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Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Destinations to Enjoy Your Summer Vacations by Tom Marsh

As summer season comes people around the world start to plan for their vacations along with their families. Summer season is known as the busiest season for tourism industry with unlimited offers and discount travel package available by tour operators to attract visitors. Everyone wants to go away from the hectic lifestyle of city to spend some quality and peaceful time with their family.

If you are also planning for your summer vacations then there are numerous opportunities that you can grab. There are many great summer destinations where you can relax in a peaceful and charming weather along with touring to best tourist attractions.


Amsterdam the capital of Netherland is one of the best tourist destinations of Europe. It will welcome you with its pleasing weather and amazing scenic beauty. Some of the tourist attractions to visit in Amsterdam are Royal Palace, the War Memorial, Nieuwek Kerk and many of the magnificent museums. Canal system of Amsterdam is also an amazing thing to see for foreigners. Museums like Museum of Resistance, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum are best for art lovers. You can also enjoy shopping in Amsterdam.


Miami in Florida is a beach destination being visited by lots of visitors per year. Water sports lovers can be seen here enjoying various exciting sports like boating, river rafting, and surfing. Miami promises a pleasant weather throughout the year and hence many tourists here are from United States itself. You can also see Metro Zoo and see many wildlife species like Komado Dragons, Lions, and Beers etc. Some other places of interest are Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Fairchild Botanic Garden, and Miami Carnival Centre etc.

Capri Island:

Capri Island in Italy is another place to spend your summer vacations. As seen in many of the Hollywood movies this is a beautiful island. Many natural and artificial creations like magnificent coastal areas, flower strewn mountain slopes, imperial villas and churches of medieval period add to the beauty of this island.

These are some of the amazing places to spend your summer holidays. You will never forget these memorable moments in your lifetime.

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