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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Venice is the capital of Veneto by sandy

Venice being the capital of Veneto is a city of tourism. There are quite a few tourist attractions in this romantic city. St. Mark's Square is the heart of Venice, almost positioned on the bank of Great canal and comprises the most beautiful and historical monuments. St, Mark's Basilica has one of the most exceptional architecture of any church. Piazza San Marco it is familiar tourist spot and the principle square of Venice. It is one of the few great urban spaces in Europe. Museo Correr has the collection of Venetian art and aircrafts from Renaissance times.

The Italian city Venice famously known as, City of Bridges', 'City of Water', 'City of Light', is the most elegant city in the world located in the north of the country. Venice is believed to be the destinations of various love birds from all around the world. Indisputably Venice is the most idealistic city one could ever see. It is described as a floating city enclosed by a hundreds of canals.

The Grand Canal or Canalazzo is very famous with impressive places found around it. The Rialto Bridge oldest and romantic bridge is a very well-known bridge in Venice located over the Grand Canal. When we see about islands Murano is famous for the glass arts and glass blowers. The rich festivity and classical music scene also attracts tourists to Venice from worldwide.

Venice is a city of fun and party mood in the season of spring and the best place in Italy in the time of Easter to enjoy the liveliness of the city. But Venice is usually crowded during this season so make sure you have made arrangements for accommodation in Venice hotels. There are even many luxury hotels in Venice which provide all facilities for the customers according to their budgets.

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