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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unknown Miami by Jesse Henson

Miami, Florida is one of the most popular destinations for families and young travelers in search of pristine beaches, upscale designer shopping and a fabulously exotic nightlife. Beach-lovers flock to the city every year to visit, attend college, or enjoy a life filled with finer scenery and luxuries than many American cities are able to offer.

The most popular areas of Miami are South Beach and Biscayne Bay. However, several largely unknown districts in the city provide plenty of opportunity to explore and truly absorb the local culture, appreciate the historic influences on the city's development, and even discover more affordable living options than the glamorous high-rises lining the beaches.

Just north of the new Performing Arts Center, the up-and-coming Design District offers young and hip travelers the chance to absorb local art galleries, live theater and music, and the conveniences of suburb living. This area stretches all the way north to 60th Street, and also offers reasonably priced accommodations and living facilities.

Little Havana is perhaps one of the best areas of Miami to visit for anyone who loves Cuban culture and food. Streets are lined with colorful buildings, signs and decor paying homage to the largely Cuban population found there. Located several blocks inland, it's a great area to simply relax and people watch, enjoy genuine Cuban cuisine, and maybe even get your hands on a legendary Cuban cigar or two. Little Havana offers easy access to local freeways and very inexpensive accommodations and shopping.

Anyone who loves the life and style of the Caribbean will find some time in the midst of Little Haiti quite refreshing, too. With a population of a little over 33,000 that is largely Haitian, several locally-owned businesses line the streets offering colorful clothing, pottery and primitive art. Little Haiti is also the location of the historic Buena Vista district, where Mediterranean-style homes are the norm and the Little River commercial district is experiencing a revival.

Art lovers flock to the Wynwood/Edgewater area of Miami to tour several art galleries and studios in the middle of the Wynwood Arts District. The area has been undergoing a long revitalization, and its growing population loves to discover local artists' work on display and for sale, as well as visit the many exhibits that rotate on a regular basis. All ages can enjoy the workshops, art instruction, and festivals. There are also rehearsal spaces and music studios that cater to a large population of local musicians living there.

West Flagler, another largely unknown part of Miami, is where the new Miami-Dade County Auditorium is located that seats 7,000 audience members. The building's cutting-edge acoustics make it a popular destination for theater and live music enthusiasts. Symphonies, orchestras, bands, operas, live plays and even regional and national musical acts frequently entertain the locals there.

Another attraction found in Flagler that caters to locals year-round is the Flagler Dog Track and Sports Entertainment Center. The track features greyhound races from June to November every year, and enthusiasts can also enjoy the sports bar, clubhouse and game room found in the center. Anyone exploring Flagler on the weekend will likely be able to catch the local flea market that is housed in the center as well.

The east end of Coconut Grove is located within walking distance to many bars, restaurants, gyms and Biscayne Bay. Many University of Miami students choose to live in this neighborhood for its easy access to the prime nightlife, as well as the added advantage of slightly lower rent.

The Brickell area of Miami is currently under construction and offering new condos and high-rise offices to anyone looking for easy access to the beach without the cost. Located mere minutes from Coconut Grove and South Beach, this part of the city offers less expensive housing and promises a continually-growing community.

The finest medical and research centers in the country are found in Allapattah, where a mix of South and Central American and Caribbean influences have contributed to the growth of the largest industrial area of Miami. Allapattah serves as home to several garment manufacturers and wholesale outlets that are frequented by Latin and Caribbean exporters. The local Produce Market is also the largest open-air food distribution center in Miami, and serves the local markets.

In addition to these areas, unknown Miami also spreads into the local suburbs that offer wonderful removed comfort for those that want to escape the activity or spend some resting family time. Kendall, Westchester and Sweetwater all feature local parks and recreation centers, modern shopping centers and largely quiet neighborhoods that cater to families of all ages.

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