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Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Best European Vacation Destinations by Tom Marsh

Europe is second largest continent and third most populous continent of world and comprises of 50 countries with different culture, weather and traditions. Almost every country in Europe has many beautiful places to spend vacation and hence the tourism sector in Europe is very well developed and flourished.

Surface area of Europe is around 10,180,000 Sq. Km which is equal to 2% of earth's surface. Europe is known as the birthplace of Western Culture. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, there are numerous places in Europe where you can spend your holidays with your family. Some of the key places are as below:


Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in world known for the high standard of their people. Iceland is also one of the safest places in world to visit due to very less crime rate. Iceland is also known for its glacier, waterfall and volcanoes. Recently a volcanic eruption caused high chaos in this area, but still it is a best place to visit.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is one of the most exotic tourist attractions in Europe. There are 6 counties in Northern Ireland which are Armagh, Antrim, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Down, and Londonderry. Each of these counties is filled with amazing beauty.


Belgium is the centre of economy, education and politics in Europe. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is home to several universities, finance companies and headquarters of Government organizations like NATO and European Union. This may seem to you like a serious city with not much scope for tourism, but this is not right. There are many good tourist attractions in Brussels and other states of Belgium. You can get hotels in Brussels at cheap rates than other nearby European city. Brussels is easily reachable from nearby cities like Paris and London by trains and flights.

Know more about Brussels tourism and Attractions in Brussels and plan your London to Brussels travel in Europe.

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