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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Plan your Travel to Thailand Early? by Graeme Fletcher

Thailand, the land of smiles, is known worldwide for its exotic natural beauty and spectacular man-made marvels. As one of the most exotic destinations in South East Asia, the holiday and vacation possibilities in Thailand offer tourists a wide range of exciting activities and accommodation options to choose from. Whether you are a traveler on a tight budget wishing to explore a foreign land or an elite vacationer who wants to experience the very best, Thailand has something to offer everyone.

Since the entire country is so beautiful, going on a holiday to Thailand with visits to the most popular vacation spots requires a great deal of planning and help from professionals. If you plan your travel to Thailand well in advance, you would be able to add more fun, zest, and excitement to the entire trip. Planning will involve deciding on the right time and day to visit the superb sights on offer.

The tourist high season usually runs from late November to end of May. At certain times of the year, especially during Christmas, New Year, the Chinese New Year, and Songkran, some of the most popular beaches and islands normally get so busy that getting accommodation can become a challenging task. Most of the hotels, resorts and most of the guest houses increase their room rates and people usually end up with no choice but to pay it. So, if you plan your travel around these periods, it would be better to book well in advance to avoid any hassles later.

There has been a consistent flow of tourists for years now and the number continues to increase every year. But despite such huge visitor numbers every year, Thailand has not been unduly damaged by the ravages of tourism. You could still find pristine beautiful white sandy beaches to discover all by yourself. Lazing away the sunny days on a comfortable lounge under a palm tree on a mile long beach, relaxing in the pleasant breeze under a cloudless sky as the waves gently sway against the soft white sands, is an experience you would only find in Thailand.

You may begin to plan your trip by checking the availability of air tickets on the decided date of travel. If you start planning your trip to Thailand a little early, you may not only get travel tickets for the scheduled day, but also at a discount rate. Next important step in your travel planning to Thailand is checking out the accommodation facilities available at every destination you are planning to visit in the country. Again, early planning will help you get accommodation within your budget and other requirements, and you might get a fabulous deal.

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