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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bologna wears varied caps for different tourists by Wilsion124

Food, politics and history form the three major draw when it comes to attributing Bologna's popularity status as a vacation destination. Having earned the distinctions like 'European capital of culture' and 'city of music' you can very well guess what the other major attractions can be found here. A cosmopolitan from head to toe, a city bustling with interesting people and their everyday lives, a city with deep rooted traditions and heritage and a region to enjoy and appreciate beautiful things in, Bologna wears varied caps for different tourists. The urban sprawling city coupled with a great downtown area, with some truckloads of sightseeing attractions to visit thrown in and a dash of eclectic neighborhoods and expansive countryside and what you discover is excitement in person. Yes, utter thrill and exhilaration literally lives in each and every stone kept here, and of course, it's warm and friendly inhabitants. Love it or leave it but you can escape from one fact and that is the Bologna does exercise a strange power upon people with a knack for all things arty and creative, tourists who like to go beyond the normal and seek more and for visitors who cherish knowing a culture distinct from theirs.

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What adorns the city of Bologna is probably what'll also adorn your photos as well, the ornate, the very exquisite and the marvelous architecture that you find scattered everywhere in the city. Ancient Bologna landmarks and monuments, historic Italian ruins and buildings, impressive landscaped gardens and parks and the many points of ethnic and heritage interest, be rest assured you have quite up your sleeve vis-à-vis sightseeing. Bologna can be enjoyed either ways, whether it is a luxurious holiday that you intend to undertake or are looking for a budget vacation. That brings us to important aspects of a holiday including accommodation, discounted guided tours and excursions, promotional offers if any and inexpensive yet quality places to eat in. Don't worry, Bologna has all of these and more. By more we mean shopping, and you might have started wondering where did this very vital part go, right? Street shopping or retail therapy amidst all that glamour, comfort and glitz, the uber-chic malls or the retail outlets, no matter what you want to buy and from where, it's right here in Bologna.

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