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Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Travel Tips For Malaysia by Gabriel Lozen

Are you thinking of traveling to a unique location in Asia? Apart from the obvious regions of Thailand and Singapore, you can also plan a trip to Malaysia. The culture is as diverse as any other Asian city and the holiday activities are plentiful. Malaysia has a total of thirteen states that come under three federal territories. There are two major regions comprising of East and West Malaysia. The East Malaysia is connected to the Brunei and Indonesia whereas the West Malaysia portion is the main Malaysia Peninsular.
As a holiday destination, Malaysia has a lot to offer its visitors. Numerous travel delights and exotic destinations make this city a lovely place to vacation in. Below is some needful information about this exotic tourist destination.
Although the typical trading hours in Malaysia are from ten in the morning to ten at night, the tourists can enjoy shopping and dining all day and all night in this city. There are proper car rentals available and an International Driving Permit can be easily acquired. The least driving age is 23 and the driving is left sided. The drivers must follow the basic road rules which include wearing a seat belt at all times and accounting for maximum speed limits which is 110 km/hr for expressways and 60 km/hr for cities and towns. If you carry electrical appliances like blow dryers and straightening irons with yourself, you must check to see if the voltage allowance is of 220-240 volts, AC 50 Hz.
The three pin power plugs used in this city are square shaped and your electrical device must accept the voltage otherwise the appliances might need a plug adapter and a voltage converter.
This multi ethnic and multi cultural society is also multi lingual! Malaysia is an amazing mix of Malays, Chinese and Indian people. There is a lot of respect for each other's religions since the Muslim Malays, Chinese Buddhists and Indian Hindus have been peacefully living together for ages.
The island life and adventures as well as the cultural heritage of the city provide an exciting mix of tourist attractions. This mythical culture is a lovely concoction of entertaining dance forms and lively and energetic festivities. This city in the heart of Asia is a perfect retreat for people who wish to experience Asian culture first hand and enjoy some of the fantastic night outs they have ever witnessed.

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Mombasa Kenya by Nafisa Rayani

With hundreds of beautiful, captivating holiday destinations around the world to choose from, the question that comes to mind is, "What makes Mombasa, Kenya one of the world's most popular tourist destinations?"

Kenya's second largest city, Mombasa is an island on the country's Eastern coastline that borders the azure Indian Ocean and is home to idyllic palm fringed beaches with soft brilliant white sands. With relatively warm weather all year round, it is the ideal destination for the holiday maker looking for a memorable getaway.

Mombasa is a picturesque culmination of intriguing history and tradition combined with modernity. The city's rich cultures that are still remnant today are as a result of the Portuguese, Arab, African, Persian and British influences over the decades. Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in the late sixteenth century in order to guard the Old Port of Mombasa is today one of the area's most popular tourist attractions. Mombasa's history relics are apparent today especially in exotic Old Town Mombasa with its narrow winding streets, intricately carved Swahili doors and women clad in traditional 'bui-bui'. Many of the hotels that dot the coast of Mombasa have been constructed to resemble Swahili villages or have buildings that are infused with Arab inspiration.

However, Mombasa isn't just an island that is steeped in its own culture and history. Modern Western influences are evident in the city where nightclubs are pulsating with music that is both local and cosmopolitan, and eateries that offer cuisines ranging from Italian and Chinese to Indian and traditional Swahili gastronomy. The majority of the natives speak English and the local Swahili language, making travel to this area less daunting for tourists. The North Coast of Mombasa is a hub of activity, with numerous large commercial beach hotels and resorts offering water sports and beach activities, as well as nightclubs and casinos. There are animal sanctuaries and nature trails, plenty of shopping opportunities for locally made handicrafts and fabrics and much to sightsee in this area. The South Coast also has a few large hotels along Diani beach, but offers more secluded private beaches such as Tiwi that has quieter accommodation away from the crowds and is ideal for a couple's retreat. The South Coast is also known for its diving and snorkelling and, in particular, the dolphin dhow safari excursion to Wasini Island.

Whether visitors to Mombasa are young or old, couples or groups, families with children or business travellers, there are options for both activity-filled scenes as well as quiet, secluded beaches to suit their preferences and it isn't difficult to see why this island pulls in the number of tourists it does each year.

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Nafisa Rayani is a travel enthusiast who works and lives in Kenya. She has contributed many articles on Mombasa and actively blogs and tweets about Mombasa Hotels, Things To Do in Mombasa and offers travel tips for anyone planning a Mombasa, Kenya holiday.

Luxury family vacation in India by jennyfranklin

It will not be hyperbolic to say that India -the land of hospitality is the haven for tourism. The range of tourism opportunities is as varied as the culture of the land. From adventure tourism to heritage and culture tourism, monsoon tourism to medical tourism, wild life tourism to beach tourism, to add more monument tourism and hill station tourism, India has every thing in it's platter for everyone and as the proverb runs the beauty lies in variety.
Travelers from all around the world visit India and their taste and preferences vary. Some look for adventure tours while others are fond of the serene beaches. Wildlife is thing of interest for some while others enjoy mountaineering and there ate large number of tourists who are here for an exotic luxury vacation. The luxury tourist spots are aplenty across the length and breadth of the country. While there are places like Jaipur and Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, down the south Kovalam do the needful. Goa is one of the favorite tourist spots famous for its beaches.
Whenever one speaks of royal luxury Rajasthan tops the list. The Pink city as it called is a hot favorite among tourists looking for luxury vacations. The city boasts of many palace hotels, Raj Mahal Palace, Sawai Man Singh Palace, Alsisar Haveli, Samode Palace & Haveli, Ram Bagh Palace, Umaid Mahal, etc are some of famous heritage hotels of Jaipur city. These hotels offer world-class living experience and the royal touch only adds to the charm. While there are other wonderful locations such as City Palace, Jantar Mantra, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal.
Udaipur claims to be a strong rival in the genre of luxury tourism because it is too one of the most visited places. This city of lakes has royal romance in it's airs and the beautiful City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Fateh Prakash Palace, Pichola Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, etc are there only to augment its attraction. One heritage hotel that deserves special mention is the heritage palace hotel named the Lake Palace. Udaipur reveals it's essentially Indian beauty in the most graceful avatar.
Fun, frolic and fenny breathtakingly beautiful beaches, elegant churches, resort hotels all are accumulated in a small state called Goa. Goa has its own place in Indian luxury tourism map for it has defined luxury in its own terms. While world-class accommodation leaves no room for discomfort exciting nightlife at beaches only add to the popularity. Goa has always been favorite among the honeymooning couples.
Here down the south there is a rival for Goa and it is Kovalam whose renown is world spread mainly because for it's Ayurvedic resorts, Spa resorts and luxurious hotels amidst unspoilt nature .The place offers an wonderful retreat for the honeymooners .The romanticism rules the land and the air. The picturesque beauty is only too perfect to pen down. Apart from the above-described places India has many other tourist destinations. Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kashmir, Agra, is all unique places, which offer a diverse flavour of luxury tourism.

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A Fun Filled Christmas Family Vacation in Key Largo by Rollab

The Christmas is the perfect time to escape to some tranquil place where you can unwind and relax and spend quality time with your family. How about going on an exciting family vacation to Key Largo, which is popularly referred to as the "Dive Capital of the World".
Snuggled cozily in the northernmost part of Florida Keys Island chain, Key Largo is a one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Florida. You are simply gonna fall in love with this place if you are an ardent nature lover, bird-watcher, and a kayaker. The town is home to the famous Everglades National Park where you can immerse in a wide variety of outdoor activities that include hiking, trekking, fishing and wildlife watching. It has been accredited as a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve as it is the home to several endangered species. You can choose to stay one of the Key Largos vacation rentals which provides an easy access to the park and its surrounding areas. Do not miss to visit the stunningly beautiful John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical Park. Explore the underwater treasures of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which is also within an easy reach or head off to Jacobs Aquatic Center that features a competition pool, water park, "spray" gym, and much more.
If golf is your calling, Key Largo will surely win your heart away with its excellent and challenging courses, located in relaxed and verdant environs. Ocean Reef Club and Card Sound Golf Club are one of the most popular courses in the town. And if you need a real dose of history then there are several local galleries and museums in Key Largo, which have impressed generations of artists and historians. One of the best times to stay in a Key Largo vacation rentals is during festive time when the town comes alive with hordes of vacationers, lively music and various cultural events.
Key Largo offers a delightful shopping experience with its wide array of retail shops, which sell the island specialties, from trendy clothes, jewelry, and leather ware to interior decoration items, beautiful handicrafts etc. When it comes to food, Key Largo is right up there with other tourist destination of Florida. The town houses a slew of restaurants and eateries that serve one of the best gastronomic delights to please your palate. Whether you crave for authentic seafood or want to dig in to some exotic international fare, you can enjoy it all here. Sample out the best Key Lime Pie, the local specialty that is available everywhere in the town. You can visit the Caribbean Club where the famous movie "Key Largo" starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall was filmed in 1947.
So what are you waiting for? Reserve your accommodation in one of the elegant vacation rentals in Key Largo and get set for a wonderful holiday with your family this Christmas in this charming town.

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I am an avid traveler who loves to explore the colorful facets of varied incredible places across the globe.

Holiday Villas in Spain - Los Cristianos, Tenerife - An Antidote to winter Chills! by Clive long

If the start of winter sends shivers down your spine why not try getting away for a sunny break and stay in holiday villas in Spain booked direct with the property owner? In the winter one of the most popular destinations for tourists from Great Britain is Tenerife because of its mild winter weather. Many people book self-catering apartments to rent in Spain in resorts like Los Cristianos for a winter pick-me-up. Los Cristianos has grown from a small fishing village to a stylish and popular resort with an attractive promenade and a picturesque harbour with many tourist amenities including cafes, bars and restaurants. It is somewhat more sophisticated than the neighbouring resort of Playa de las Americas and the overall ambience is more relaxed and the pace a little slower.

Los Cristianos is an ideal place to book your holiday villas in Spain if you want a relaxing holiday break. Los Cristianos tends to attract the more mature holidaymaker and is noticeably more peaceful than the nearby resort of Playa de las Americas. Families with young children also favour this resort for self-catering apartment rentals or holiday villas in Spain as it is known to have a family friendly atmosphere. Self-catering apartments to rent in Spain or spacious villas can be ideal for a family holiday as you can come and go as you please and there is plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing! Many holidaymakers book a car rental in Tenerife Spain so that they can get out and about easily.

There is plenty of family-friendly fun to be had in this resort if you book self-catering apartments to rent in Spain or a luxury villa rental Spain here. The beaches offer most of the popular water sports with something to suit all the family. If you want something fast-paced, jet-skiing and windsurfing are on offer and if you're a diver, this area is ideal for scuba diving and the clarity of the water makes it a memorable experience. Banana boat rides and other novelty attractions are available for smaller children on the beach. If you want to go further afield from your rented holiday villas in Spain and have booked a car rental in Tenerife Spain there are many great places for the family to visit. Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park is within easy reach of Los Cristianos by car for a day out as is the Jungle Park where you can see exotic birds and birds of prey. You can even get a free shuttle bus to and from the Aqualand Water Park where you can also see dolphin shows.

Just because Los Cristianos is renowned for being a quieter resort it does not mean that there is nothing going on here! Those who book their holiday villas in Spain here will find a wealth of entertainment on offer albeit a more sophisticated and laid-back variety. As well as a good choice of traditional Spanish, English and Chinese restaurants there are plenty of bars which cater mainly for couples and family groups. You can enjoy many different styles of musical entertainment in the local bars including live bands, cover bands, salsa and jazz!

If you are staying in rented holiday villas in Spain in Los Cristianos then you should definitely think about hiring a car to explore the rest of this beautiful island. If you decide you want car rental in Tenerife Spain, don't leave it until the last minute to book it or you may be disappointed. It is usually better to book it in advance when you are booking your holiday accommodation and flights as you may be able to get a better deal.

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Self-catering apartments to rent in Spain are popular in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. Car rental in Tenerife Spain can be really handy but book in advance. Holiday Villas in Spain, summer or winter, can be booked with the owners direct. Clive Long, the author, is a Director of www.holiday-villa-select.com

New Year Celebrations in Dubai: a grand and mesmerising way to usher in the New Year by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

The state of Dubai makes up one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. Written accounts date Dubai back around 150 years. Originally built around the thriving Oil Industry in the region, this urban oasis in the middle of the Arabian Desert has gradually evolved into a tourism and commercial hub.
In recent times Dubai has moved away from the Oil Industry and focussed more on tourism, trade and commerce. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and is home to many established businesses.
Dubai during New Year's time is awash with bright decorations that adorn the city streets, which transform at night into a dazzling array of colourful light sequences that illuminate the city for miles. Visitors flying into Dubai are greeted with a veritable Kaleidoscope of festive colour and decorations as they bank into the airport.
The emirate is known internationally for its varied shopping experiences from its larger than life malls to its traditional soukhs. Many retailers and malls are lavishly decorated and have many shows in their foyers and lobbies to help attract visitors. Stores offer a variety of special deals and discounts to entice visitors.
Soukhs are traditional Middle Eastern bazaars. Many in the region date back several hundreds of years to the inception of the respective towns. Originally hubs for traders in ancient times, Soukhs are a bargain hunters dream. Selling everything from food to carpets the variety of goods is staggering. Visitors to the Dubai soukh will find many seasonal promotions to take advantage of. Do not hesitate to negotiate on price, in fact it is sometimes expected.
Visitors looking to party on New Years will find many locales ranging from exotic nightclubs with elaborate floorshows to exquisite restaurants offering the finest festive delights.
There is an abundance of Dubai accommodation to choose from when planning your trip to this dazzling emirate. Raffles Dubai, UAE in particular is an exquisite Dubai hotel offering a range of luxurious rooms and suites and a host of internationally acclaimed restaurants serving the finest delicacies from around the world.

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Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

Jamaican Paradise - Travel Destination by Gabriel Lozen

There is a reason why Jamaica has long since been an exotic destination for vacationing tourists in the whole of the Caribbean. The culture is rich and it thrives on a purely Caribbean liveliness of its people.
Dozens of beach resorts that can suit your fancy regardless of your likes and all that cultural diversity will make your stay in Jamaica a wondrous experience. The truly spectacular beaches and clear waters that you expect from a vacation in the Caribbean can be a blissful delight.
The foggy blue peaks on the isle of Jamaica and the stunning climate mix to become a perfect blend of tastes for a tourist. The colorful and captivating history of the region includes an era of Spanish rule and a British invasion. This makes Jamaica a rich concoction of cultural and historical heritage. To this day these historical events have made the relics that are centuries old and a diverse architecture that celebrates momentous historic times.
If you plan to go on a vacation to Jamaica you can choose to go for either of the tourist attractions like scuba diving activities and mountaineering experiences in the Blue Mountains. There is also other energetic activities like snorkeling and spelunking that takes place inside the dark caves of Cockpit Country. The beautiful beaches provide a sanctuary from a tiring city life and you can choose among the resort associated beaches or any of the glorious public beaches. Of you need some privacy you can also choose one of the secluded beaches that are available throughout Jamaica. The weather is so joyfully warm and the activities are endless. Tiger Woods is known to have a liking for Jamaica and no doubt he does because they have the world's most amazing gold courses! Whether you want to shop for tax free items in a duty free shop or get some souvenirs for back home, you will enjoy the shopping experience in Jamaica immensely.
The best known destinations in Jamaica are Negril, Montego Bay, Port Antonio, , Kingston, , South Coast and Ocho Rios. It is adventurous and full of festive fun and you will remember the experience for years to come. Jamaican people are very friendly and love to share their cultural heritage and historical values with you. It is also a good idea to get vacation insurance from where you are coming from, in case there are any mishaps or you need to cancel the trip.

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Tourist Destinations to See With Your Bali Car Hire by Fransiskus Hendri

Millions of people each year spend their vacations on the island of Bali, the wealthiest island in Indonesia and one that continues to grow as a popular destination for international tourism. Predominantly Hindu in a nation that is majority-Muslim, the island of Bali has retained a unique blend of the Hindu and native animist cultures. Its ceremonies, rituals, and more than 20,000 temples have earned it the nickname "Island of the Gods" - and many of those temples are popular sightseeing destinations for visitors who traverse the island using a Bali car hire.
A Bali car hire is simply the most sensible way to ensure that you are able to visit every site you wish to see on the island. With no railroad infrastructure and little by way of mass transit, travelling by car is the most efficient way to get from one place to another. One four-lane express, the Ngurah Rai, traverses the large population centers of the southern part of Bali, providing quick and easy access to various cities, temples, and other sites of interest.
Your Bali car hire can safely get you to such tourist destinations as Lovina, Jimbaran, and Sanur. In Lovina, you can experience the majestic beauty of sandy beaches formed by black volcanoes, as well as some of the most gorgeous coral reefs in the world. Jimbaran is home to a well-sheltered beach that is surrounded by seaside resort buildings. Sanur's beaches and resorts are popular destinations for many older visitors and their families.
For a day of shopping, followed by a night on the town, it is hard to resist driving your Bali car hire to Kuta. The area s also home to some of the finest surfing to be found on the island. Seminyak is another location with many beaches and resorts, and a site with some of the island's most chic restaurants and clubs - always a hot spot for young visitors to Bali. For a more traditional and culturally enriching outing, Ubud offers a range of dance, art, museums, and craft shops - providing a great deal of the unique Bali flavor that most visitors want to experience.
Of course, the cities are not the only destinations to which smart visitors steer their Bali car hire. A visit to Mount Agung will allow you to view the Besakih "mother temple", while a trip to Bukit Peninsula enables you to view the spectacular temple of Uluwatu - that literally hangs from a cliff! For a day at the mountain lakes, you can travel to Bedugul and feast your eyes on the renowned temple of Ulun Danu Bratan. Or, if your tastes run to the more naturally explosive things of life, the live volcano at Kintamani - Mount Batur - always offers the potential for a truly fascinating day.
With your Bali car hire, you can schedule almost any activity on the island. Golfing, snorkeling, hiking, and diving are all available for visitors, as are trips to almost every area of this island of more than 3 million people. If you're a bird lover, be sure to make time for the national park of West Bali, where you can observe the exotic variety of feathered creatures that Bali has to offer.

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Wildlife Tours in Kerala Help Visitors to Encounter with Rare Animals by Article Publisher

Known as 'God's Own Country', Kerala is one of the smallest states in the India. Lush green mountains, dense forests, stately palms, calm rivers, attracting backwaters and blue lagoons make the place look like a fairyland. Most eminent Indian poets have praised the place for being home to the abundance of peppers, the fragrance of sandal and variety of coconuts. Tranquil stretches of backwaters, calm beaches, eye catching hill stations and exotic wildlife are some of the tourists' attractions. In addition to these, vibrant festivals, yummy cuisine and classical art forms are some of the cultural marvels that make Kerala different from the other tourist destinations. Apart from the tourist destination, the place has got world recognition for Ayurveda, the ancient Indian method of medicine and Panchakarma, the rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda.
Kerala Wildlife Tours
Periyar Tiger Reserve, Silent Valley National Park and Eravikulam National Park are some of the worldwide appreciated wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Kerala. During your wildlife tours to Kerala, you will come across animals like elephants which have been considered as the symbol of Kerala. Apart from elephants; tigers, leopards, sambhar, chital and wild dogs are some of the common rare animals found in the place. In addition to these, you will come across a large array of birds, both indigenous and migratory while exploring wildlife tours to Kerala.
Kerala Backwaters Tours
India, especially Kerala is recognized for its backwaters. Some of the popular backwaters in Kerala include Alappuzha Backwaters, Kuttanad Backwaters, Kollam Backwaters, Kochi Backwaters, Kozhikode Backwaters and Malapuram Backwaters. Therefore, domestic as well as international tourists are advised to explore the Kerala backwaters while exploring the place. Such backwaters have ability to please tourist by their natural beauty and serene environment.
Arranging Kerala Wildlife Tours
If you or any of your friends are planning for Kerala tour, then it is advised to search an online tour and travel operator. A reputed online store arranges your Kerala tour keeping in mind its customers requirement and budget. After selecting a reputed one, all you need to do is fill out its online order form and sent to the mentioned address.

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Online Travel Services Make South India Tour Memorable by Article Publisher

India, one of the beautiful places to explore in the world, offers mind blowing landscapes, magnificent historical and royal cities, golden beaches, lush green forests, eye catching mountains, colorful people, rich cultures and colorful festivals. While exploring India, it is advised to visit South India as the place has everything to make your journey unforgettable and offer you experience for a lifetime. Some of the most visited place in South India includes Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. If a tourist considers South India Kerala tour, then he must have ample of information about the Kerala and its famous tourist attractions.
Kerala tour while exploring South India
Located on the south-western tip of India, Kerala has been recognized worldwide for its unique geographical features. Recognized as 'God's Own Country', the place is being considered as one of the 50 tourist attractions of a lifetime and one of the thirteen paradises in the globe. Some of the common features which make the place unique for tourists include equable climate, serene beaches, and tranquil stretches of backwaters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife. And one of the important advantages of Kerala tour is its all destinations which are available only a two to four hour drives from the other.
Know more about South India Kerala tour
While exploring Kerala, you will come across a number of attractions which make the place different from the others. Some of the common tourists' attractions of the place include Beaches, Backwaters, Cities, Health resorts, Ayurveda and so on. Apart from these, wildlife sanctuaries, historic cities and temples also add beauty to the place and help in increasing tourist inflow.
Online travel services
An extensive search through the internet helps you to come across a number of travel agents who offer their online travel services at very economical rates. They arrange South India tour in a manner customers can enjoy to the fullest. In addition to this, they arrange everything from hotel reservation to car rentals to eating. Online travel services are not only popular managing group tours, but also for FITs (Foreign Individual Tourist) as well as business travelers. So, it is recommended to search a reputed company and apply for its online travel services.

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