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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Excursions in Zaragoza Spain by Retkon Thomson

Zaragoza has very interesting things for people who choose to spend some time in it or those who are interested in exploring the region a little bit. There are places you will find most interesting especially because of the style of constructions found in them some of which go way back to the different epochs.

Mudejar Style Sites
This style is very common in Spain but Zaragoza and its surroundings break the record in the number of buildings done with the style. Christina architects are to thank for the amazing works after they conquered the country from Moors. It is however true that Moorish influence is still very much alive in the area.
Calatayud: the town is one of the best places you can choose to be in when looking to find interesting mudejar style pieces. There are numerous towers made using this style and you will also be blown by the inclined steep streets as well as other amazing buildings. It has a rich history behind it and you will have learnt a lot by the time you go back home.
De Ayud Fortress: it also showcases the style in its octagonal towers which are nothing short of interesting. The holy arts museums as well as the town museum are also some of the places you will have to visit while here.

Nuevalos: here you will find a Mudejar style monastery that is quite interesting and is actually situated in a natural preserve that is breathtaking. The preserve has small lakes and waterfalls and it is therefore no wonder that most people like spending time in it.
Romanesque Style Sites
The Roman epoch also left some traces in Zaragoza and you will be amazed by how important the remains are to the history of the region. The places worth visiting to behold this style include the following;
Caballeros: it is made interesting by the fortified church found in it. This church dates back to the 13th century and is an amazing piece of art.
Uncastillo: just like the name suggests, you will find an interesting fortress that is beautifully located over the town made possible by a very high rock. There are also other monuments around it which include Santa Maria and San Juan churches which are said to be some of the best Romanesque preservations.
Banales: it is very popular as a result of the thermal spas found in it as well as the aqueducts from the Roman epoch.

Rey Catolico: the town has medieval museum and very impressive walls. There is also a fortress adding to the beauty of the town and is definitely worth visiting.

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