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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Port Douglas Attractions- Natural and Manmade by Shehryaar Shaukat

Located in tropical North Queensland, Port Douglas is famous for being an easy-going tropical town with a very friendly and warm atmosphere. At the same time it caters to tourists with some of the most sophisticated hotels and resorts providing utmost luxury and comfort.

The natural beauty of this exotic town is without a doubt the biggest attraction. The Coral Sea has its warm reef waters hitting against the shore of palm fringed sandy beaches. The Four Mile Beach in particular is one of the biggest attractions of Port Douglas. Another must see area is the Mossman Gorge with its crystal clear creeks that provide a refreshing experience to the traveler.

Daytime in Port Douglas is seductive and balmy and quietly slips into typical tropical evenings as the sky turns clear and fills with stars. You will relish with the pleasure of enjoying the sights and sounds as well as the taste of the tropical environment in which you will get to explore a diverse array of fauna and flora. All these factors contribute to create a very awe-inspiring experience.

The Australians have been quick to realize the uniqueness and value of the natural environment of Port Douglas. This is why it has become a popular ecotourism site in recent years. The region is also home to find world heritage rainforests and an unmatched marine environment that is definitely worth exploring.

The diverse natural attractions of Port Douglas have been nicely complemented with sophisticated accommodation choices for the traveler. As a tourist you will be able to find all kinds of accommodations catering to your requirements in this Australian town. Port Douglas Apartments tend to be particularly popular with individuals interested in ecotourism. These are self-contained serviced apartments that serve as the perfect home away from home.

On the other hand you will be able to find awide array world class hotels in the region as well. From some of the biggest international chains to a large number of brilliant local wonders, Port Douglas Hotels offer you maximum comfort and luxury. If however you are looking for something more economical then you will be able to find cheap accommodation options in Port Douglas as well.

If you are traveling along with your family then you might want to explore the collection of Port Douglas resorts as they have been credited as being amongst the finest in the world. The fact that these resorts are situated on breathtaking locations contributes to providing an unparalleled experience for the traveler. At the same time these resorts offer high end amenities and facilities to the residents.

In its essence Port Douglas Tropical North Queensland is the perfect destination to go for a vacation if you are looking for a fine mix between natural attractions and contemporary sophistication. The wonderful tropical weather of the region means that you can plan an enjoyable trip to this part of Australia at any time of the year.

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