of which go way back to the different epochs.

Mudejar Style Sites
This style is very common in Spain but Zaragoza and its surroundings break the record in the number of buildings done with the style. Christina architects are to thank for the amazing works after they conquered the country from Moors. It is however true that Moorish influence is still very much alive in the area.
Calatayud: the town is one of the best places you can choose to be in when looking to find interesting mudejar style pieces. There are numerous towers made using this style and you will also be blown by the inclined steep streets as well as other amazing buildings. It has a rich history behind it and you will have learnt a lot by the time you go back home.
De Ayud Fortress: it also showcases the style in its octagonal towers which are nothing short of interesting. The holy arts museums as well as the town museum are also some of the places you will have to visit while here.

Nuevalos: here you will find a Mudejar style monastery that is quite interesting and is actually situated in a natural preserve that is breathtaking. The preserve has small lakes and waterfalls and it is therefore no wonder that most people like spending time in it.
Romanesque Style Sites
The Roman epoch also left some traces in Zaragoza and you will be amazed by how important the remains are to the history of the region. The places worth visiting to behold this style include the following;
Caballeros: it is made interesting by the fortified church found in it. This church dates back to the 13th century and is an amazing piece of art.
Uncastillo: just like the name suggests, you will find an interesting fortress that is beautifully located over the town made possible by a very high rock. There are also other monuments around it which include Santa Maria and San Juan churches which are said to be some of the best Romanesque preservations.
Banales: it is very popular as a result of the thermal spas found in it as well as the aqueducts from the Roman epoch.

Rey Catolico: the town has medieval museum and very impressive walls. There is also a fortress adding to the beauty of the town and is definitely worth visiting.

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Excursions in Toledo Spain by Retkon Thomson

Places worth visiting in La Mancha
La Mancha is a very popular place within Toledo in Spain since it has almost everything a visitor would expect while spending a vacation in the area. It is home to several towns which are definitely worth checking out while here and include the following;
Illescas: it is one of the best towns especially because of the rich history it still maintains. It lies between Madrid and Toledo and has monuments such as the La Caridad Hospital which houses the Santa Maria church dating back to the 13th Century. It also has wonderful paintings in its interior. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful towers completing the church.

Esquivias: it is believed to be Cervantes home town and has Roman remains still preserved in Ocana which happens to be the major attraction in this town. It also has a very beautiful square dating back to the 18th century and a renaissance palace that is nothing short of elegant.
Tembleque: this town has elegant and stylish galleries, churches most of which are constructed in the Renaissance style and also has the original square Plaza Mayor. It is a town fully comprising of typical style and is definitely worth spending some time in.
Quintanar: this town has contributed to the fame of La Mancha especially because it is where the famous windmills of the city are found. It also has several buildings all of which have great historic importance and remain sights to behold.

The Castles
Toledo is one of Spain's towns which have several old castles forming great tourist attractions. The most amazing thing about the castles is that some are still in very good shape despite the number of years they have been standing on the city. The most adorable castles include the following;
Guadamar: it can be termed as the most breathtaking of them all in all of Spain. The medieval fortress is quite a sight and you can never miss to take the time to check it out while here.
Barciense: this area has a wonderful gothic castle that attracts tourists from all over the world as well as locals. Not very far from it, check out Colegiata, an extraordinary and beautiful piece of art.
Maqueda: this 15th century castle has Mudejar style elements and was actually erected over an Arabian fortress. The town is very famous historically since most of the famous battles were based here.
Alcazar: even though only the ruins still remain, you can still take a glimpse into the past. The castle is situated in Escalona.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Explore World’s Best Attractions by Visiting Kullu Manali by Surendra Rawat

Every one loves traveling and why not, it is the only way to recharge yourself or the perfect time to spend some beautiful moments with family or dear ones. There are so many destinations world-wide but if you are looking for holidaying in India then visit Shimla and Manali an exotic holidaying destinations magnets tourists from across the world throughout the year. Both the hill stations are locates in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh drawing the attention of all kind of vacationers from across the world throughout the year. Whether looking for any kind of vacations, be it honeymoon, family holiday or looking for adventure trip it perfectly suits to all kind of vacationers. Mother-nature has blessed Shimla and Manali with such attractions whose significance can not be described in any human language.

Due to wide ranges of attractions, soothing climatic conditions or world class facilities including excellent hotels and accommodations Shimla Manali tours are becoming very popular among visitors. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh famous for breathtaking attractions, magnificent architecture or best sightseeing spots. Apart from it is well associated with rail, road and air and offers best transportation facilities to the vacationers. Shimla is a treasure trove of natural gems and all it need is someone with a keen interest to explore those beautiful gems. Some of the best attractions that you can explore while visiting Shimla are Jakhu Hill, Glen, Chail, Kufri, Summer Hill, Christ Church, Kali Bari Temple or many more.

Manali tours are equally famous among vacationers considered an ideal gateway for honeymoon couples. Breathtaking attractions and all time pleasurable climatic conditions makes Manali one of the finest place in the world. Nature has blessed Manali with lush greenery, snow-laden peaks or mountains, apple-laden orchards, cascading waterfalls, meandering rivers and diverse ranges of floras and faunas. Its significance is really beyond the words and visual delight. If you are wondering what to do in Manali then you would be glad to know how much this stunning hamlet offers in terms of fun things to do in Manali.

Apart from attractions Manali tourism is also famous for its fascinating culture, excellent food or world class hotels and accommodation facilities. Along with its scenic attractions it is equally famous for offering several adventure and sports activities such as skiing, white-water rafting, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding and many more. Being a small hamlet it is speckled with so myriad attraction places which are listed below.

Rohtang Pass
If you want to experience snowy atmosphere even in scorching heat then you must head to Rohtang Pass home to towering mountains on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas about 51 km from Manali.

Solang Valley
Encircled by apple orchards and snowy peaks, Solang Valley is also known as the snow-point one of the visited destination of Manali.

Situated on the banks of Beas River, Kullu is another place of tourist's interest speckled with majestic mountains, lush-green hill sides, meandering streams, mossy meadows, gushing rivers and many more. Some of the top sought attractions of Kullu Manali tours Raghunath Ji temple, Bijli Mahadev Shrine, Naggar, and etc.

Surendra Rawat is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Manali tourism and Shimla Manali .

Tour to Jaipur Feel Royalty in the Lap of Nature by Archi Mehra

Surfeited with your frantic schedule of daily life? Well, you really need a break. So, why don't you plan a holiday trip, and give yourself a breathing space? It will surely bring freshness to your heart and peace to your mind. The experience will be delightful when you'll meet to new people, and learn new manner & culture.

Verbalizing the words 'manners & culture', Rajasthan is the name that surely comes in the forefront. Well-recognized for its rich culture, mesmerizing history, and an inviting lifestyle, Rajasthan has always been a popular vacation destination in India. When it comes to visit this land of kings -Rajasthan, it's almost impossible to ignore its capital city - Jaipur.

Lovingly dubbed as the Pink City, Jaipur is known for its Royal history, and is a part of the famous Golden Triangle Tour in India, the other two being Delhi and Agra. Tour to Jaipur has a unique charisma, and holds a lot to leave the visitors spell bond - from forts to palaces, and gardens to museums. Surrounded by the magnificent Aravali hills, Jaipur is nestled in the eastern part of Rajasthan, amidst the semi-desert land. Jaipur tour offers many attractions, visit to them can lead you a mesmerizing holiday experience. Some popular holiday attractions of Jaipur tour are below:

Forts and Monuments

Jaipur forts are majestic, and narrate the proud stories of prosperous Rajputana era. Your Jaipur travel will almost incomplete until you visit these forts. The enchanting fort - Amber Fort is a showpiece of rugged exterior and stunning interiors, and reflects both the Rajput and Mugal style of architecture. Jaigarh Fort was fabricated for defense purpose, and is well known for its Jaivana - the biggest canon in the world. Built by the Sawai Raja Jai sing, Nahargarh Fort is also a vacation attraction at your tour to Jaipur, famous for its nine similar apartments built for the nine queens of the king. And, in the list of must-visit monuments at Jaipur tour, Jantar-Mantar, Hawa Mahal, and Gaitore are on the top.

Temples and Palaces

It'll not be extravagant stating Jaipur as the 'City of Temples'. You can find temples or some religious places in almost every street. An outstanding architectural beauty and calm and spiritual environment, they fill the visitors' senses with relish. Talking about the most famous temples in Jaipur, they are Govind Dev ji Temple, Garh Ganesh temple, Tadkeshwara Mahadev, Jain Mandir (temple), Gitanjali, and Radha Govindji Mandir(temple) etc.

The landscape of Jaipur is also enriched with several historical palaces, which reflect an appealing Rajputana architecture. City Palace is the largest palace you can visit during your Jaipur travel. Moreover, Jal Mahal is also an attractive destination for visitors.
Jaipur gardens are popular for their royalty in the lap of nature.

There are many beautiful gardens which are worth to visit. Some of them are Kanak Vrindavan, Sisodia Rani Garden, Ramniwas Garden, and Central Park etc. Also, Jaipur is famous its fabulous markets, and world renowned hotels. So, if you've made your mind to visit this enchanting city, book your Jaipur tour online well in advance.

This article has been written by an travel expert, who is associated with Hungry Bags, a reliable tour agency that provide the best deal for Jaipur travel, and your tour to Jaipur.

Fall Happenings on Atlanta’s South Side by Anne Jiles

<pThere is a touch of fall is in the air, and residents and visitors on the south side of the Atlanta metro area getting ready to enjoy the seasonal activities. Several fall festivals and local pumpkin patches will offer fun for the entire family. Here is a sampling of some popular fall events.

Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia opens for the fall season on September 17. This 200 acre working farm offers plenty of fun activities for families to enjoy. Families may choose pumpkins of all shapes and sizes from the Pumpkin Patch. Adults can get creative in the pumpkin carving contest. Visit the farm animals, watch the pig races in Oinker Stadium, enjoy an old fashioned hayride, and wind along the paths in the 7 acre corn maze. Visitors can purchase snacks in MiMi's Kitchen and shop in the Country Market. The farm is open on weekends through November 14. Saturday hours are 10am-10pm and Sunday hours are 1-6pm. Admission is $10 for seniors and $12 for other adults and children ages 3 and older. Southern Belle Farm is located at 1658 Turner Church Road in McDonough.

The Pumpkin Patch @ Yule Forest is located at 3565 Hwy 155 N in Stockbridge, Georgia. Visitors can enjoy the pumpkin patch, hayrides, petting zoo, pony rides, train ride, and the Crazy Maze. A science center features a live reptile exhibit. The Fun Zone features an obstacle course, rope spider web, and fun house. The Pumpkin Patch is open October 1-31. Hours are Monday-Friday from 4-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am-6pm. Admission prices range from $6-$8 per person.

Fall festival lovers may want to stop by Bridgefest in the Pines in Stockbridge, Georgia on October 1. This festival is perfect for families. Attendees will enjoy arts and crafts, live musical entertainment, and food. Children's activities will include pony rides and a petting zoo. Bridgefest will run from 9am-5pm and admission is free. The festival venue is Clark Community Park in Stockbridge.

Teenagers may enjoy the Trail of Terror sponsored by the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department. This spooky, outdoor haunted trail is sure to cause a fright. The Trail of Terror is open on October 21-22 and 28-29 from 7:30-11pm. The location is International Park, located at 2300 Hwy 138 SE in Jonesboro. Admission is $5 and this activity is not recommended for children under 12.

These seasonal activities are a great way to celebrate fall weekends. Enjoy the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the outdoor festivities.

Anne Jiles is the Director of Sales of the Hampton Inn Morrow hotel in Atlanta-Southlake. Located in the heart of Morrow, the hotel is just across from Southlake Mall and 18 miles from downtown Atlanta. This property offers a full range of services and amenities to make your stay exceptional.

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Explore & Experience Beauty on Your Kashmir Tour by Nirmaltravelmasti

The land of angelic natural beauty, Mughal sophistication, spiritual solace and serenity, Kashmir brings crowning glory to India. Studded with Himalayan ranges and lush Mughal gardens and gushing rivulets Kashmir has a topography that enchants all. As you pick Kashmir tour for your holiday you can explore various facades of the region which ranges from spiritual odysseys to nature walks, adventure escapades and much more. The land popularly known as 'Paradise on Earth' is a widely preferred holiday destination. Tours to Kashmir introduces you to a world of serenity and serendipity which leaves them with most beautiful memories of their holiday spent in heavenly Kashmir.

Kashmir tour package has a lot to offer to the visitors and thus from sightseeing places to leisurely activities to different cuisines you can try hands at lots of things which include:

Sightseeing Tour to Kashmir: When in the city you will be spoilt for choice of sightseeing destinations. Beautifully decked with north western range of Himalayas, Kashmir is laced with unparalleled beauty and tranquility. At its spectacular hill stations such as Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg and more divinity appear to be existing and amongst its lush environs one can relish enjoy nature's treasures. Region is also blessed with several astonishingly beautiful lakes and it is most recommended to visit at least one of these lakes while on Kashmir tours. Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and the second largest in Kashmir; its surrounding Mughal gardens and vast crystal clear expanse is idyllic setting for romantic Shikara boat ride. Kashmiri handicrafts are valued worldwide and thus no visit to Kashmir is considered complete without a tour to its colorful bazaars. Shop for handmade carpets or invest in selection of stone jewelry boxes, beautiful woolen shawl, and furnishing in Kashmir for your house.

Leisurely Activities: Kashmir being hub of adventure sports offers a whole range of adventure sports activities which includes skiing too. One of the major reasons for travelers to visit Kashmir is Gulmarg which is the best ski resort in the Himalayas. You can else try hands at trekking and mountaineering in the lofty hills of Kashmir. Some of the most popular treks in the region are Srinagar-Aharbal-Kungwattan-Mahinag-Kousarnag, Pahalagam-Chandarwar-Sheshnag-Amarnath Cave-Sonamarg-Sgr, Pahalgam-Aru-Lidderwat-Kolahoi Glacier-Khemsar-Sonamarg-Sgr and more. Kashmir has multitude of waterways which not only enhance its natural beauty, but also offer means of discovering leisure sports. To those for whom Shikara ride on Dal Lake is not good enough there are options of white water rafting in Kashmir which is played on the white waters of Lidder (Pahalgam, Kashmir), Sindh and Zanaskar.

Set on Kashmir tours to discover more than what has been already explored and seen and you will be able to unleash several treasures that are hidden inside the stunning Kashmir valley. Converse with the locals, try delectable cuisines and drink tea at local restaurants to grab the nerve of the city and to experience that divine presence learn about the ways of their religion and you will indeed have an experience of a lifetime.

Nirmal Mishra is a traveler who likes to share his experiences. All the articles published by him will help you understand India better and answer all your holiday queries regarding,Kashmir Tours, beach hotels, South India Tours , Find tourist info on tavel Packages, travel destination, Holiday Packages and much more.

Make Your Vacation an Experience of Lifetime in the Beaches of Kerala by Vijay Joshi

Are you a nature lover finding any holiday destination to explore the wide ranges of scenic attractions? Then, you must head to Kerala, globally famous as "God's Own Country". It is one of the sought after tourist's destinations located in the southwestern part of India. This place is so beautiful that it magnets the attention of tourists round from the globe. The bountiful attraction of this place includes mesmerizing beaches, cascading waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, crystalline lakes, green carpeted hill resorts and exotic wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Apart from all these the state lovingly called "One of the ten Paradises of the World" is also famous for its reviving ayurvedic treatments and spa therapies, rich traditions and culture, ancient temples and magnificent forts and monuments.

Kerala no doubt is popular for its enigmatic beauty, blissful ambience, pleasant climatic conditions and warm hospitality which make it the most friendly, visited and favored holiday destination in India. With the arrival of large number of tourists several travel companies have come up with the sole aim of providing tourists the best tour packages that help tourists in making their vacation a delightful experience of lifetime. You can avail these packages as per to your time and budget so that you can experience he best moments in Kerala.

Kerala has a wide range of attractions that are blessed with eye catching seeing beauty influencing tourists for making vacation in this dream accomplishing place. Among the bountiful attractions the endless beaches are the fascinating attraction that allures the hearts of tourists. Attractions in Kerala are world famous for their breathtaking beauty that helps tourists to collect many wonderful and pleasant experiences that will always cherish them. The palm fringed pristine beaches of Kerala are the perfect place for nature lovers, adventure lovers and vacation makers. It offers a fantastic chance to explore the alluring charm of the golden sandy beaches having refreshment of both the mind and body with the ayurvedic treatments. Kerala beaches allow visitors to enjoy the fun filled activities like swimming, diving, boat sailing etc. Honeymooners can spend the best part of their life by sharing their feelings of love, care and romance having intimacy and privacy.

Apart from beaches there are also the reviving, green coated hill resorts which fascinate tourists across the world all the year around. This is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore the beauty closely having fun and enjoyment. Some of the soothing hill stations are munnar, Thekkady, Ponmudi, Wayanad, Devikulam and Chembra peak. All these stations are the rejuvenating spots attracting tourists to have benefit from the Ayurvedic and spa therapies. The flora and fauna found here mesmerizes tourists with its exotic beauty. Also the tea orchards, orange grove, coffee grove and enchanting waterfalls compel tourists to explore the hill stations of Kerala.

Kerala tourism map helps tourists in finding the top most destinations and assists them with the excellent hotels, proper accommodations, warm hospitality, rich traditions and culture, mouth-watering food and other world class facilities. The delicious food prepared in the typical Kerala style never fails to lure the heart of the visitors. You will surely fall in love with all the mesmerizing attractions of Kerala. So, get ready for making a memorable, delightful and adventurous trip in "Ten Paradises of the World".

Vijay Joshi is an eminent travel analyst and writer giving information about Kerala beaches.