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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camotes Island - A Paradise Like No Other by Marvin Docena

The island of Camotes is composed of beautiful and shallow waters. The island is consist of Pacijan, Poro and Ponson, are within the Camotes seas. Pacijan is also called San Francisco (a town on the island), and Poro are connected by a short bridge line of mangroves. Ponson is seldom visited because access is mainly from Leyte.

The ferry in Poro docks at the pier at 7 pm. When you reached there, pedicabs and motorbikes (called as Habal-Habal) drivers are already in the line waiting for passengers. Motorbikes are the only means of public transport throughout the island. One of the beautiful beaches of Camotes is the Santiago beach, a two- kilometer stretch of beach with light brown powdery sand and shallow waters on the shores of Santiago. Santiago is the best beach Camotes has to offer. It is perfect for kids especially at low tides, it is good in wading barefoot because the sand is fine, the water is placid and shallow, deepening only after a hundred meters. There are also small row of resorts along the beach and a chapel. King fishers usually perch on twigs on old craggy cliffs by the beach. Locals on the island liked looking for shells or sea urchins. In Santiago, there are no lounge chairs or a cabana. Karaoke bars are only the ones making noise through day and night. From beach songs to pop songs I'm sure you'll enjoy, just make sure that you are booked near those places. If you loved beaches and you like to explore more about the island, I recommend to Pacijan's largest town surrounded by white sandy beaches, home to rows of fishing boats. The beach in Esperanza is a long stretch of white-sand compared to Palawan.

The waters are clean and untouched because there are no residents living near the beach that's why it is untouched. Esperanza has a two-room cottage in the area and a few day cottages. Esperanza is ideal for day's visits and make sure you bring food and drinks with you because there is no restaurant on the beach. It is better to bring your tent and have a night camp and spend the night under the stars. If you go north from Esperanza, you'll find Tulang Daku (Daku means BIG) where you can ask a fisherman to take you to Tulang island. Tulang is a good sight and location for deep wall diving. Just make sure to take diving equipment with you since there are no dive shops around the area.

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Marvin said...

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