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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bohol Hotels: Another Pride of the Province by Jose Maria Abada

Bohol hotels are among one of the prides of the province of Bohol. This island province in the Visayas is located southeast from Cebu across Bohol Strait and southwest from Leyte separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel.

In this province lies one of the major tourist attractions found in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills. This has become the provincial seal of Bohol. The grass growing on more than 1200 consistently cone-shaped hills turns brown making them appear like a molded chocolate.

The second smallest creatures in the world are endemic to the place. The Philippine Tarsier is more famous for its local name Maumag. This shy nocturnal creature follows a hidden life. They are active at night and asleep during the day. They have a sanctuary to live in Bohol and it became an attraction among tourists since then.

Bohol is also blessed with wonderful beaches that also become major attractions in the province. Along with the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and some historical landmarks, there are so much that await tourists to explore in the island of Bohol. Some very ancient churches are located in the island and there are other impressive falls and historical landmarks as well.

An island located in southwest of Tagbilaran City, Panglao is known for its dive sites and are regularly regarded as one of the top ten diving spots in the world. There are islets surrounding the island that are ideal for bathing. The islets of Gak-ang and Pontod are just two of the famous.

Bohol Hotels at its Best

When talking about a vacation, a place to stay is normally an issue which every traveler need to address. There are several Bohol hotels that the province takes pride of in giving priceless quality accommodation to tourists from all over the world.

Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa is a five star hotel found in Baclayon. Amenities such as air conditioning, television set, in room safe, bathtub, shower, free access to the internet, and other things are provided in each room. Other facilities such as smoking room, poolside bar, concierge, restaurant, room service, salon, and even coffee shop are also available in the resort. Guests may enjoy some sports and other recreational activities. Massage, kiddie pool, jacuzzi, fitness gym, steam room, spa, an outdoor pool and garden are also provided.

For the guests to enjoy pristine beaches in Panglao Island, Flushing Meadows Hotel is just right for them. The hotel has 51 rooms provided with balconies and verandas for a perfect garden and sea views. The hotel makes it a point that its guests will truly be busy with all the possible activities they will truly enjoy. The hotel has facilities such as a tennis court as big as the size of an international one, a fishing area for the children, and the unending water sports activities and diving spots that are just an arm stretched away. If guests would want to pamper themselves, the hotel also provides comforting massage, be it in an opulent room of down by the pool. Bohol hotels indeed are additional asset that makes the province even prouder today.

About the Author

Jose Maria Abada writes travel articles for Philippine Travel Guide. You can find helpful information about Bohol hotels and Bohol Beaches on this website.

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