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Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Travel Tips For Malaysia by Gabriel Lozen

Are you thinking of traveling to a unique location in Asia? Apart from the obvious regions of Thailand and Singapore, you can also plan a trip to Malaysia. The culture is as diverse as any other Asian city and the holiday activities are plentiful. Malaysia has a total of thirteen states that come under three federal territories. There are two major regions comprising of East and West Malaysia. The East Malaysia is connected to the Brunei and Indonesia whereas the West Malaysia portion is the main Malaysia Peninsular.
As a holiday destination, Malaysia has a lot to offer its visitors. Numerous travel delights and exotic destinations make this city a lovely place to vacation in. Below is some needful information about this exotic tourist destination.
Although the typical trading hours in Malaysia are from ten in the morning to ten at night, the tourists can enjoy shopping and dining all day and all night in this city. There are proper car rentals available and an International Driving Permit can be easily acquired. The least driving age is 23 and the driving is left sided. The drivers must follow the basic road rules which include wearing a seat belt at all times and accounting for maximum speed limits which is 110 km/hr for expressways and 60 km/hr for cities and towns. If you carry electrical appliances like blow dryers and straightening irons with yourself, you must check to see if the voltage allowance is of 220-240 volts, AC 50 Hz.
The three pin power plugs used in this city are square shaped and your electrical device must accept the voltage otherwise the appliances might need a plug adapter and a voltage converter.
This multi ethnic and multi cultural society is also multi lingual! Malaysia is an amazing mix of Malays, Chinese and Indian people. There is a lot of respect for each other's religions since the Muslim Malays, Chinese Buddhists and Indian Hindus have been peacefully living together for ages.
The island life and adventures as well as the cultural heritage of the city provide an exciting mix of tourist attractions. This mythical culture is a lovely concoction of entertaining dance forms and lively and energetic festivities. This city in the heart of Asia is a perfect retreat for people who wish to experience Asian culture first hand and enjoy some of the fantastic night outs they have ever witnessed.

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