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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enjoy Colourful India Luxury Holidays by jennyfranklin

Tourist have an open spirit that take them to different parts of the world, it is the indomitable desire to explore the world that takes them to great heights of the mountains, the depth of the ocean beads, to the ruggedness of the deserts or the liveliness of the lush green forests. The experiences that travelers gather at different parts of the world may have many colors, but, many colors together make the experience called tourism in India.

To the amazement of the world much of tourism in India still remains unexplored even in a time when it has emerged as globally recognized travel destination. It has been many ages that India has emerged as one of the well chosen luxury travel destinations. When we mention India as luxury travel destination we not only mean the plentifulness of the exotic travel destination spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Luxury Tour packages in India is wholesome concept that includes prime elements like destination, traveling and accommodation.
Destinations- India has no dearth of travel destinations. One can find exotic travel destinations spread across the boundaries of the country, while most of them are breathtakingly beautiful and boast of awe inspiring presence of heritage but not all of them can be hailed as a perfect destination for India luxury vacations. But at the same time India has a number of luxury travel destination as well. Some of the well known luxury travel destinations are Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Goa and Kovalam. Many of the people like to choose between Rajasthan, Goa or Kerala for their India luxury holidays, it due to the great treasure in terms of heritage, culture, ambience and natural splendor.

Traveling- Gone are the days when the world tourists would have to worry about the infamous reputation of India roads and rails. In present time traveling in India is the new mantra for enjoying luxury. There are luxurious trains like Palace on wheels that take you to great tourist gateways, and then there are cruises that give the ultimate luxury upon waves, the helicopters which take you to difficult locations without any hassle. The luxury tour operators arrange for all the comfort that one can imagine while traveling on buses, trains or chartered cars. The serve the passengers with great food, entertainment and the comfort of all kinds.

Accommodation and Services- The India notion is serve thy guest in order to serve the God, Indians keep no stones unturned to provide with the ultimate luxurious treatments to their guests. Be it the palaces of Rajasthan, the five star accommodations at such cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the luxury resorts of Goa and the houseboats that take you for cruise upon the backwaters of Kerala. These luxury resorts at Kerala are happy to be able to provide their guests with Ayurvedic Spa experiences that tourists on luxury vacations find extremely gratifying to their mind, body and soul.

Thus, India is the new hotspot of ethnic luxury travel destination.

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