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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rome City Breaks Are A Great Way To Get A Sample Of The Marvels Rome Has To Offer by Lance Thorington

There are times when we just need to escape the stress of our life and take a break. A great way to unwind is to get away from everything and get lost in a city we have never visited before. These short breaks allow us enough time to get a small taste of the marvels and beauty of a destination and provide us with just enough time to have an abbreviated tour of everything a city has to offer. Rome city breaks provide us with some truly fantastic sites to behold and leave us anxious to return.

Rome is one city that probably needs no introduction. It is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world and Rome city breaks provide just enough time to get a little exposure to the historic marvels that are available here. As the capital city of Italy it is the country's largest and most populated city it is also one of the most visited cities in the world.

Since city breaks don't provide much time it is a good idea to decide to visit one section of the city and save the rest for a return visit. If you are like most people you will desire to see the Ancient city of Rome and all the historic and architectural landmarks. Obviously you will need to visit the coliseum and the Pantheon.

The Castel Sant' Angelo is another must see when pressed for time in this incredible historic city. This cylindrical structure towers over the ancient section of the city. This grand building has been a mausoleum for the Roman emperor Hadrian and has been a fortress, a castle and in modern day is now a very popular museum.

The original structure which is also known as Adrian's mole was built along the Tiber River around 135 AD. It is believed that the ashes of Hadrian were placed here in 138 AD. Hadrian was the first of several Roman emperors whose remains were deposited here.

In front of the main structure sits the Pons Aelius which was constructed under the guidance of Hadrian in 134 AD. The Pons Aelius is a bridge that spans the Tiber River. This is a grand example of early Roman architecture and consists of travertine marble and is a popular photo opportunity within the ancient city of Rome.

These structures are just a small example of the architectural marvels that await you in Rome. There is so much to see in this grand city that it would be impossible to take it all in on a short break. But these few structures that have been mentioned are a great example of the treasures within this city. When on Rome city breaks for the first time you will be motivated to want to come back as soon as possible for a longer stay.

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