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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travelling to the Exotic Places in Kenya and In a Tight Budget by Lucy Maruhi

Lets Say that you want to travel to kenya but you have a tight budget. And lets say also that you are tired of hearing stories of how exotic adventure in Kenya is and would wish to have an experience of your own. Here, i will explore five travel destinations across kenya that are both exiting and so affordable that you could start planning your getaway right now.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is on the lips of every tourist destined to Kenya. It was only recently declared the 7th Wonder of the World. This Reserve is a perfect example of Savanah grassland of the African plateau. It covers 1,500 square kilometers of grassland and shrubs with a variety of wild animals scattered strategically within the reserve. The most momorable attraction here is the annual migration of wilderbeast in August to the nothern expansive Serengeti Plains and October acrosss the the Mara river to the South in search of Pasture.

The Meru National Park rivals the Masai Mara National reserve. This is a 4,000 Square kilometer conservatory in the Cenytal Kenyan Highlands. This area experienses vast amount of rainfall and has numerous permanent springs crisscrossing all around it. The Meru National parks boasts green deep indegenous forests and tall grass and is home to a wider selection of wild animals and birds than any other national park. The Challenge though is in spotting game. So, basically, you need to stay here longer though your stay is complemented by the many hotels and lodges lining withing the park.

The Fort Jesus which was built in the 16th century by the portuguese during the battle for the control of the East African coast so as to enforce their rule on the Swahili. it is situated in Mombasa. This fort has long been declared a National meseum by the Kenya Government. Inside, you will find a showcase of exibits mainly ceramics, artifacts and pottery repesenting the history of the Swahili community that lived along the coast from Somalia all aong to the Tanzania Coastal town of Zanzibar. This fort also borders the Mombasa old town and its at the end of Nkurumah Street.

The Lake Nakuru National Park is home to thousands of Flamingos feeding on the algae that grows on the lake Surface. This is a salt water lake which almost got dry a few years ago due to defforestation of the water catchment areas on the Mau Ranges which feed the Lake. Due to the intervention of the Kenya government and Non-Governmental environmentalists, the Park is now coming to life. The Flamingos have flown back to their original habitation from Lake Bogoria where they had sought refuge for years. This park is also home to Acasia trees, dry grassland, variety of bird species and and wild animals mostly herbivorous.

The Tsavo National Park is the Largest National Park in Kenya running into a whoopping 22,000 square kilometers. The Park is devided into two by the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. This area held the biggest amount of Game in kenya but were reduced considerably due to porching but the numbers are now rising due to incresed survaillance by the Kenya Wildlife Service Police Unit. Here you will notice a remarkable difference in vegatation between Tsavo National Park and the masai Mara Gave Reserve. The Grass is taller but its a far cry from the Vegatation on the Meru National Park. But this park is sure to treat you to wider variety of Game.

With all these options available, there is no excuse to put off that life-long desire to travel to Kenyas' exotic places at the far ends of the African Continent and deep into the African Jungle.

About the Author
Lucy Maruhi is a tour operator and has been organizing and reporting on Vacation, Travel and Tours for years. For more information on Exotic Places Kenya, visit her site at Exotic Places Kenya

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