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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kerala Tour offers Unforgettable Memories by Mohd Zaheerul Hasan

I assure you that the memories of Kerala tours would linger in your mind for a long time. You won't believe my words, so come and visit this beautiful land of Kerala. The beautiful state of Kerala is situated in the southern part of the magnetic India, on the shore of the azure and the gorgeous Arabia Sea.

Kerala lovingly known by the name of God's own Country is draped by the nature greenery and picturesque attractions offering a panoramic view on the map of the entire globe. No word can exaggerate the attractions or the destination, this beautiful state in itself is a charming wonderment for the visitors from the entire world along the whole year. No doubt this state is also being marked as the favorite destinations among the honeymooners, your tours Kerala would clarify you all these.

The unforgettable memories offered by most of the package tour to Kerala by any leading tour operator may be after visiting the attractions like

This is the capital city of the Kerala mainly renowned for its amiable cool climatic conditions, thus attracting many visitors from the home and around the world. This city is very rich in heritage and culture. The city gives some special treat to the eyes of the visitors here as some of the masterpiece historical monuments, magnificent temples and beautiful forts can be visited on your tour to Kerala. Some of architectural wonders in the city of Tiruvandrum that is really going to linger your mind for long are the Palace of Maharajas of Travancore, Shri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, the government Museums and many alike.

Alappuzha Backwater
There is no perfect word that can be used to illustrate the most beautiful, exotic backwaters in Kerala. Kerala has the most beautiful scenic backwaters in the world. Mostly honeymooners love to cruise over the well organized houseboat along the calm beautiful water but the other visitors also visit to peaceful destination in intense number. Among the backwaters destination in Kerala the Alappuzha is one of the most famous one. Other than this Alappuzha is very famous for its Coir Industry, during the festival of Onam the snake boat race is treat to watch as the National Nehru Trophy takes place here.

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam beach is marked one of the most enticing beaches in the world. The visitors from the entire globe come to visit this magnetizing beach on your Kerala tour packages. The beach is beautifully endowed by the swaying palm trees, with the perfect combination of sun kissed sand and the cool non polluted water offers lot to the visitors to get revive as the activities like sunbath, boating, fishing and many other activities that reduce the melancholy strain for the visitors.

Apart from these beauties there are many beautiful attractions of Kerala tour that will linger your heart always like the hill stations of Kerala, wide species of flora and fauna, lovely lakes, enchanting waterfalls and there are many additions to this context.

So, make your mind a better place to see that offers a wide range of picturesque attractions that lingers your heart for very long time.

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