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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Excursions in Toledo Spain by Retkon Thomson

Places worth visiting in La Mancha
La Mancha is a very popular place within Toledo in Spain since it has almost everything a visitor would expect while spending a vacation in the area. It is home to several towns which are definitely worth checking out while here and include the following;
Illescas: it is one of the best towns especially because of the rich history it still maintains. It lies between Madrid and Toledo and has monuments such as the La Caridad Hospital which houses the Santa Maria church dating back to the 13th Century. It also has wonderful paintings in its interior. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful towers completing the church.

Esquivias: it is believed to be Cervantes home town and has Roman remains still preserved in Ocana which happens to be the major attraction in this town. It also has a very beautiful square dating back to the 18th century and a renaissance palace that is nothing short of elegant.
Tembleque: this town has elegant and stylish galleries, churches most of which are constructed in the Renaissance style and also has the original square Plaza Mayor. It is a town fully comprising of typical style and is definitely worth spending some time in.
Quintanar: this town has contributed to the fame of La Mancha especially because it is where the famous windmills of the city are found. It also has several buildings all of which have great historic importance and remain sights to behold.

The Castles
Toledo is one of Spain's towns which have several old castles forming great tourist attractions. The most amazing thing about the castles is that some are still in very good shape despite the number of years they have been standing on the city. The most adorable castles include the following;
Guadamar: it can be termed as the most breathtaking of them all in all of Spain. The medieval fortress is quite a sight and you can never miss to take the time to check it out while here.
Barciense: this area has a wonderful gothic castle that attracts tourists from all over the world as well as locals. Not very far from it, check out Colegiata, an extraordinary and beautiful piece of art.
Maqueda: this 15th century castle has Mudejar style elements and was actually erected over an Arabian fortress. The town is very famous historically since most of the famous battles were based here.
Alcazar: even though only the ruins still remain, you can still take a glimpse into the past. The castle is situated in Escalona.

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