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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bangkok, An Adventurous Journey by RedJuice

Truly a mesmerizing tourist destination, Bangkok is the starting point for a Thailand adventure trip - one that you have never had before. Fly down to Bangkok, check into one of the many boutique hotel Bangkok, and begin your adventure holiday!
Bangkok is actually the starting point of several adventurous journeys to Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang, cruise on the Nam Song River, a walk across miles and miles of paddy fields, Chiang Khong, a visit to a night bazaar in an ancient city, a tour of some of the most beautiful temples in Thailand, and of course the laid back beach resorts and sparkling blue lagoons. Bangkok is truly the entry point to paradise!
You can book any of the adventure trips or cruises offered by friendly hotels Bangkok or you can look up a travel agent in the city and find a great deal. You can walk the off-beat trails that criss-cross within your resort like at Phranakorn Nornlen or spend your time on one of the many Bangkok river cruises that offers modern luxury and facilities.
Bangkok offers adventure tours that are quite different than what you may find in some of the other countries or cities in the world. Here adventure is becoming one with your spiritual self; adventure means taking a journey into the cultural heart of the country; adventure begins at the banks of the Chao Phraya River. One of the most exotic of all adventure tours is the ride aboard a 50 year old Maohra rice barrage, which has been aesthetically restored to accommodate at least 50 people.
If you are looking for something challenging as well as adventurous then the bicycle tours in Bangkok are just the right option to choose. You can hire a bike or become a part of a bike tour in and around Bangkok as well as other destinations in Thailand. The Bangkok countryside biking tour is the most popular as you will get to see different types of terrains, rice and paddy fields, get to meet some of the local communities, and come face to face with the ruins of the once magnificent ancient temples.
But a Bangkok holiday would not be as exciting or as adventurous without the right type of accommodation. You can opt for an oasis hotel Bangkok or go with the funky hotel Bangkok. If you have a low budget then check out some of the Bangkok small hotels.
Thinking of a long and relaxing holiday in Bangkok? Find out some excellent accommodation options at a friendly hotel Bangkok website like ours- http://www.phranakorn-nornlen.com/

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Parul Tyagi is the co-owner of communications and Internet Advertising firm RedJuice Factor. She can be contacted at redjuicefactor@gmail.com

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Peter said...

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