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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Great US Destinations by Mike L

The United States is complete with excellent travel destinations that tourists can select from. You are able to find something to do to fit just about anyone's interest with destinations like the White House, the Kennedy Space Center, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Disneyland, Disney World, the Mall of America and countless other great points of interest. It's extremely difficult to select just one place to go to. So, don't. Instead choose 3, the three listed below.

1 of possibly the best known destinations and 1 that you should most definitely add to your list is New York . No 1 ought to live a complete life without visiting NYC at least once. With its dazzling lights, the city is known for being full of energy. It is after all, the town that in no way sleeps. Site visitors can make the most of numerous various activities when visiting New York including Broadway plays, the famous Ellis island, Wall Street, the American Museum of Natural History and the Brooklyn Bridge to name a few. You could spend a month in New York and never see everything that the city has to provide.

One more great city to visit is San Francisco which offers just about as many excellent attractions as New York. Site visitors can go and see the Urban Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Day Art, North Beach or even the Golden Gate Park. It's a cultural buffet that anybody interested within the finer points in life would appreciate devouring.

Third on our list of must see cities is in the same state. Los Angeles is a excellent town to take advantage of. Visitors of LA can make the most of Hollywood, the Los Angeles Museum of art and even Disneyland. These are just a few from the excellent things to see in LA but rest assured, there are lots of more things for travelers to determine.

Of course, there are many more cities to determine in the United States. Cities like Memphis, Dallas and Washington all of things to offer. But if you've to just choose 3, I suggest you go to the 3 mentioned above. You will not regret it.

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