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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wet And Wild Adventures: River Rafting in India by Sara Hasan

A land of sheer beauty, vibrant culture, exquisite diversity and vivacious traditions, the legendary Indian peninsula is the dream destination of every. India stands class-apart in hospitality and respect- following the age-old tradition of "Atithi Devo Bhawa"- where guest is treated as God. Blessed with snow clad mountain ranges, deep blue seas, serene deserts, pristine beaches, emerald green valleys and palm fringed back waters, on one hand and wonderful art-form, blazing fairs and festivals, famous pilgrim centers, marvelous heritage cites, majestic monuments, architectural wonders and exotic flora and fauna on the other, this fantasizing land offers a lot to discover and admire.

There are a bunch of opportunities for adventure-lovers in India as well. Most popularly tourists can enjoy the thrilling experience of river-rafting at various places across the country. The most renowned places for rover-rafting in India are found in Kasmir, Laddakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim. Mountain Rivers flowing through a myriad of different colors of rocky Gorges, forests, flowers and high mountain villages, the hills provide ideal locals for the perfect water adventure. India.The Rivers in Indian peninsula especially in North India are quite challenging for this adventure as they offer all the suitable conditions that are demanded by an enthralling, challenging and definitely a rewarding ride.

There are fantastic options for the rafting-buffs to chose from but the popular rides available are of the River Alaknanda, River Indus and River Teesta. On River Alaknanda in Uttrakhand, one can enjoy watching high grade rapids, rich and abundant Himalayan Bird life and beautiful mountain villages, historic temples, and good vistas of the Himalayan campsites on secluded beaches. The Indus River flows in the desert region of Ladakh through the Leh valley and offers a wonderful experience to the rafters with several easy rapids and passage through the beautiful gorges of Niemo valley. From the river, ancient gompas and monasteries, many containing frescoes and statues 700 or 800 years old can be seen. River Teesta in Sikkim offers everything from gentle rides through amazing mountain views and lush canyon vegetation to white - water for the experienced rafter only.

River-rafting in India is a wonderful and fun-filled experience. With the enriching and exciting experience of the adventure , one could even enjoy viewing river-side heavenly landscapes, beautiful villages, unique pilgrim spots, historic sites , sand-laden beaches and exotic flora and fauna. Perfect camp-sites could also be seen and decided during rafting. With experiences of river-rating the tourist can also enjoy trekking, jungle-safaris, Yoga and other adventures as well. River rafting is becoming a popular adventure sport in India. The rafting destinations of India are famous world over for the optimum amount of excitement they offer.

With all the fun and excitement laden in your way, water rafting in India would turn out to be an experience to cherish all life long. With breath-taking views if natural wonders and serenity of typical village sites, the thriving experience of river-rafting is multiplied and the locations in India offers nothing less than a perfect rafting- ride to the tourist in all aspects. So why to wait just come here. It is your chance to ride the majestic rivers. Come to India for that perfect tour and enjoy river rafting.

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India is large tourist country. Its wildlife, nature, trekking area is wonderful. You give me usefull information about India. Thanks for increase my knowledge.

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