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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seal origin by Lawrry Christ

Seal carving is a peculiar art in China.1973 miu excavation in changsha, hunan, found in the han LiangXiang neatly piled up the relative Si rows of bamboo, bamboo Si each pack agers, with rope tied the knot in place after wrapped in green clay regiment, green mud have clear group HouGuCheng car bump seals - big, it is the remains of ancient using chop.
China using chop history, from archaeological income remains look, can be traced back to about 3,000 years ago about 16th century BC shang dynasty (11th century), to former site of shang dynasty tombs in henan has had unearthed a seal, and seal surface is four corners of the quadrate adduction, called the glyph, seals is bird images.This stamp in spring and autumn and warring states also is common, called XiaoXingYin.Chinese characters oracle-bones, jinwen, experienced, official seal, regular and several other chirography evolutionary stages, seals began in seal in the era of the composition of engraved seal font for that form the system mainly traditional seal printed, plus seal engraving, and seal the process features of art and called the art of seal-engraving has.
Somebody thinks seal just practical symbols, or but attached to the ornament of calligraphy and painting, "bag of tricks, nine tailor make a man".For this statement, the author cannot agree.Seals as a cultural phenomenon, it is closely related with the existence and the development of The Times.In the pre-qin era, music Lutheran ethics in social life, seals have dominated as tokens and personality charisma logo.China's system of emperors wielder yue imperial yue treasure, the official seal and rank humble person weee QianJi, its system strict gaumata, orderly.Kings and emperors used for feudal system of imperial jade, follow.The emperor's decree conferring the imperial power of alternate, become the credentials and a nation's treasure, as countries by decree of worshipping path collection.
The bells in the calligraphy and painting, can make a picture of chapter mainly in green ink or ZhuSe work, because of the foil and particularly vivid number-composed excellent, make the finishing point.Established in early tang dynasty palace collect art institutions, all the emperor saw collection, stamped with "zhen" nianhao seals, as the sign of the government collects within.Then the system, make one print gradually formed a special collection appreciation of the seal, in the pursuit of harmony with painting and calligraphy art, to operating the artistic creation, the originality of the emergence of collection seal, promote the development of the art of seal-engraving has far-reaching influence.
After arrived mostly Kublai Khan, designed to baal baal renqin jianzan announced the text for Keith formulated yuan empire credentials.Tang and song system, for various imitated, written seal regime officials are israeli-palestinian think ba wen making seals.Suffer this kind of seal the influence of the wind, when private seals, also Mongolian noble thought and culture of israeli-palestinian words into print, as a sign of special symbols on credit.HuaYa printed characters, seal is in the majority with rectangle shape, also have gourd shape or pipa form.Popular seals style is a Chinese character above under the name ", regular script body add a signature joab rodman.Because prevails in the yuan dynasty, also called yuan joab.
The yuan dynasty of the civilian officials and the masses of han people will continue to use the seal to seal seal.The yuan dynasty is the era of literati paintings, formed the literati paintings pursue poetry, calligraphy, painting, seal combined.Pop in paintings on add verse his comments inscribed and bells cover author's name, size, BieHao and poetry motto seal.ZhaoMengZhao pages of tang dynasty seal LiBingYu reinforcement, absorb the characteristics of Zhuan with pen and fruity, line even, style through idleness.He describes the seals, elegant beauty, shu lang emptiness.The seals form called circle characters printed by later generations, highly altar.
Ming and qing literati with drop, the windy peirce seal cutting line, popular in the market, or pick XianZhang very rugged lines or references to express their allusions, or.Art seal is bright qing dynasty the art of seal-engraving has symbol of prosperity of Ming and qing dynasties, the art of calligraphy and painting, spurred the art of seal-engraving has synchronized development.The rocky seal material for the great number of higher found artistic literati and calligrapher, painter provides opportunities created in carving, thus promotes the formation of carving artistic style diversity.Text the development of textual exegesis study and archaeology, and provides reference for the seal cutting ancient the art of seal-engraving has traditional favorable conditions.In the economic developed area, seal cutting, they have relatively concentrated, teachers and students communicate, gradually formed collection in a region of seal cutting art genres.If WenPeng, HeZhen worked together in advocating for carving with six criteria, common theoretical opinions and creation interest, make them into the history of carving art genres, first what history said that "wen".Otherwise ChengSui, zhejiang pie "has been gloriously enrolled eight home" and DengShiRu xileng ZhaoZhiQian, WuChangShuo, HuangShiLing, and after a to the art of seal-engraving has qi baishi, they had a profound influence on the development.

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