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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amazing Tour of Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries of India by Ajay Kumar

Tropical diversity of India is one of the most lovable ways to explore the exotic beauty, richness of the surroundings and wildlife of the place. The diversity and surroundings of the place attracts thousands of adventure seekers every year. The flora and fauna of the entire place are very marvelous that grabs the attention of the tourists a lot. In India there are many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves are located in every nook so this is one of the reasons that tourists never get dishearten in exploring at the desired place. There are many national parks are situated in this country which are famous for their rare species and natural vegetation, some of them are as follows:

Jim Corbett National Park: This National Park is located in the foothills of Himalayas. The beautiful location of the park is so amazing that it compel tourists to mesmerize it. Here tourists enjoy by watching numbers of species of birds, animals, mammals etc. There are many activities are available at the place from which tourists can make their journey memorable, some of them are fish angling, Corbett safari, rock climbing etc. Through all these things people can gather lots of memories with loved ones.
Ranthambore National Park: Ranthambore is another place where tourists can see the wide variety of animals. This park is recognized as a national park in 1980. It is one of the largest national parks in northern region of India. Here tourists can see the diverse nature of the park along with the numbers of species. The park is famous for the numbers of tigers. At this place tourists get amazing atmosphere to challenge their spirits.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is set in the high range of Kerala. Here tourists love to come again and again as the picturesque beauty of the lake between the sanctuaries is widely known as the heart of the sanctuary. Apart from lake the beautiful ambiance of the place also wins the heart of the travelers. Tourists can see numbers of species here some of them are named as Mouse Deer, Dole or Indian Wild Dog, Gaur, Wild Pigs, Sambar, Barking Deer and very rarely, a Tiger.

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located at the southeast of river Manas. It is awarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This sanctuary is famous for tigers but tourists can also observe some other species at the place such as golden langur, hispid hare, pygmy hog, red pandas etc.
These wildlife sanctuaries in India welcome its tourists from all over the world and allow them to explore the rich fauna and flora, natural vegetation, exotic ambiance of the place and also get indulge in jungle activities. India wildlife tour packages offer tourists to take pleasure of different places and get more close to the nature. So tourists must plan their tour of wildlife sanctuaries at least one time in their life and have fun with loved ones.

Ajay kumar is an amateur writer primarily focusing on relocation and travel related topics. Currently He is rendering wildlife sanctuaries in India his services wildlife in India one of leading and most professional to Companies.

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