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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rajasthan Tours: Heritage, Arts and Culture of Exotic Desert Scenery by Adiba Roshan Khan

Travel to Rajasthan, the desert city of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unravel the beauty of the sun kissed Thar Desert that illustrates the splendid beauty of the magnificent land. The heritage hotels, safaris, mystic forts, glorious palaces and various other tourist destinations of Rajasthan conquer the beauty of the land with immense honour and felicity. The land of princes proffers its guests with unlimited options of ringing beauty and tranquillity through several historical forts built in different and brilliant architecture. Some of the most famous forts are not just forts in structure but excellent pieces of art and skills of the artisans whose hard work went into their making.

Rajasthan Tour offers some of the most unforgettable moments to seek a versatile and beautiful land through various Rajasthan tour packages like Rajasthan Safari Tour, Rajasthan Cultural Tours, Rajasthan Heritage Tours, Rajasthan Wildlife Tours, Royal Rajasthan Tours, Rural Rajasthan Tours, Rajasthan Camel Safari and Desert Travel Packages, Rajasthan Tribal Tours, Rajasthan Pilgrimage Tours, Rajasthan Forts and Palaces Tour, Palace On Wheels Tours, Rajasthan With North India Tours and more.

Being one of the largest states in India, Rajasthan is a well-known tourist attraction and it owes this attribute to the denizens of Rajasthanis who have contributed to preserving the culture and traditions of the land. The forts and palaces of the land inspire the legendary kinds with whose help Rajasthan has acquired the true essence of colour and culture. Several tourist attractions circumscribe the saga of the historical land. The tour packages that are offered by the tourism department of Rajasthan, underline each aspect of the beauty of Rajasthan in a peculiar way. Each one of the packages brings about a different set of experiences to the people, which will be memorable and charging.

The Rajasthan wildlife tour packages provide the best option to those who love to be close to nature and take the guests to some of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves in India and the world. The cultural and heritage tours of Rajasthan give the people the opportunity to get an insight into the rich culture, heritage, tradition and the glorious past of the land. They promise to take you through those times that have chased the footsteps of the mighty rulers. The village tours of Rajasthan open the doors to a completely new world of village lifestyle that is traditional, indigene and rare to discover. The custom and tradition of these villages are so rooted to the land's pride and honour that no foreign element has been able to shake them out.

The Rajasthan desert tour packages are overwhelmingly beautiful as they help you plunge your feet into the golden sands of the sun-soaked deserts and experience the true colour of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tour packages are the most reasonably affordable and comfortable options to choose from if you are planning for a memorable and relaxing vacation in India during your holidays.

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