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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rub Shoulders With Some Great Times,Here In Damascus by Joy Mitra

Summertime is fun time, and that too for many reasons, you'd concur. This is the time when your kids get off from school and when you can finally ask for that much needed break from your boss and spend some quality time with your family. Enjoying with your loved ones is always better than getting an opportunity to enjoy alone. And, Damascus is one place that'll leave you utterly satisfied vis-à-vis a vacation destination. 'The City of Jasmine', Al Sham, its Arabic name, or the capital city of Syria, no matter how you may want to call it, the fact remains that it happens to be an unadulterated place to experience bliss. Yes, everything that you see, feel and touch is fraught with something exciting and interesting. The city is catered by all major US airlines, and therefore, finding a cheap flight to Damascus should be easy. What is easier is the fact that you can very comfortably plan and execute your budget vacation plans in the country.

Now lets us let you in on a highlight of Damascus, although it is a modern metropolis with its locals going about their everyday urban lives yet it retains a rather elaborate traditional touch. This comes through when one interacts with the residents, visit their sites of culture and heritage, take a trip to the ethnic points of interest and last but not the least, the many historic remains that you bring you back right in the city's past. Talking of history, the most prominent sightseeing attractions that one just shouldn't miss are the ancient baths, the Khans, the oldest gates of Damascus and Daraa, a variety of citadels scattered through the city, and many other recent archeological finds. Be it religious tourism or tourism for fun and leisure, whether it is a knack for enjoying a desert vacation or soaking oneself in the various treatments offered by traditional spas and wellness centers here, Damascus happens to cater to them all.

Damascus is loaded with cheap accommodation options, or if your pocket allows, how about staying in the lap of luxury? There are some very beautifully done up five-star hotels replete with all the amenities and excellent service. Also on offer are the rental apartments and guesthouses right in the middle of action, in other located near the downtown. A trip to Damascus can never be complete without a little shopping, what say? It just has to be like that, given the fact that there are so many exquisite souvenirs and artifacts on sale. Authentic fares and snacking on the stuff doled out by ethnic eateries will surely have your stomach satisfied.

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