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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Parasailing adrenaline rush by ken wilson

One of the most desired holiday destinations is an exotic, southern hemisphere island. In addition, one of the most thrilling holiday activities is parasailing. If you put these two things together, you get Whitsundays parasailing: a rush of adrenalin above the sapphire blue warm waters.

If you have grown sick and tired with the idea of holidaying by the seaside and lying in the sun all day long, you need to become more acquainted with the possibilities that could make your holiday perfect. Parasailing is an aquatic sport that allows you to admire the view from 300 feet. The view will leave you breathless considering the location: the Whitsundays Region, Australia. Seventy-four islands located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, known worldwide for its impressive marine wildlife. Whitsundays parasailing is an option for everyone. If you tried diving, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, you definitely need to try parasailing and get another clue on what having fun means. Another thing you might enjoy when parasailing is the light feeling of weightlessness, above the surreal scenery.

Whitsundays parasailing is not just about testing the alternatives; it is about testing your courage and filling up with energy. It is not dangerous; on the contrary, it can easily become your favorite family activity. The age limits are truly non-restrictive: your kid can experience tandem parasailing (together with an experienced person) from the age of eight, the ones that are 14 years old and more can try it out for themselves, on their own. This is a much more enjoyable solution to your lack of activity by the sea. Getting a great tan and having tiring sunbaths is not even half of what your exotic vacation can do for you. The age standard should give you an idea on how fun the whole Whitsundays parasailing really is. The safety factor is also an issue to take into careful consideration.

Parachute sailing works on a very carefully elaborated system of rules called Marine Safety Queensland local government regulations. Professionals, who make sure that the only thing on the tourist's mind is fun and excitement, carefully supervise the entire operations. For example, parasailing is not possible if the wind is strong (over 20 knots). Thus, the activity can be a great way to rescue your vacation or make it unforgettable. The region is very appealing to foreign tourists and even Australians. Because of this, the main concern for the authorities here is the safety and entertainment of tourists. They have operations and sets of rules that are due to serve the visitors and encourage a prolonged stay in the region.

Because the natural surroundings allow it, most of the vacation activities take place in the open air. Whitsundays parasailing can bring you closer to one of man's all time dreams: flying. You can feel the cool breeze on your skin; admire the almost monumental palm trees that bow at every wave and that caress the white sand beaches. Parasailing is an all-sense experience. Such an activity is compulsory when it comes to going on vacation in order to forget about everything else and everyone else. You must have something to remember; something that has affected your every perception. Whitsundays parasailing is the utmost holiday sport that offers nothing but fun and satisfaction.

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If you want to try something new and thrilling, choose parasailing. If this is not news to you, then Whitsundays parasailing is surely the thing for you: adrenaline and natural beauty for a unique experience.

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