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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Types of Yacht Charter in the Greek Islands by Nisos Charter

There's nothing quite like sailing holidays. The freedom of the ocean coupled with the comfortable appointments of a trustworthy yacht make for one of the most pleasant combinations a holidaying family could ask for. If the salt water flows in the family blood, then yacht charter trips to places with calm seas and stunning scenery can make for a real chance to relax, unwind and let the cares of daily life slip quietly away.

The Greek Islands offer some of the best yachting holiday waters in the world. Calm, untroubled and clear as glass, the Aegean Sea spreads a deep blue blanket between the Ionian Islands - and from the month of April through to the end of the traditional British holiday season, the waters and weather are both in optimum condition for lazy enjoyment.

Sailing holidays taken in the Greek Islands give you several options. Depending on your level of expertise (and the amount of work you want to do while you are away!) it is possible to book a yacht charter that either takes care of you completely, gives you some deck side tasks to do, or leaves you in complete control of your own boat.

It is always advisable to check with your charter company before you book a fully self skippered holiday. Usually a qualification will be required to show that you have the skills necessary to take command of a vessel for the duration of your sailing holidays.

If you opt for part or whole crewed, you get to choose exactly how much involvement you and your family have with the daily running of the yacht. The part crewed yacht charter will give you a skipper and, in some case, one or two able crew people (an "able crew person is a person who has a yacht crewing qualification) - but you and the family still get to pitch in under the experienced and friendly eye of your captain.

When you opt for fully crewed sailing holidays, you and the family get to relax completely while others do the actual work of sailing the boat. The choice you make should depend as much on your expectations for the holiday as it does on previous experience working with boats. You can have an enormous amount of fun learning to crew your yacht charter under the watchful guidance of the captain and skeleton crew, an experience that can, in itself make the whole trip a holiday to really remember.

Weather wise - April is clement; May and June are warm; and July, August and September are hot. Whenever you go, remember to pack plenty of sun protection. Sailing holidays obviously take place on the water, which acts like a huge mirror. It's possible to get affected by the sun even on an overcast day - so if you and the family are not used to the tanning effects of sea air, do make sure that you are adequately protected.

A yacht charter is an ideal way to spend a revitalising and fascinating holiday - in some of the most beautiful surrounding in Europe. If you are thinking of going you're advised to book now to avoid disappointment.

Sailing holidays, particularly a yacht charter, offer something most vacations have long since forgotten - a real break away from everything a holiday is generally known to be.

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