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Monday, May 20, 2013

Queensland Australia by Colin Burnett

It's good to be home....
I have recently been living in Europe for two years and I have had a great time. There is however no place
like home....Queensland Australia. The weather, animals, beaches and people are just some of the thingsthat are unique to Queensland.
Being a proud Queenslander and Australian I am very patriotic about my home! I just miss the joint when I'm not here...... know what I'm talking about? The majority of people may move or stay in the place of their childhood and stay completely in love with that place.
I must say that I always have my homeland in my mind.
So about the sunshine state
Much of Queensland-Australia is located on the coast.
It's perhaps no surprise that many promotional campaigns about this state focus on its beaches and water-wildlife. Picture-perfect locations like Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef certainly make for great ads!
Yet not all Queenslanders are surfers with blonde hair and great tans. (In fact, even surfers are now pretty cluey when it comes to the dangers of the Aussie sun and you're likely to see them slathered in sunscreen rather than sporting deep tans.)
Many people don't realise that Queensland-Australia is full of many other hidden wonders.
For instance, this state has a number of vibrant cities. The cities have great shopping and nightlife and you can shop and party all you want there.
The outback is a completely different experience for many people. Cattle and sheep stations dominate the regions. Quaint towns along the way are home to some of the most interesting characters you're ever likely to meet.
The Aboriginal Dreamtime is a great religion to discover in Queensland. You will be amazed by the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.
Are you planning a trip to Queensland-Australia?
Perhaps you are after some genuine advice about this popular tourist destination. For whatever reason you are here, I hope you have fun looking through these pages�.
The sunshine state will probably have you marvelling at its beauty. I guess you are thinking beaches�..
Yeah, I think about beaches too when you say Queensland�.ever heard of the Gold Goast??
It does have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a great part of tourism Australia
Technology-savvy travellers of today find their anticipation and excitement to arrive grows when they look at pictures of the natural beauty of this place. With 5 of Australia's 11 World Natural Heritage areas located in in this state, such images are not difficult to find.
Yet I bet you guys also want information minus the marketing hype.
I bet you are sick of the high-pitched-sales sites that are all over the place.
Travellers like you I, just to know the ins and outs when cruising around this state.
We want to know what not to miss��
We normally want to know how to maximise our time here, whatever the budget.
Whether travellers are after relaxation or white-knuckle adrenalin-filled activities, they want to know where they can find information on activities.
You might also be here because you want to know about the local culture too before you arrive.
P.S. I wish you luck with your travels!!
Over and out
Colin Burnett
'The Aussie Apprentice'
I'm the Aussie Apprentice and I'm hanging around some of the coolest dudes online right now! I'm a recovering Farm Boy ( if you want further info, just ask!) and I know my purpose in life...Let's get on with it!!
I blog here http://www.socialmediabar.com/colinburnettblog

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