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Monday, December 21, 2009

Tourist Destinations to See With Your Bali Car Hire by Fransiskus Hendri

Millions of people each year spend their vacations on the island of Bali, the wealthiest island in Indonesia and one that continues to grow as a popular destination for international tourism. Predominantly Hindu in a nation that is majority-Muslim, the island of Bali has retained a unique blend of the Hindu and native animist cultures. Its ceremonies, rituals, and more than 20,000 temples have earned it the nickname "Island of the Gods" - and many of those temples are popular sightseeing destinations for visitors who traverse the island using a Bali car hire.
A Bali car hire is simply the most sensible way to ensure that you are able to visit every site you wish to see on the island. With no railroad infrastructure and little by way of mass transit, travelling by car is the most efficient way to get from one place to another. One four-lane express, the Ngurah Rai, traverses the large population centers of the southern part of Bali, providing quick and easy access to various cities, temples, and other sites of interest.
Your Bali car hire can safely get you to such tourist destinations as Lovina, Jimbaran, and Sanur. In Lovina, you can experience the majestic beauty of sandy beaches formed by black volcanoes, as well as some of the most gorgeous coral reefs in the world. Jimbaran is home to a well-sheltered beach that is surrounded by seaside resort buildings. Sanur's beaches and resorts are popular destinations for many older visitors and their families.
For a day of shopping, followed by a night on the town, it is hard to resist driving your Bali car hire to Kuta. The area s also home to some of the finest surfing to be found on the island. Seminyak is another location with many beaches and resorts, and a site with some of the island's most chic restaurants and clubs - always a hot spot for young visitors to Bali. For a more traditional and culturally enriching outing, Ubud offers a range of dance, art, museums, and craft shops - providing a great deal of the unique Bali flavor that most visitors want to experience.
Of course, the cities are not the only destinations to which smart visitors steer their Bali car hire. A visit to Mount Agung will allow you to view the Besakih "mother temple", while a trip to Bukit Peninsula enables you to view the spectacular temple of Uluwatu - that literally hangs from a cliff! For a day at the mountain lakes, you can travel to Bedugul and feast your eyes on the renowned temple of Ulun Danu Bratan. Or, if your tastes run to the more naturally explosive things of life, the live volcano at Kintamani - Mount Batur - always offers the potential for a truly fascinating day.
With your Bali car hire, you can schedule almost any activity on the island. Golfing, snorkeling, hiking, and diving are all available for visitors, as are trips to almost every area of this island of more than 3 million people. If you're a bird lover, be sure to make time for the national park of West Bali, where you can observe the exotic variety of feathered creatures that Bali has to offer.

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