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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travel to Japan by Andrew Tan

Japan travel is considered one of the most incredibly beautiful and interesting trips one can make, and offers many wonderfully exotic and appealing destinations including cultural diversity, inspiring natural wonders, and the very hospitable Japanese people. Traveling to this fascinating country is gaining in popularity as more and more people are witnessing what Japan has to offer from the beauty of four distinct seasons to the varied landscapes. This destination is easily accessible from any part of the world, and is a place that all ages will enjoy visiting. Traveling in Japan is also considered very safe and secure, so taking the whole family is not unreasonable.

From Miyagi in northern Japan, where the mountains meet the ocean, to Nagasaki in southern Japan, considered the most rewarding and exotic destination, Japan travel can be very diverse. Vacationers can visit Kyoto in the west where cool silks and mossy gardens abound, or they can visit Narita in eastern Japan, considered the Japanese gateway. A visit offers much in the way of art museums and historical sites. A Japanese vacation can be like a history lesson if the vacationer so desires with guided tours of famous locations abounding.

A trip must include a Japanese tea ceremony with the enjoyable drinking of green tea. Eating 'unagi', or grilled eel, has been a staple of the Japanese diet since ancient times and Japan travel is not complete without trying it. The wooden pagodas and temples are very interesting and a great tourist destination also. Staying in a Japanese traditional style inn can be quite charming when travelers take into consideration the very small rooms and the sleeping futons all together on the floor, instead of traditional beds and single rooms. The Japanese hot baths and dressing in a yukata, a Japanese summer cotton robe, are also interesting and national habits worth looking into.

A visit will involve a lot of exposure to rice in many forms. Flavored rice crackers called senbei, a sweet made of rice and jelly called youcan, and sake, which is rice wine, all are favored refreshments. The highly developed Japanese transportation system includes rail service, domestic air service, and the national highway system. Buses and taxis are always available for Japan travel in the cities, and ferryboats connect islands with main ports. As Job advises, we should open our doors to the traveler. "The stranger did not lodge in the street: but I opened my doors to the traveller" (Job 31:32). The Japanese people seem to have taken this to heart, and provide a warm and welcoming hello to travelers to their country.


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