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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kangaroos in Australia by Colin Burnett

Nearly everyone who visits Queensland-Australia has on their 'to-do list' to see kangaroos in Australia.
Sometimes, people from other countries have mistaken ideas about how Australians interact with these
animals. Hint: Australians don't keep animals as pets!
Kangaroos don't carry children's school books for them, either. They don't usually alert people to danger. Locals often do, nonetheless, have a special place in the hearts for roos.
Many Queensland-Australian aboriginal dreamtime stories feature kangaroos. One such story is called 'Wilkuda and the Kangaroo'. In this story, a kangaroo skin is spread out in a desert and slowly spreads, becoming the famous lake called Lake Eyre.
Another story explains why kangaroos look the way they do. In 'How the Kangaroo go its tail', the story goes that a wombat threw a spear at one, one day. This became his tail.
Another story explains that during the Australian aboriginal dreamtime, the female kangaroo was given a pouch. This was provided by the God of All Creatures. The God of All creatures gave female kangs a pouch to prevent their young joeys from wandering off.
The numerous Dreamtime stories relating to kangaroos highlight their importance in Australia. The kangaroo is even part of Australia's coat of arms. This is the official symbol of Australia.
People looking to see kangas have a few options. They could, of course, visit a zoo. Australia has a number of zoos, including Steve Irwin's zoo in Queensland-Australia.
Sometimes, visitors will be lucky enough to see kangaroos when they least expect it. If they are staying in a rural area, they may see a group of kangaroos. Such a group is called 'a mob'.
Sometimes people will see kangaroos hopping across roads in the wild. In areas where this happens frequently, there are usually signs warning that roos are about. This is so drivers slow down and don't accidentally hit one.
If people really want to see kangaroos in Australia in the wild, they can head to one of many national parks. Different types of kangaroos live in different areas. For instance, red kangaroos tend to live in inland deserts.
Grey kangaroos tend to prefer less dry areas like eastern Australia. Grey kangaroos are the most commonly-seen species of kangaroo. There is another type of kangaroo - called tree kangaroos- that live in trees in northern Queensland-Australia!
There is no denying that kangaroos are a fascinating animal. Seeing kangaroos in Australia should rightly be on every travellers 'to-do list'!
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Colin Burnett

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