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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Victoria Falls Travel Guide by Abel Smith

Zambia and Zimbabwe share what is perhaps the most beautiful, dramatic border in the world. The Victoria Falls' mile-long curtain of falling water has inspired awe among native

peoples for centuries. While neither the tallest nor the longest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls is certainly one of the most stunning. Known to natives as "Mosi-oa-

Tunya," or the "Smoke that Thunders," Victoria Falls offers a tremendous sensory experience - and the chance for unparalleled adventure.

March is at the height of the rainy season in Zambia. It is also the green season again - water and green everywhere. This morning is special and we are ready to go!

ivingstone is home to the awe-inspiring, mystic...Victoria Falls. It is over 500 kilometers south of Lusaka. Now you know why we had to brace ourselves for this 'small trip,' a

trip covering some 1000 kilometers - a great driving test for a day! The look of the morning suggests fine weather, but as usual afternoon rains were expected. You learn to

predict such with age, you know : - )!

Mosi O Tunya National Park is located along the upper Zambezi from and including the Victoria Falls, it provides a home for numerous antelope species, zebra, giraffe and the

recently acquired white rhinos, one of whom gave birth in the park in 1994. Take a pleasant drive around the park in a couple of hours and almost all the species there can be

seen at close range there are no predators, they are very relaxed and afford some excellent photo opportunities.

Situated in Southern Africa, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls are famous for being discovered by David Livingstone, the famous British explore, who named the Falls in

honour of Queen Victoria. Neither the tallest nor widest falls in the world, Victoria Falls are most famous for the immense volume of water that falls from the Zambezi River.

Botswana is famous for its rich wildlife reserves and parks. The main tourist attractions in Botswana Safaris include Okavango Delta Region, the Kalahari reserve and Chobe

National Park.

This time we were heading for Monze, a small town on the highway. We drove past it without stopping except to slow down a little to avoid the wrath of the traffic police. They

"pitched a tent", I mean, put up a road block to check for car road fitness, driving licences and road tax. So we had to pretend that we were driving below the maximum speed

limit through a built up area.

He town is called "Zimba" exactly spelled like my name is. So you see, how proud I feel about it. I actually pretend the town is named after "great" me. What a wish! Sadly our

desperation was now heightened and we really wished we could just be up and we're in Livingstone. But unfortunately we were only driving past my 'beautiful little town.'

Victoria Falls are another wonderful tourist attraction in Botswana Safaris. Adventurous and sport loving visitors enjoy white water rafting, body boarding etc while less

adventurous visitors enjoy simply walking through the national parks and viewing the magical beauty of Victoria Falls, which in itself is more than sufficient for a visitor.

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